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WMUF/WLZK News                                                               

From News Director Tim Alsobrooks

Assistant News Director Nicki Cronkright


Yogurt Peach Parfait Samples at Friday's Farmer's Market

Paris, Tenn.- The Downtown Paris Farmer’s Market will start at 3pm Friday and thanks to a two week extension of the Fresh Market Grant, Yogurt Peach Parfait will be the free samples and recipes for this week from 3-4pm. Items available at the Farmer’s Market include several varieties of corn, peppers, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, USDA Farm Raised meat and poultry, local honey, local canola, and more. The Farmer’s Market is downtown at the corner of Ruff and Market Streets Tuesdays and Fridays from 3pm until its sold out.

Henry Board Discusses Lawn Mowing

Henry Mayor Mike Gross and the Henry Board of Alderman Meeting. (Cassie Walsh photo)

Henry, Tenn.- Henry Mayor Mike Gross and the Board of Alderman met Thursday August 11th discuss public works and maintenance projects for downtown Henry along with other residential concerns.

Alderman Faye Lowery brought up the debate about the public works and the lack of mowing in downtown Henry. Lowery said complaints were brought to her attention about the mowing in downtown Henry, so she decided to bring up the option of outsourcing the labor for the mowing and maintenance of downtown Henry and along the railroad tracks.

The board discussed the measure but decided to keep the mowing in house so the measure for contract labor was rejected. After Mayor Gross talked to the board he explained that he told Ed Bush, Public Works Director of Henry, not to mow the area since the park located in downtown Henry and the surrounding area near the railroad tracks is legally owned by the railroad company and not owned by the City of Henry. And since the railroad company owns the park and surrounding area near the railroad it is the railroad’s responsibility to mow the land, however they have not done so.

The motion for contract labor in mowing the park and area surrounding the railroad tracks was rejected. Gross said that the contracts with the railroad company along with several other companies have been expired for years and the city’s attorney is currently working towards renegotiating a new contract with the railroad company, but that takes time. The city will renegotiate the terms of the railroad contract to include which party will be responsible for mowing the property that the railroad owns.

The city attorney advised the board that while the new contract with the railroad is being negotiated they have the authority to oversee the health, welfare and safety of the town. The board passed a motion to mow but not bush hogging all of the downtown area, including the park, and to keep all labor in mowing and maintenance of the downtown Henry area to remain under the Public Works department.

The mayor and board also decided to approve a measure that would resolve and allow a residence on Cedar Lane to be purchased after resolving a conflict with zoning setbacks that made a house on Cedar Lane not in compliance with Henry zoning compliance. The board approved that they will keep enough of the right away, so that the property can be in compliance with the zoning setbacks and the house can be sold.

The board approved the road closure of Main Street that will be closed on Saturday October 22nd at 4pm, for a revival that will be held by a local church.

The Fire Department Separation was tabled till the next month Mayor Gross and the Alderman will meet. The next Henry City Hall meeting will be Thursday, August 18th at 6pm where the board will discuss the budget.

Henry City Hall Meeting Discusses Police Improvements

Henry, Tenn.- Henry Mayor Mike Gross and the Board of Alderman met Thursday August 11th. Policing in Henry was one of the main topics of the night. A concerned Henry Resident addressed the board after he said that there was an incident that occurred around last Thursday night. After police had been called it took police too long to respond to the scene and the incident and the people involved had already left the scene by the time police arrived, which the board approved the addition of adding two part-time radar officers to the department to help with demands.

The board also approved a resolution for a fencing the area surrounding the City Building. This comes after some unknown persons vandalized the vehicles and property at the City Building and also there have been instances of people trespassing. The fence will address concerns for police safety at the building as well as safety concerns for the equipment and vehicles that are at the City Building.

The fence that will surround the City Building will be approximately 720 feet around the building and the fence will also have barbed wire across the top of the fence for added protection. The board had three parties interested in the contract but only two companies turned in their bids to Mayor Gross. The two bids was from Langford Fence Company in Waverly and WestTenn Fence in Jackson. Langford Fence Company's bid was $14,403 and WestTenn Fence of Jackson's bid was $13,964. the board decided to award the fence contract to Langford Fence Company because they provided a more detailed report for the project. The police department said no tax dollars will be used to be for the fence and that they will use the money from the sale department owned equipment will pay for the fence.

Another important topic for Henry police was the board’s approval of the TML Grant Resolution, the resolution involves partnering with a safety partner from the grant to match an amount of up to $1,000 for new safety equipment the department needs. The grant will involve the partner paying half of the amount for the equipment and the Henry Police Department paying the other half. Henry Police will use the money from the grant to purchase two new bulletproof vests costing between $700-$800 each, the department currently needs new vest since the old ones are becoming worn and need to be replaced since the vests are good for only 8-10 years.

HC BOE To Set Policy for Renaming Structures in System

Dustin Summers, of the 1996 Thunder team, discusses the thought of honoring that team and renaming the field. (Tim Alsobrooks photos)

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Board of Education met in regular August session Thursday night discussed a process and procedure to follow when a request comes to renaming fields and buildings at the system as a request to rename the Baseball Field at Henry County High School came in a few months ago.

