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Henry County Fair

Organizing Those Tickets

Pam Freeman Rockwell, left, gets help from her mother Shelby Freeman, while organizing her tickets before the big $5000 cash giveaway. They also own Sally Lane's Candy Farm and were manning their booth at the commercial building. "Hopefully, you'll be able to take before and after photos of me after I win the money", Pam said. (Shannon McFarlin photo).


Laura Whitby - 1st -- beef

Caleb Hernandez - 1st -- chicken

Sr. High Division

Russell Milam - 1st - beef

Aaron Foust   - 2nd - beef

Brigette Passman - 1st - pork


Ages 8 and under:

1st Caleb Reynolds
2nd Dinah Winders

Ages 9 and up:

1st Anna DiVito
2nd Elvie Gestley

The Eagle Has Landed

Jerry Hall of Reelfoot Lake shows the eight-year-old eagle that lives at the park. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Lots Of Wrecks At Demo Derbies

What fair would be complete without some good old wrecks at the demo derbies? (Shannon McFarlin photos).


80 & UP:

1st Michael Hicks $750.00
2nd Scott McBroom $250.00

Powder Puff

1st Jamie Sholar $750.00
2nd Katie Parker $250.00
3rd Veda Dunaway $0.00

Figure 8

1st Brian Johnson $650.00
2nd Joe Zill   $250.00
3rd Justin Chilcutt $100.00

Showing Cattle At The Fair

It was another busy night at the livestock barn Friday night as the beef cattle show was ongoing. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Woolies Revue, Livestock Auction Draws Big Crowd Thursday night

Senior High Division Winners: (From left) 2nd -- Mary Kate Bell; 1st -- Madison Rose Whitfield; 3rd -- Brigitte Gail Passman. (Micah Snow photos).

Paris, Tenn -- A large crowd turned out Thursday evening to watch the Woolies Revue at the Henry County Fair. In the Senior High Division, Madison Rose Whitfield, age 16 of Paris and daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Robert Whitfield, received 1st place. Mary Kate Bell, age 17, daughter of Dale and Connie Bell, received 2nd place. Brigitte Gail Passman, age 16 of Springville, daughter of Gary and Tina Passman, received 3rd place.

The Junior High Division saw Aleece Marie Passman, age 13 of Springville, daughter of Gary & Tina Passman receive 1st place. Holly Williams, age 12 of Paris, daughter of Terry & Joan Williams, received 2nd place.

Natalie Hope Clark, age 10 of Paris, daughter of Andy & Sonya Clark, won 1st place in the Junior Division. Anna DiVito, age 10 of Paris, daughter of Mark DiVito received 2nd place. 3rd place went to Hannah Grace Lemonds, age 11 of McKenzie, daughter of Will and Tara Lemonds.

During the Primary Division, Paris Shay Schoberl, age 7 of Paris, daughter of Richard and Mitzi Schoberl received 1st place. Alyssa Wade, age 9 of Paris, daughter of Albert and Renea Wade, received 2nd place. 3rd place went to Daisy Lee Bennett, age 8 of Paris, daughter of Ty & Dawn Bennett.

Junior High Winners: (From left) 1st -- Aleece Marie Passman and 2nd -- Holly Williams


Junior Division: (From left) 2nd -- Anna DiVito; 1st -- Natalie Clark; 3rd-- Hannah Lemonds

Primary Division: 2nd -- Alyssa Wade; 1st -- Paris Shay Schoeberl; 3rd -- Daisy Lee Bennett

Leah Marie Sutton participates in the Woolies Revue Thursday night.

Melinda Perkins shows off her Grand Champion steer at Thursday night's Livestock Auction.


Olivia Cox displays her Grand Champion Bred & Born steer Thursday night.

Corn-On-The-Cob Champ Draws Crowd

Thursday night's Corn-on-the-Cob Eating Contest Champion Ric Rudman is adored by fans. (Micah Snow photo).

Milam Welcomes Chamber to Fair

Henry County Fair President Bobby Milam, in blue, welcomes Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce members to the fair during this week's coffee in the Enoch Building. (Chamber photo).

Cowboy Olympics Champs

By the end of the evening and after a rainfall, the winners of the first annual Cowboy Olympics were wet, but happy. Donna Milam, right, presents the trophy to the winners, who called themselves the Parsons and Milam Roughstock Sheep Herders. (Sarah Milam photo).

