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Fish Fry with WMUF, WRQR and WLZK

2014 Worlds Biggest Fish Fry Coverage

From News Director Tim Alsobrooks, Asst. News Director Alex Aubuchon

Small Fry Parade

The Pre-K program at First Presbyterian Church marched with a Dr. Seuss theme, complete with Cat in the Hat (Alex AuBuchon photo).

Eva Colmen (C) who, along with Noah Lassiter, took first place for Best Decorated Bicycle / Wagon, looks on as Fletcher Mooney (L) receives his second place trophy.

The Hostess Princess and Court opened Saturday's Small Fry Parade. From Left: Fourth Maid Madeline Hosford, First Maid Alex Reagor, Hostess Princess Tiffany Bennett, Second Maid Addi Cate, Third Maid  Rachel Wilson (Alex AuBuchon photo).

2014 World's Biggest Fish Fry Grand Parade

All 117 members of the Henry County High School Marching Patriots marched as the host band for Friday's Grand Parade (Alex AuBuchon photos).

The 2014 World's Biggest Fish Fry Hostess Princess float featured Hostess Princess Tiffany Bennett, First Maid Alex Reagor, Second Maid Addi Cate, Third Maid Rachel Wilson, and Fourth Maid Madeline Hosford (Alex AuBuchon photo).


The 2014 WBFF Miss Teen pageant winners' float, "Hope Anchors the Soul", won 2nd place in the parade's Most Beautiful category. Featured are Miss Teen Olivia Harber, First Maid Kailee Searcy, Second Maid Ansley Cate, Third Maid Tori Starks, and Fourth Maid Emily Hunt (Alex AuBuchon photo).

The 2014 Miss Preteen pageant winners' float was voted 3rd most beautiful float in the parade. Featured are Queen Paris Schoeberl, Second Maid Marlery Trosper, and Fourth Maid Lakin Williams (Alex AuBuchon photo).

Point Pleasant Baptist Church's float, "Jesus is Love", featured an 80 gallon waterfall and 250 yards of painted fabric with rock, flowered trees and tropical flowers native to Jerusalem in the Biblical era. Jesus is portrayed by Dr. Jeff Fletcher along with several members of Point Pleasant Baptist Church as disciples and families. The float won the Best Club or Church Float division (Alex AuBuchon photo).

The Henry County Litter Program's float, "Save our Earth", was voted 2nd in the Most Original category of the 2014 Grand Parade (Alex AuBuchon photo).

Fish Tent Opens To Large Crowd

Displayed from the rafters here is the Fish Fry Poster Winners for 2014. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Lots of work behind the scenes just moments before the first plate of fish is served as the Fish Tent opens up. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Its tradition for the Hostess Princess and her court to serve the first few hours of the fish tent opening up. The City of Paris, Paris Fire Department, and Dr. Jeff Morris DDS office and staff all helped among others. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)


Demolition Derby

Colby Lyell of Murray, Ky. maneuvers around several cars. He went on to win the Old School division of the derby and $1,000 (Alex AuBuchon photo).

Hostess Princess Tiffany Bennett (L) and First Maid Alex Reagor (R) came out on the back of a demolition derby car at the start of the event. Second Maid Addi Cate, Third Maid Sarah Wilson, and Fourth Maid Madeline Hosford rode on the back of another car (Alex AuBuchon photo).

Levi Rabey of Paris adjusts his helmet in preparation for the Power Wheels derby (Alex AuBuchon photo).

Kinsley Beale of White Bluff, Tenn. receives some coaching during the Power Wheels derby (Alex AuBuchon photo).

John Smith of Puryear, Tenn. gets set for his heat in Saturday's derby

(Alex AuBuchon photo).

Horse and Mule Farm Pull

The Hostess Princess and her court got their picture with one of Michael McDaniel's winning horses. From left: Alex Reagor, first maid; Rachel Wilson, third maid; Tiffany Bennett, 2014 Hostess Princess; Addi Cate, second maid; Madeline Hosford, fourth maid (Alex AuBuchon photo).

Some of the mule teams in competition pulled in excess of 7,000 pounds (Alex AuBuchon photos).

Jason McDaniel's team won the mule event with a successful 7,700lb pull (nearly 4 tons) (Alex AuBuchon photo).

Hushpuppy Dash 5K

Runners in the Hushpuppy Dash head from the High School parking lot along a route involving Wilson, Volunteer, Lone Oak, and other streets, and finishing at Patriot Stadium (Alex AuBuchon photo).

Henry County track and cross-country coach Lance Winders explains the race route to runners before the 5K (Alex AuBuchon photo).

Bobby Baker crosses the line first overall in this year's Hushpuppy Dash with a time of 20:22 (Alex AuBuchon photo).