Director of Schools Dr. Brian Norton suggested that the board develop a policy of renaming fields or buildings within the system. He said there currently is not a policy in place, and a precedent needs to be set before we go about renaming anything. Board member Rod Frey suggested going to the facility committee and Director first, before coming to the board.

A request to honor the Paris Thunder team from the mid 1990s was sent in by letter to Dr. Norton and the board and rename the field Thunder Field. The group of players at the time worked with the Board of Education to rehab what was a cow pasture into the facility that is there  and the team currently plays on. The Thunder team cleaned and helped light the field and brought the high school baseball team back on campus from playing off campus in 1999.

The board decided to wait on officially renaming the filed until a policy is set in place and asked Dr. Norton to bring back a recommended policy at next month’s meeting.

HCBOE Hears Update on New Curriculum for Math, ELA

Dr. Norton discusses the Math and ELA Curriculum at the meeting Thurs.

Paris, Tenn.- Board members observed a presentation updating the English Language Arts and Mathematics Curriculum. Director of Schools Dr. Brian Norton said a lot of work has taken place since last Spring when we first talked about changing curriculum.

Dr. Norton said I’m very proud of what our teachers have done and students are working hard as well the first two weeks of school. He said, “there are struggles, but it is something we can struggle thru and I applaud their willingness to work thru.”

The Eureka Math is different because it takes the new standards and developed a curriculum while traditional texts used the same content and attempted to make it work around new standards.

Dr. Norton said these standards help students give logic behind reasons why they got to certain answers. He said it is a challenge but our system is ready to work thru this.

Eureka Math is a rigorous curriculum that will expose some achievement gaps, but Dr. Norton said we understood that and are ok with that at first. The goal is to eventually work thru those achievement gaps.

The depth of standards builds from year to year which should strengthen student mastery of the subject. The math is the same, but the curriculum asks the students do different things with the math, going beyond right and wrong answers.

Guidebooks is the curriculum for English Language Arts and Dr. Norton said this will ensure our students will read and write everyday. He said we know reading closes the background knowledge gap that our diverse student population has as life experiences vary greatly.

The curriculum will provide students with learning opportunities to understand a variety of text; identify key evidence within text to support answers and responses; build a student’s content knowledge; and help them develop perseverance thru productive struggle. Dr. Norton told the board, “it’s ok for students to struggle some thru this, as struggle will lead to learning.”

Parents can access the curriculum at greatminds.org for mathematics and learnzillion.com for English Language Arts. Dr. Norton said the greatest tool for our students learning is still our teachers and it is great to see our teachers work thru this new rigorous curriculum.

Yearly Bullying Report Given to BOE

Paris, Tenn.- Dr. Susan Burton gave the annual bullying report to the board at Thursday’s meeting. Since the system receives Federal Funding, a report must be kept up with each year. The Olweus Bullying model is used in the system. The system had 17 incidents of bullying reported to be investigated in the last school year, but only one was determined to be officially bullying.

Enrollment Down Some As New School Year Begins

Paris, Tenn.- In his director’s report, Dr. Norton said overall the system was down about 50 students in enrollment compared to last year. He said Lakewood Elementary is down in enrollment significantly and Harrelson is down some as well. Grove and Henry County High School is seeing increased enrollment so far this year.

Dr. Norton Will Ask County Comm. For Work Session Aug. 23

Paris, Tenn.- Dr. Norton said he is going to ask County Commissioners to join the board  and hold a joint work session with the Board of Education on August 23rd at 5:30pm. He said the purpose is to discuss the facilities and other needs of the system moving forward. He told the board the date is tentative for now as he will see what County Commissioners can make it at their meeting on Monday night.

Planning Commission Approves Office Building Plan on E. Wood

Community Development Director Jennifer Morris goes over the map for the office space plan. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Municipal Regional Planning Commission met Thursday night and approved a major site plan for two 1200 square foot buildings located on a .93 acre tract at 1205 East Wood Street.

The owner, Chris Scott, proposes to build the two buildings suitable for office space and the property is zoned B-1 and required setbacks are available as well as proposed setbacks. Parking is based on Professional Office Space. The plat has been sent to MS4 engineers for approval Community Development Director Jennifer Morris recommended the plat be approved contingent on proper drainage and TDOT approving the curve curt and the planning commission did approve it.

Planners approved a minor site plan for Premier Nissan to increase their parking on the rear west side of their existing building as well Thursday night. The development is located in an SC-1 zoning district which has no bearing on the proposed work. The property is not located in the floodplain and staff recommended the approval.

Approval of a final subdivision plat for Hunter’s Pointe on Lone Oak Road was okayed by planning commission members Thursday night, contingent on wording on a preliminary plat being amended and a letter of credit can be obtained. The preliminary plat was brought before the Planning Commission in April and the owner is ready to begin building phase 3, which proposes 17 lots on a cul-de-sac. The developer has developed 27 lots since the inception of the subdivision. Utilities were in place and planners agreed to approval for final plat contingent on some things being completed.