County Youngsters Busy With Junior Livestock Shows Thursday

Showing the hogs during the junior market hog show. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Nicole and Toni Crum wash Nicole's lamb before the junior lamb show. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Fairest of Fair First Mad Kaylee Clark, rear, watches as her younger sisters show their hogs. Natalie Clark is in front in red, while Gabrielle Clark is at right in blue. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Gabrielle Clark took first place in her class during the junior market hog show Thursday. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Celebrities Take Turns Milking, Eating Ice Cream

UT Extension Officer Michele Atkins, left, and Laura Parchment measure milk that Atkins' team has produced during the milking contest. In the end, the team of Jonathan and Justin Miller won the contest. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Fairest of the Fair Mary Kate Bell, left, and State Fairest of Fair Hannah Robison milking. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

From the look on the face of Angie Dotson of Henry Co. Medical Center,  she may not be used to milking cows. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Commercial Bank Community President Clint Davis, left, Judge Vicki Snyder and retired County Clerk Jerry Bomar wait their turn to milk. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Measuring milk from their team are: left to right, Mary Kate Bell, Kaylee Clark, Hannah McFadden, while Laura Parchment looks on. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

HCMC Administrator Tom Gee (orange hat) shows his form in the milk-eating contest. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Debra Davenport, left, and Debbie Revele paint in the commercial building. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Amy Bomar of Dexterity and Design, center, explains her wares in the commercial building. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Good, Clean Fun at the Henry County Fair!

2011 Henry County Fair 2nd Maid Kathleen Paschall shares a laugh with 3rd Maid Shelby Beloate during

Tuesday night's Mud-Wrestling competition. (Micah Snow, photos).

2011 Fairest of the Fair Mary Kate Bell takes on 1st Maid Kaylee Clark.

1st Maid Kaylee Clark takes a moment to recover.

Referee Lester Higgins looks on as Gail Bowden (left) and Sammi Smith (right) wrestle each other to the ground.

Bowden ended up winning the 2011 Henry County Fair Mud-Wrestling Championship.

WMUF/WLZK's own Lorraine Sirabella (left) stares down Kimberly Smith.

It's a Tug of War! Team 1 (left) -- Hannah McFadden, Kathleen Paschall, and Kaylee Clark -- takes on

Team 2, led by Mary Kate Bell, Shelby Beloate and Olivia Cox. (Micah Snow, photo).

Tuesday night's $500 winner, Cindy Allen, poses with Leon Rogers. Allen's ticket came from

Richardson's Body Shop. Allen, coincidentally, was a $5000 winner at the 2010 Fair. (Micah Snow, photo).


Antique Tractors Kick Off Fair

A long line of antique tractors made a loop through the streets of Paris and back to the Henry County Fairgrounds to kick off this year's fair. On lead tractors in photo are Grant Norwood and Jerry Bomar. Sarah Milam photo.


Kara Grace Brogdon is Miss Preteen

From left: 1st Maid Julia Marie Dye, Queen Kara Brogdon, 2nd Maid Abigail Wilson. (Micah Snow, photo).

Kara Grace Brogdon was crowned Queen in Monday’s Miss Preteen pageant at the Henry County Fair. Brogdon is 11 years old, and the daughter of Stacy and Staci Brogdon. Julia Marie Dye, age 11, daughter of Anisha Wilkins and Brad Dye, received 1st Maid. Abigail Wilson, age 11, daughter of Tony and Amy Wilson, received 2nd Maid.

Most Photogenic in the Miss Preteen contest went to

Morgan Olivia Nance, age 11, daughter of Gary and Deena Nance. (Micah Snow, photo).

Avery Cox crowned Little Miss

From left: 1st Maid Paris Schoeberl, Queen Avery Cox, 2nd Maid Mattie Vermillion. (Micah Snow, photo).

The Little Miss pageant preceded the Miss Preteen contest Monday night. Avery Claire Cox, age 8, daughter of Chad Cox, was crowned Queen. Paris Shay Schoeberl, age 7, daughter of Richard and Mitzi Schoeberl, received 1st Maid. Mattie Grace Vermillion, age 9, daughter of Mike and Misty Vermillion, won 2nd Maid.

Most Photogenic in the Little Miss contest went to

Jordan Nance, the 7-year-old daughter of Gary and Deena Nance. (Micah Snow, photo).

Arabella Guilfoose is Junior Queen

From left: 1st Maid Gracie Williams, Junior Queen Arabella Guilfoose, 2nd maid Bryleigh Hayes. (Micah Snow, photo).

The Junior Queen pageant was held Monday night as well. Crowned Junior Queen was Arabella Guilfoose, age 4, daughter of Brett and Edith Guilfoose. 1st Maid went to Gracie Anne Williams, age 6, daughter of Chris and Jennifer Williams. Bryleigh Cate Hayes, age 6, daughter of Chuck and Cheri Hayes, received 2nd Maid.

Lila Rose Caho, age 4, daughter of George and Melissa Caho,

received Most Photogenic in the Junior Queen division. (Micah Snow, photo).

Mini Tractor Pull Results

Results of the mini tractor pull have been released: ages 7 and 8, winner was Will Norwood. Ages 5-6, winners were James Lacy, Conner Clark, Eric Taylor. Ages 2-4, winners were Evan Flood, Ryder Trent, Karamaneh Norwood, Evan Krause, Abigail Black.