Full Results of the 2014 Hushpuppy Dash 5K are as Follows:

Place Name Age  Gender Time
1 Bobby Baker 44 M 20:22
2 Anna Johnson 13 F 20:40
3 Rick Horinchi 53 M 20:59
4 Cole Davis 12 M 21:21
5 Mark Tomlin 44 M 21:43
6 Daniel Bomar 34 M 22:07
7 Barry Sandefer 50 M 22:18
8 David Bullion 35 M 22:41
9 Scotty Winston 37 M 22:45
10 J.R. Ryenolds 53 M 22:50
11 Rod James 45 M 23:16
12 Leigh Carr 34 F 23:17
13 Hunter Lawrence 10 M 23:17
14 Josh Tyner 34 M 23:40
15 Danielle Pafford 41 F 23:46
16 Mike Turner 52 M 23:54
17 Philip Massey 35 M 23:56
18 Quade Pierson 45 M 24:19
19 Nicci Winston 41 F 24:36
20 Monte Belew 43 M 25:05
21 Dan Helsper 60 M 25:36
22 Cori Belew 40 F 25:42
23 Martha Stutts 40 F 25:46
24 Rachel Cravens 13 F 26:04
25 Michael Puckett 34 M 26:23
26 Rebecca Carver 32 F 27:27
27 Erin Coleman 38 F 27:37
28 Tami Puckett 34 F 28:05
29 Chris Northam 62 M 28:13
30 Cindy Turner 50 F 28:55
31 Brandi Lemons 35 F 29:27
32 Aaron Daniel 35 M 30:15
33 Amy Haag 45 F 30:31
34 Jamie Miles 32 F 31:15
35 Ali Grace Davis 17 F 32:24
36 Michael Nelson 28 M 32:27
37 Kevin Moss 30 M 34:25
38 Kate Sherard 22 F 34:42
39 Adriana Velazquex 31 F 35:19
40 Joey Cooper 60 M 37:10
41 Kathy Sherard 54 F 38:50
42 Cory Peirpoint 31 M 39:06
43 Crystal Peirpoint 32 F 39:19
44 Jenny Cooper 28 F 40:59
45 Larry Dukes 58 M 42:56
46 Karen Dukes 56 F 43:10
47 Andrea Baker 14 F 43:31
48 Tina Baker 43 F 43:57


...and here's a look back at 2013:


Scenes from the WBFF Grand Parade

The Budweiser Clydesdales always look impressive on the WBFF parade route. (McFarlin photo).


The Hostess Princess entry in the grand parade. (McFarlin photo).

The Paris Winery float. (McFarlin photo).

Brewer, the Budweiser Clydesdales' dalmation, lets out a yawn. (McFarlin photo).

The beginning of the parade from atop East Wood Street. (McFarlin photo).


Waving to All from the "Big Fish"

The WBFF Hostess Princess Court were waving to all from high atop the big catfish that welcomes visitors to Paris at the intersection of Tyson and Mineral Wells Avenues Thursday, April 25. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

That's a Lot of Foil

Paris, Tenn.-David "Tater" Hayes shows the giant ball of aluminum foil at Wednesday night's fish tent opening. The ball represents every piece of foil that has been used in the fish fry for the past 15 years or so and keeps getting bigger each year. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Breading the Fish for the Fish Fry

Paris, Tenn.-Breading the catfish for the WBFF fish tent opening April 24 were (left to right): Robert Albrecht, Chris Jones, Nathan Morris, Sterling Albrecht. (McFarlin photo).


Cooking Those Hushpuppies

Paris, Tenn.-Cooking hush puppies are a group of veterans of WBFF fish fries past. (McFarlin photo).


Relaxing Before Fish Fry Tent Opening

Paris, Tenn.-Members of the WBFF Hostess Princess Court play with Queen Ali Davis' brother, Ben, at the fish fry tent opening. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Farrier to the Clydesdales Gets Them Ready for Parade

Paris, Tenn.-John Soto of Connecticut was hard at work Wednesday, April 24, working on the horseshoes of the Budweiser Clydesdales. Soto travels to wherever the Clydesdales are to perform farrier services for them. (Shannon McFarlin photo).


Hostess Princess Court to Promote Dog Adoptions at Fish Fry

The World's Biggest Fish Fry Hostess Princess Court is taking the opportunity this week to publicize the Henry County Sheriff's Office Animal Shelter and the importance of adopting dogs and puppies. Shelter Spokesperson Melissa Bomar said the court came to the shelter for a visit Saturday and said they would be publicizing the shelter this week at all the Fish Fry functions they attend. The young ladies adopted a puppy while they were there and will be carrying it with them during the week's activities. Bomar said one of the ladies will keep him after the fish fry concludes. In photo, left to right: Hannah McFadden, Rachel Wilson, Queen Ali Davis, Katie Drummond and Shelby Beloate. The sheriff's office shelter is located at 622 Jones Bend Rd. and is a no-kill shelter. The phone number is 641-8090. (Animal Shelter photo).

Horse and Mule Pull Held Saturday

A mule team gives its all, top photo, pulling concrete blocks during Saturday morning's Horse and Mule Pull at the Henry County Fairgrounds, one of the weekend's events for the World's Biggest Fish Fry. Bottom, Jason McDaniel's team of mules Jack and Jim pull their weight. (Shannon McFarlin photos).


"Fish Tales" Event Entertains

A good-sized crowd was on hand for the first-ever "Fish Tales" event held at the home and gardens of Jimmy and Peggy Williams on E. Blythe Street. Those attending were treated to luxurious strolls on the huge gardens, where storytellers and musicians could be found. Top photo, the Shepherd family entertains, while bottom, Bob Valentine tells stories. (Jean Owens photos).













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