Planners Approve Rezoning Requests

Paris, Tenn.- The Planning Commission approved a recommendation to rezone from Haynes Street eastward to Cooper Street to a B-1 zone. Dan Hassell requested a rezoning for property known as the old Kimbel Lumber Compnay on East Washington Street. Hassell plans to develop into a mini storage facility.

Morris said all the businesses in the area fit B-1 more than B-2 because there are no setbacks in the B-2 zone. She said the only question is a vacant tract that is currently zoned a R-3.

Planners also approved a rezoning request for Mike Lankford and property at 607 Russell Street. It is currently zoned Planned Business and he is requesting it be TRB, Transitional Residential Business. That would allow him to continue use of his property as residential  without restrictions that the PB Zone would require yet still maintain the commercial aspect should there be any interest in property for commercial uses. Planning Commission members also decided to rezone the other areas as well.

City of Paris Awarded $500K SRF Loan from TDEC

Nashville- The City of Paris has been awarded a $500K Traditional Drinking Water Loan from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, part of the $1.8M in loans announced by TDEC Thursday afternoon. The money comes from the State’s Revolving Fund, which is used to help communities fund important upgrades in drinking water and wastewater systems which are essential to public health.

The City of Paris applied for the loan on behalf of the Board of Public Utilities to be used toward Phase 2 design work as the new Water Treatment Plant construction process continues. The loan will be a 20 year loan for $500K with an interest rate of .85%.

Tennessee’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program has awarded more than $1.7 billion in low-interest loans since its inception in 1987. Tennessee’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program has awarded more than $285.7 million in low-interest loans since its inception in 1996.

Through the SRF Program, communities, utility districts, and water and wastewater authorities can obtain loans with lower interest rates than most can obtain through private financing. Interest rates for loans can vary from zero percent to market rate based on each community’s economic index. Loans utilizing EPA grant funds can include a principal forgiveness component.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation administers the SRF Loan Program for the State of Tennessee in conjunction with the Tennessee Local Development Authority. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides grants to fund the program, and the state provides a 20 percent match. Loan repayments are returned to the program and are used to fund future SRF loans.

PPD, Boston FBI Office Investigating Realty Scam

Paris, Tenn.- According from a press release from the Paris Police Department Criminal Investigations Division along with Patrol Division began working a theft case involving a victim who was attempting to buy a house though a local realty company. During the investigation it was determined that the realty company E-mail had been hacked and a third party Hacker began communicating with the victim who lives in Clarksville TN.

The e-mails being sent from the Hacker were official in nature and had a lot of the proper figures on the closing cost of $10,326.34 and details on the closing date. These e-mails were sent back and forth between the victim and the Hacker for several days without the knowledge of the local realty company.

On Monday August 1st, the victim wired the money to a bank in New Hampshire per an e-mail, from who he thought was from the realty company, but e-mail came from the Hacker. After further investigation the case officers with the Criminal Investigation Unit have drawn up warrants on Preston Colbath, of Kimball Road, Rindge New Hampshire, for theft of property over $10,000.

Colbath said he had taken the money out of a banking account over a three day period and had sent the money by way of Money Gram to who he thought was a female computer friend in Missouri. This was not the first time Colbath has done this type of crime since Colbath, himself was scammed out of approximately $20,000-$40,000 several months prior to this incident. He was investigated 2 months ago for that scam, where a bank in England had wired $200,000 into another of Mr. Colbath’s banking account. He also took the money out and sent it to the same female in Missouri.

This is at least the third time that Colbath has been involved in this type of scam. The Paris Police Department has been in contact with the Boston Field Office of the FBI and have made them aware of the money laundering that Colbath seems to be involved in. And they will be actively working on that case and the other scams Colbath was involved in.

Hummingbird Banding Event Aug. 13th

Springville, Tenn.- The Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, located at 1371 Wildlife Drive in Springville, will host a hummingbird banding event this Saturday August 13th from 9am to 3pm.

Federally licensed Master Bander, Cynthia Routledge of Southeast Avian Research in Clarksville will once again lead the banding demonstrations.

Using specially designed tools, Routledge will band each capture hummingbird with a band that has a number unique to each bird, sort of like a bird social security number. She will then take a series of measures to determine age and sex of the bird and it will be released.

All measurements will be recorded and turned into the Bird Banding Lab in Laurel, Maryland, the central database for all North American bird banding information. This information has allowed researches to gain valuable insight and information about the lives and habits of hummingbirds thru banding such as migration routes, longevity, nesting habits, population trends, and more.

Banding will take place on the center’s back deck patio throughout the day and Routledge will also present a program on hummingbirds from 11am to 1pm. The day will include fun for the whole family such as arts and crafts, coloring tables and more.

Martin Woman Arrested for Reckless Endangerment

Paris, Tenn.- According to a report from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Lance Perry arrested Michelle L. Robins, age 27 of 418 Howoll Rd. Martin, at the Henry County Hospital on Wednesday for driving on a revoked license, evading, reckless endangerment and fugitive from Kentucky. Robins was placed on $11,500 bond.

Routine Seatbelt Violation Leads to Arrest

Paris, Tenn.- Paris Police Ptl Amber Roaten arrested Amanda Fay Schaefer, age 30 of 4847 Mt. Sinai Rd Buchanan, and Jody Blaski, age 43 of 4345 Mt. Sinai Road Buchanan. Roaten was on patrol Wednesday afternoon on White Street, when she observed a silver vehicle and the passenger not wearing a seatbelt.