Lacy Wins Drawing

Roezona Lacy won $500 in Monday night's drawing. Lacy said she purchased the ticket

at Volunteer Carwash, and plans to use the money buy new furniture. (Micah Snow, photo).


Mary Kate Bell is 2011 Fairest of the Fair

Mary Kate Bell, 2011 Fairest of the Fair, poses with

Hannah Robison, State Fairest of the Fair and 2010 Henry County Fairest of the Fair. (Micah Snow, photo).


From left: Third Maid Hannah McFadden; First Maid Kaylee Clark; Queen Mary Kate Bell; Second Maid Kathleen Paschall; and Fourth Maid Shelby Beloate. (Micah Snow, photo).

Paris, Tenn --Mary Kate Bell was crowned this year’s Henry County Fairest of the Fair at Saturday’s Royalty Revue. Bell, who lives in Paris, is the 17 year-old daughter of Dale and Connie Bell. Kaylee Nicole Clark of Paris, age 18, daughter of Andy and Sonya Clark, won 1st maid. 2nd maid went Kathleen Paschall, age 18 of Puryear, and daughter of Steve and Tina Paschall. Kathleen also received Most Photogenic. Hannah Michelle McFadden of Paris, age 16 and daughter of Mark and Suzi McFadden, received 3rd maid. 4th maid went to Shelby Beloate of Puryear, the 16 year old daughter of Chris and Missy Beloate.

The Fairest of the Fair pageant, for ages 16-21 years, featured 11 total contestants.

State Fairest of the Fair Hannah Robison poses with

Kathleen Paschall recipient of the Most Photogenic award. (Micah Snow, photo).

Mary Kate Bell is crowned 2011 Fairest of the Fair by last year's winner, Hannah Robison. (Micah Snow, photo).

Ali Davis receives Miss Teen

From left: First Maid Grace Danielle Hassell; Queen Ali Davis; and Second Maid Morgan Nicole Coker. (Micah Snow, photo).

Preceding the Fairest of the Fair contest was the Miss Teen Pageant. This year’s Queen is Ali Davis, age 15, daughter of Andrew and Laura Davis. 1st maid went to Grace Danielle Hassell, age 14, daughter of Dan and Misty Hassell. Morgan Nicole Coker received 2nd maid. Coker is 14 years old and the daughter of Loretta and Jason Coker. Rachel Wilson, the 14-year-old daughter of Tony and Amy Wilson, received Most Photogenic in the Miss Teen category.

Steele is first of several winners in this year's fair

Lynn Steele (pictured at left alongside Leon Rogers) was Saturday night's $500 winner

at the Henry County Fair. Steele's ticket was purchased at Perkins Drugs. She plans to

use her winnings to help buy school supplies for her grandson. (Micah Snow, photo).


Fair Kicks Off Saturday With Pageants, BBQ, Tractors and More

Some of the gang from "Smoke Signals", left to right: Patrick Parks, Reggie Thompson, Roddy Adkisson, which won first place in the sauce category. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Paris, Tenn.-It made for a long, hot and often rainy day for the 10 teams that competed in the inaugural BBQ Cook-Off at the Henry County Fair today, but that was because there were ties in several categories--including grand champion.

BBQ Chairman Donna Milam said she was very happy with the turnout for the contest, with teams coming from not only Henry County, but McKenzie, Martin, Springfield, and other locales. "For a first time event, we've really happy. We're going to try to get sanctioned so we can make the event even better in the future."

Grand champion was Hawg County Cookers from McKenzie, with Martin Health Care coming in a close second. (Both teams' sauce scores broke the tie for grand champion).

Other winners:

Chicken: first, Hawg Co. Cookers; second, Smokey and the Bandit; third, Country Cookin'.

Ribs: first, Country Cookin; second Big B's; third, Hawg Co. Cookin'.

Shoulder: first, Big B's; second, Martin Health Care; third, Hawg Co. Cookin.

Sauce: first, Smoke Signals; second, Tosh; third, Grillin' and Chillin'.

In announcing the awards, Fair President Bobby Milam said, "You've all done an outstanding job."

Donna Milam said the BBQ committee spent months studying requirements and seeking guidance from other county fairs that sponsor BBQ contests. "It's a time consuming and expensive hobby for the people that participate in these and we wanted to do it right." The judging for the contest was 'blind on blind', with only number identifying the samples. She also noted that several of the judges for the contest also have judged Memphis in May's BBQ contest.

Fair President Bobby Milam presents the grand champion trophy to Chris Chadwick and his daughter, Presley, from Hawg Co. Cookin', while Donna Milam looks on. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Tractors Galore At Fair

Paris, Tenn.-Don Norwood, left, and Alex Bomar, both of Paris, talk things over while leaning on Bomar's tractor in the pavillion at the fairgrounds. An antique tractor parade was one of the kick-off events for the fair Saturday. Bottom photo, Grant Norwood with a tractor that has been in his family for generations. (Shannon McFarlin photos).


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