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Fish Fry with WMUF, WRQR and WLZK

2015 Worlds Biggest Fish Fry Coverage

From News Director Tim Alsobrooks, Asst. News Director Nicki Marr



Rain Held Off For The Demolition Derby On Saturday Night

Paris, Tenn. - Paris, Tenn. - The rain held off for the Demolition Derby, held at the Henry County Fairgrounds on Saturday night. Several hundreds were in attendance for the event.

The evening began with the Fish Fry Hostess Princess and her court displaying the flag atop a derby car.

Fish Fry Hostess Princess and her court display the American flag for the National Anthem. (Nicki Marr photo)

The evening began with a Power Wheels derby. Local boys and girls battled it out in the mud for about 10 minutes.

Local Boys and Girls participate in the Power Wheels Derby to kick off the night. (Nicki Marr photo)

The next three series of demolition battles had the crowd on their feet and was a huge success.

Three demolition derby cars crash and demolish for a chance at $1000. (Nicki Marr photo)

Competitors in each round crashed and demolished for a chance to win $1000 for 1st place and $500 for 2nd place.

13 demolition cars battle it out for the last series of the night. (Nicki Marr photo)

The rain held off for the entire event, and when the last engine stalled, the rain began.

Hushpuppy Dash 5K

Paris, Tenn. - Despite unfavorable weather conditions, the Hushpuppy Dash 5K was held at the Henry County High School on Saturday morning. 28 runners took part in the event.

Co-chair Kelly Biggs welcoming everyone to the Hushpuppy Dash Saturday. (Nicki Marr photo)

The fastest overall time for the males was Barry Sandefer, with a time of 21:32. Fastest overall female time was Shelby Beloate, with a time of 27:15

Runners prepare for the 3-count as the Hushpuppy Dash began on Saturday. (Nicki Marr photo)

Masters (over 40) winners were Jan Neumann, with a time of 27:27 and Dan Hassell, with a time of 23:15.

10 and Under winners were Karsyn Dempsey and Bryant Bell. 11 to 14 age group winners were Hailey Prince and Raven Page.
The 20 – 24 age group winners were Aida dela Fuente and Seth Dean. 2nd place went to Rachel Wallace and 3rd place to Emily Scott.

In the 25 – 29 age group, 1st place winners were Skye Prince for the ladies and 2nd place went to Jenny Cooper.

The 30 – 34 age group winner for the women was Mandi Parish, for the men, Travis Troutt. 2nd place was Alaina Steele and 3rd place Samanthia Bell.

The 35 – 39 age group winner for the ladies was Kim Dempsey. For the men, Gideon Gillis and Loren Steele took 2nd place.
Wendy Orr took 1st place for the women and Sheriff Monte Belew took 1st for the men in the 40 – 44 age group.

For the men, Mark Wardlaw took 1st place for the 45- 49 age group. The 50 – 54 age group winners were Kathy Sadler and Roy Allen.

For the ladies, Gloria Barrett took first place for the ladies in the 60 – 64 age group. Randy Prince took 1st place in the 65 – 69 age group.
























































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