Patrolman Roaten made contact with Blaski who was the driver of the vehicle and after a check of Blaski’s drivers license, Roaten found that Blaski was driving on a suspended license and Blaski also had a warrant out of Smith County, but they wouldn’t extradite.

When Roaten did a warrant’s check on the passenger, Amanda Shaefer dispatch stated that Shaefer had two warrants, one for aggravated burglary and one for theft over $1,000.

Police Still Investigating Point Pleasant Road Burglary/Theft

Buchanan, Tenn.- According to a report from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department Patrolman, Terry Williams responded to a call on Wednesday about a burglary and theft at a residence on Point Pleasant Road in Buchanan. The owner of the residence said that the house on Point Pleasant Road is for sale through a local realty company and no one is living in the house at the moment.

The owner said that the last time the house was shown no problems were found. On Wednesday the victim said that someone had broken into the garage back door and forced the door open with a pry bar. The area was fingerprinted but Police came up with no results. The items missing were fishing rods, tackle boxes, and fishing reels totaling $10,150. No other items were missing. Police are still looking for the suspects.

Pats One of 8 Area Teams to Compete Friday in FB Challenge

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County High School will once again host a jamboree as we prepare to kick off another football season this Friday night August 12th. The McDonald’s Football Challenge will bring 8 area teams together to compete in this exhibition style where teams will face off for two quarters each.

At 6pm Friday night, Stewart County will face West Carroll, at 7pm, Dresden will take on Milan, Henry County will battle Martin Westview at 8pm, and McKenzie faces Murray High at 9pm.

Admission is $8 and kids under 5 are admitted for free. Concessions will be sold during the evening and all games are at Patriot Stadium.

The Patriots will open up the regular season next Friday Night August 19th on the road at Liberty. The Pats will then host Houston High at home on August 26th and Northeast in a Region game on September 2nd.

Henry County hits the road two straight weeks at Gallatin September 9th and at West Creek for a Region game September 16th. On September 23rd, Region rival Clarksville High comes to Patriot Stadium and on September 30th, the Pats visit Rossview for a Region contest.

Homecoming is set for October 7th against arch rival and Region opponent Dickson County. The Patriots will have their bye week the week of October 14th and then close out the season  at Brentwood on October 21st and at home against Centennial for senior night on October 28th, both Region contests. All kickoffs for the regular season are at 7pm.

Reminder: Marching Patriots Car Wash Saturday at Joe and Jerry's

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County High School Marching Patriots will hold a Car Wash this Saturday August 13th at Joe and Jerry’s on Mineral Wells Avenue in Paris. The car wash will go from 9am to 3pm and funds raised will support the HCHS Marching Patriots band program.

The Marching Patriots are selling tickets in advance or you can purchase on Saturday. In case of rain, the Car Wash will be held the next Saturday August 20th

First Aid, CPR Class Fri. at HCMC

Paris, Tenn.- There will be a Heartsavers CPR, AED, First Aid Class on Friday August 12th at Henry County Medical Center’s Private Dining Room from 8am to Noon. Cost is $55 and once completed you will receive certification from the American Heart Association. For more information or to register ro the class call the HCMC Find Line at 644-3463 or register online at www.hcmc-tn.org.

UTM Adding Beach Volleyball in 2016-17

Martin, Tenn.- University of Tennessee at Martin interim athletics director Kevin McMillan announced today that the Skyhawks will sponsor beach volleyball starting in the 2016-17 academic year.            

Beach volleyball is one of the fastest growing collegiate sports since its addition to the NCAA’s emerging sports list in 2009. A total of 58 programs sponsored beach volleyball at the Division-I level last season, when the first-ever NCAA beach volleyball championship tournament was held.            

“We saw an opportunity to add a sport that could greatly benefit our department at a minimal cost,” McMillan said. “We explored this possibility just a few short months ago and the pieces quickly fell into place. I’d like to thank our Chancellor Bob Smith, who was instrumental throughout the process of making beach volleyball a reality at UT Martin.”            

Current Skyhawk head volleyball coach Jaclynn Yocum will also oversee the beach volleyball season, which features a minimum of eight and a maximum of 16 dates that will start this upcoming March. This year’s national championship will be held on May 5-7 in Gulf Shores, Ala.            

“It is exciting to make history here at UT Martin,” Yocum said. “Starting a program from scratch is a challenge that our staff and student-athletes plan to accept head-on. Beach volleyball offers a team-structured concept and the spring schedule will provide our student-athletes a chance to remain in peak physical shape year-round.”            

In beach volleyball, each school produces five pairs of players. The first school to win three of the five matches (played in a best-of-three format) is awarded the victory for the contest. UT Martin’s roster will consist of the same Skyhawk student-athletes from the indoor volleyball season.

Last season, Jacksonville State became the first Ohio Valley Conference school to sponsor beach volleyball. In addition to UT Martin, fellow OVC schools Austin Peay and Morehead State are incorporating beach volleyball programs this spring.

Morgan Apprehended By Law Enforcement

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Sheriff’s Office has apprehended Corey Q. Morgan, age 24, of 430 Rice Lane. Morgan was one of the four people identified with the string of thefts earlier in the week. Morgan was charged with theft of property and placed on $20K bond.

Another arrest sheet at the Sheriff’s Office stated Elizabeth A. Williams, age 37, of 196 Cook Street was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of schedule two, possession of schedule VI, and possession of legend drug. She was placed on $7500 bond.

A report at the Paris Police Department stated a bicycle worth $250 was stolen on Patterson Street. There are no suspects at this time.

Burns Held Without Bond After Shooting TBI Agent

Jackson, Tenn.- Special Agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have arrested and charged a Jackson man in connection to the shooting death Tuesday afternoon of a TBI Special Agent during the course of an ongoing drug investigation.

Preliminary information indicates Special Agent De’Greaun Frazier was one of several agents working alongside the Metropolitan Narcotics Task Force during a controlled buy Tuesday around 2:00 PM in a vehicle in the area of Brianfield Cove. During the exchange, a subject in the backseat of the car, identified as Brenden Tyler Burns, whom the Agent met for the purposes of purchasing illicit drugs, produced a firearm in an attempt to rob the Agent and an informant sitting in the front seat. During the exchange, Burns fired at least once, striking Agent Frazier, who subsequently died at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

Shortly after the shooting, law enforcement officers apprehended Burns (DOB 3-10-93) a short distance away in the area of Tinker Hill Cove. This morning, TBI Agents charged him with one count of Murder in the Perpetration of Attempted Aggravated Robbery. He is currently being held in the Madison County Jail without bond.

HC Historical Society to Celebrate 50th Anniv. at Liberty IV School Thurs.

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Historical Society will celebrate its 50th anniversary beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 11th in the restored Liberty IV School. Members and visitors will learn about the history of the historical society and the former one-room former schoolhouse followed by a dessert reception.

 The Henry County Historical Society was formed on August 10, 1966, when a group of interested citizens met at the City Hall in Paris, Tennessee, and voted to form such an organization. Bylaws for the guidance of the society were adopted, and on August 26, 1966, a Charter of Incorporation by the State of Tennessee was received by the Society. Incorporators were Fisher Neal, Mary Sue Nelson, Catherine L. Hopkins, Mary Sue Dunn, and W.O. Inman. Mr. Inman served as the first president during the year 1966-1967; he was succeeded by W. Bryant Williams (1967-1968), Mrs. W.D. Bond (1968-1970), R. Frank Aden (1970-1972), and Dorothea Bond (1972-1973).

The purpose of the Society is to bring together for study, discussion, and fellowship citizens interested in history and especially those who have an interest in the history of Henry County, Tennessee; to discover and collect materials which may help to establish or illustrate the history of Henry County, its exploration, settlement and development; to identify materials of all types that may be illustrative of Henry County’s history; to provide for the collection and preservation of this material, both public and private, and make it accessible for examination and study; and to encourage publication and interpretation of local history to the general public. In partial fulfillment of these purposes, the society meets quarterly in August, November, February, and May for business and programs.

Among other projects, the Society has placed historical markers at local sites, hung oil portraits of notable citizens in the courthouse, uploaded photographs and information on Facebook, organized historical reenactments, and acquired significant artifacts and documents for the Paris-Henry County Heritage Center and the Henry County Archives. The group sponsored the E.W. Grove-Henry County High School Centennial Celebration in 2006, and it printed Bryant Williams’ "Post-mortems", a collection of local history articles originally published in The Paris Post-Intelligencer.

The Liberty IV School was built in 1917 after fire destroyed the previous building. The school for grades 1 through 8 was closed in 1951. Phillip and Tammy Pilcher purchased the former one-room schoolhouse and surrounding property in 2004, and they began restoration efforts in order to preserve and find new uses for the building. The property is currently owned by the non-profit Liberty IV Community Center Corporation.

The former school contains meeting space, restrooms, and a full kitchen. It is available for weddings, receptions, field trips, meetings, and class and family reunions. The scenic property contains ponds, open areas, and trees. The half museum, half community center contains original desks, books, and certificates from the school donated by former Liberty IV students and others.

Directions to the Liberty IV School: From Paris, take Hwy. 54 toward Como, turn left onto Hwy. 140 then left onto Hardy Road.

Annual dues for the HCH Society are $5 per year, $10 per family, and $50 for lifetime membership. Dues are payable at the meeting or can be mailed to Donna Winchester, treasurer, 715 Old Union Road, Paris, TN 38242.

Aug. 18th Is Qualifying Deadline for Nov. 8th Election

Paris, Tenn.- The deadline to qualify for the November 8th Election is Thursday August 18th at Noon and while several have picked up papers for local elections, hardly any have turned them back in to qualify as of Tuesday morning.

In addition to electing the next President of the United States, a representative in the 8th U.S. Congressional District, State Representatives for the 24th and 75th District, Henry County residents will have several seats up for grabs on commissions and boards in each municipality, Paris, Puryear, Henry, and Cottage Grove.

The City of Paris has three spots on the City Commission that are on the ballot, two four year terms, and one two year unexpired term currently occupied by Jackie Jones. No one has yet to pick up qualifying papers for the two year term, but incumbents Terry Fuller, Gayle Griffith have picked up for the two four year terms along with Jackie Jones and David Webb. No one has turned papers back in to qualify yet for any spot on the Paris City Commission as of this broadcast.

The City of Cottage Grove will hold elections for Mayor and four Alderman. No one has yet to turn back in qualifying papers but those who have picked up papers include David Jackson for Mayor, and David Jackson, Matthew McClure, and John Weiher, for alderman.

Puryear residents will be electing a Mayor, City Recorder, and three Alderman in November. Two of the Alderman seats are four year terms and the one currently occupied by Bryan Hall is a two year term. Picking up papers for Puryear include David Varner for Mayor, Billy Robinson for Alderman, and Verla Smith for City Recorder. No one has yet to turn the papers back into the Election Office to qualify.

Seats up for grabs in the city of Henry include Mayor and two Alderman seats that Todd Daniels and Joe Qualls currently hold. Henry’s current Mayor Michael Gross has picked up papers to run for re-election as Mayor of Henry, but as of this broadcast has yet to turn them back in.

James Hart has picked up and turned in his qualifying papers to run as independent in both the U.S. House of Representatives 8th Congressional District race and the Tennessee House of Representatives 75th District where he will run against incumbent Tim Wirgau and Democratic nominee Daniel Powell.

Lady Patriots Soccer Wins Scrimmage 4-1 Over Calloway Co.

Murray, Ky.- The Henry County Lady Patriots Soccer team started the 2016 season off with a win over rival Calloway County 4-1 in a scrimmage game. Goals were scored by Sophie Carter, Angela Beidler, Ansley Cate, and Sidney Heath.

UTM Final Fall Registration Slated for Aug. 12th

Martin, Tenn.- Incoming freshmen who plan to take courses at the University of Tennessee at Martin beginning with the fall 2016 semester have one final opportunity to attend Summer Orientation and Registration on Aug. 12.  

SOAR will be held from 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m. in the Boling University Center. Registration is $45 per student and $20 for additional attendees (parents, siblings, etc.). Tuition will not be charged until the start of the semester.  

SOAR is mandatory for all incoming freshmen. Students who have not yet registered for classes, but are unable to attend the Aug. 12 date, must contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 731-881-7020 as soon as possible to discuss alternative arrangements.  

To register, visit utm.edu/soar. For more information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 731-881-7020 or email admitme@utm.edu.

Suspect Apprehended, Charges Pending in Shooting Death of TBI Agent in Jackson

TBI Special Agent De'Greaun Frazier

Jackson, Tenn.- Special Agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting death this afternoon of a TBI Special Agent during the course of an ongoing drug investigation.  

Preliminary information indicates Special Agent De’Greaun Frazier was one of several agents working alongside the Metro Narcotics Unit during a controlled buy this afternoon around 2:00 in a vehicle in the area of Brianfield Cove. During the exchange, a subject in the backseat of the car, whom the Agent met for the purposes of purchasing illicit drugs, produced a firearm in an attempt to rob the Agent and an informant sitting in the front seat. During the exchange, the subject fired once, striking Agent Frazier, who subsequently died at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

The subject was apprehended by law enforcement officers a short distance away in the area of Tinker Hill Cove. He is currently in law enforcement custody with charges pending.

Frazier, 35, joined TBI in February 2016, following a career as a police officer with the Millington Police Department. In that capacity, he also served on a DEA Task Force.  

“Agent Frazier was exactly what we look for in a TBI Agent: hard-working, enthusiastic, and dedicated to making Tennessee a better place to live,” said TBI Director Mark Gwyn. “We are deeply saddened by his death and will work aggressively to investigate this case to its fullest. His commitment to our agency and public service will not be forgotten.”

Man Charged with Drug Possession After Traffic Stop

Paris, Tenn.- A report at the Paris Police Department stated Ptl. Zachariah Carper observed a vehicle speeding and pulled it over. The driver, later identified as Shavanta Kendall, age 20, of 1450 N. Market, said he didn’t have his driver’s license with him, but it was valid. Ptl. Carper checked thru dispatch and the license was revoked.

Kendall was placed under arrest and Ptl. Carper could smell marijuana and asked permission to search the car, which Kendall agreed. Nothing was found.

Later at the jail while removing Kendall from his patrol car, Ptl. Carper noticed a green leafy substance on the seat and Kendall’s back and a baggie in the floorboard. Kendall also admitted to having three Oxycodone pills in his boxer briefs before going inside the jail.

Kendall was charged with driving on a revoked license, simple possession of schedule two, simple possession of schedule four.

Jones Mill Fire Dept. in Need of Volutneer Fire Fighters

Cottage Grove, Tenn.- The Cottage Grove Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1975 and has conducted the annual fireworks display and fund raiser for over 10 years.  Treasurer/Secretary Kathy Ball echoed the report and pointed out that new blood had allowed new events and activities.  The July 4th Freedom Festival has become one of the highlights of Cottage Grove and the whole area. 

The all volunteer group has three stations, Cottage Grove, Whitlock, Jones Mill and Henry County airport with fourteen volunteers.  Ball pointed out that the department is always in need of interested individuals who want to become a volunteer firemen.  Specifically the Jones Mill area is need of volunteers from that area of the county who would wish to serve. Anyone interested can contact Richard Ball, Chief John Wieher, or any other volunteer firemen.  The board meets each second Monday of the month at the Cottage Grove Fire Department building.

SBA Loans Available to Businesses, Indiv., in the Region

Dover, Tenn.- The United States Small Business Administration has made low interest loans available in response to a letter from Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, requesting a disaster declaration by the SBA. The declaration covers Stewart and Sumner Counties for the flash flooding and damaging winds that affected Tennessee businesses and residents on July 6-8th.

In addition to Stewart and Sumner Counties, these low interest loans can be applied for in Benton, Davidson, Henry, Houston, Macon, Montgomery, Robertson, Trousdale, and Wilson Counties in Tennessee as well. Also Allen, Calloway, Christian, Simpson, and Trigg Counties in Kentucky are eligible for the SBA loans.

Residents and business owners may apply in person at the Stewart County Fire Rescue Station 1, located at 2343 Hwy 79 in Dover from 9am to 6pm weekdays until Thursday August 11th at 4pm. Applications are also available online at https://disasterloan.sba.gov/ela and businesses and individuals may call 1-800-659-2955 for more information as well.

Broken Transmission Pole Causes 10K to Lose Power Tues.

Paris, Tenn.- BPU had a transmission pole to break this morning just after 7:00 a.m.   Approximately 10,000 customers experienced a power outage.  Crews were able to use back up feeds to restore power within 16 minutes.  Power lines are down across Hwy 77 near Setco.  Hwy 77 will be blocked for most of the morning while repairs are being done.  Please use caution while travelling in that area.  Traffic lights on E. Wood St. have been blinkiing caution so please be aware of traffic issues.

TBI Brings Additional Charges on McEwen Clinic Owner

Nashville- A joint investigation with Special Agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and investigators with the McEwen Police Department has resulted in 64 additional charges against of the former owner/operator of a clinic in McEwen, who was arrested in May on charges related to drug diversion and prescription fraud.                                                   

At the request of 23rd District Attorney General Ray Crouch, on March 23rd, TBI Special Agents, working alongside detectives with the McEwen Police Department and Tennessee Department of Health, began investigating a complaint of drug diversion and prescription fraud at the Coleman Family Care Clinic in McEwen. During the course of the investigation, Agents developed information that former owner/ nurse practitioner Juelda Coleman had been writing fraudulent prescriptions for controlled substances, and distributed controlled substances in exchange for cash.

In May, Agents and investigators executed a search warrant at the clinic in McEwen. Coleman, 44, was arrested and charged with five counts, including Unlawful Dispensing of a Controlled Substance. Further investigation revealed that from 2014 through 2016, Coleman was using a prescription pad and forging another doctor’s name to obtain controlled substances.

On August 1st, the Humphreys County Grand Jury returned indictments charging Coleman with a total of 69 counts: 28 counts of Obtaining Prescription Drugs by Fraud, 28 counts of Forgery, four counts of Unlawful Dispensing of a Controlled Substance, one count of Possession of a Schedule IV Drug, one count of Schedule II Drug, one count of Simple Possession, one count Theft under $500, one count of a Sale of Schedule II Drug, three counts of Unlawful Dispensing of a Controlled Substance, and one count of Identity Theft. Coleman was arrested on August 5th, and booked into the Humphreys County Jail. She was released after posting a $40,000 bond.

Educators Gather at UTM As School Year Begins

Martin, Tenn.- UTM's Boling University Center welcomed the Northwest TN Economic Development Council Head Start/Early Head Start Pre-Service conference.

NWTN Head Start educators are meeting as the new year begins to prepare their students to meet school readiness goals, including physical development and health, social and emotional development, approaches to learning, language and literacy development, and cognition and general knowledge.

Pictured is the new Head Start Director, Sherry Harpole, third from left, who joined the Head Start team in July. Also pictured are from left to right, Kenny McBride, Chairman of the Board; Susan Burton, Policy Council Chair; Harpole; and Don Ridgeway, Executive Director. The educators will attend three days of presentations and workshops.

Hopkins Honored for 20+ Years on Road Board

County Mayor Brent Greer shakes Keith Hopkins hand and thanks him for his service to the Road Board for the last 20 plus years. (Tim Alsobrooks photos)

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County Mayor Brent Greer attended Monday night’s Henry County Road Board meeting to present a proclamation and service resolution to long-time Road Board member Keith Hopkins who served at his last board meeting Monday night.

Mayor Greer thanked Keith for his over 20 years of service to the Road Board and to the citizens of Henry County. Hopkins decided not to seek re-election in last week’s election and retire from the board after serving two plus decades. Mayor Greer presented Hopkins with the resolution and Road Board Chairman Bobby Milam presented him with a plaque thanking him for his service as well for 20 plus years.

The Road Board will have to appoint someone to fill the vacant term in the next few months.

The Road Board discussed a possible culvert policy in regards to people’s driveways as Board Chairman Bobby Milam asked the board to ponder last month.

Road Supervisor Ray Norwood said he looked at the State’s policy regarding culvert’s in which they charge the individual for the materials if they want a culvert and the county will do that as well. Norwood said they should set a length limit, around 40 feet, as far as installing culverts in driveways.

Highway Department employee Brian Solowey explained to the board the various issues that can arise when installing culverts for people such as deep ditches, horseshoe driveways, and he said sometimes the department is going back and spending more time, money, and materials on the job. He agreed with Norwood on setting a 40 ft. length limit. Solowey also suggested maybe the Highway Dept., require citizens wanting a culvert in their driveway to obtain a permit.

Board member Marty Allison says for state roads, the state does require a permit, then they send someone out to measure and tell you what size and type culvert you get.

Norwood said you have to leave some discretion to the Supervisor on what to do for the culverts. He said sometimes a situation we caused creates the problem and therefore we need to make the repairs. Milam told board members to continue to think about the culvert policy issue and they will discuss it again.

Milam thanked both Solowey and Road Supervisor-Elect Richie Chilcutt for their clean ran campaign for the position of Road Supervisor. Chilcutt will take over those duties at the September board meeting.

Ray Norwood attended his last meeting as Supervisor Monday night as he will retire after 34 years. The Board plans to honor him at a later date.

Paris Tri Club Competes in Two Events

Jackson, Tenn.- The Paris Tri Club competed in the Hub Kids Tri in Jackson where they swam 100 meters, biked 3 miles, and ran six tenths of a mile. Pictured are second row: Sarah Maths, who finished 2nd in the girls 9-11 year olds; Charlotte Coulston, 1st in girls 9-11 year olds; Fisher Lawrence, 4th in boys 9-11 years old; first row: Cael Mathis, 1st boys 6-8 years old; James Coulston, 4th boys 6-8 years old.

Hendersonville, Tenn.- The Paris Tri Club also competed in the Hendersonville Heat Kids Tri. Pictured are finishers L to R: Hunter Miller, 1st boys 12 year old; Kayleigh Miller, 2nd Place 9 year old girls; Oliva Hart, 3rd place 8 year old girls; Amelia Hart, 3rd place 12 year old girls.

Four Identified, Three Charged In Recent Thefts As HCSO Works Overtime


Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Sheriff's Office has put in several man hours the last few weeks as a crime spree has been going in with thefts from vehicles, home entries, stolen four wheelers, and more. As of Monday, the Sheriff's Office and Criminal Investigation Division have arrested four people related to many of the crimes.

Arrested for the entry into a home on Antioch Rd while the occupants lay asleep and stealing their vehicle, is Dakota Miller, 19 year old male from the Springville TN area. Miller is charged with Aggravated Burglary and Theft over $10,000. 

Warrants were drawn on Miller and he was entered into NCIC along with the stolen 2014 Avalon that he was driving. During the late afternoon last Friday a pursuit of Miller, in the stolen vehicle, occurred in McCracken Co KY. The pursuit lasted for a short while with Miller fleeing at speeds over 100 mph.  The pursuit went to a foot chase where Miller was shortly apprehended by a KSP K-9. He is currently in McCracken Co KY jail and will be transported back to Henry County after the charges there are deposed of. Once here his bond will be $100,000.

Miller is also charged with another crime in the lake area of the stealing of a Kubota side by side.This side by side was stolen last week out of a citizen’s garage. Warrants were drawn on Miller for this theft as well as Gerald Jackson. Jackson, 51 year old male from the Buchanan Resort Rd area, has been charged with the theft of the Kubota in connection with Miller. Jackson is currently in jail in Henry County and his bond for this charge is $50,000. Miller will face these charges as well once he is returned to Henry County.

Another arrest in the unrelated theft of a stolen vehicle that occurred the last week of July has been made on Phillip Nelson. Active warrants for Corey Morgan for the same crime are on file and he is actively wanted. The two are accused of stealing a vehicle from a resident in the lake area and driving it off into the river to hide their crime. Morgan is a 24 year old male that lives on Rice Lane in Springville and Nelson is an 18 year old male from the Buchanan Resort Rd area.

Both are charged with Theft of Property under $10,000, which is a class D felony. Bond for Nelson is $20,000 and will be the same for Morgan once he is picked up.

Sheriff Monte Belew said “These and other cases are still under investigation and I feel certain that additional arrest will be forthcoming following the hard work done by everyone at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.” Sheriff Belew went on the say that if anyone has any information on these crimes or any other crime, they are asked to call the sheriff’s office at 731-642-1672 or they can call the tip line at 731-642-0929 and remain anonymous should they choose.

Belew reminds everyone that “if you see something say something”.


TDH Reminds Residents of Efforts to Stop Zika Virus

Nashville- The Tennessee Department of Health confirms there have been 24 persons diagnosed with Zika virus disease in Tennessee this year. Cases of locally transmitted Zika virus have been identified in a small area in Miami, Florida, but all cases in Tennessee have occurred in people returning from international travel to affected areas. This serves as a reminder that anyone traveling to affected areas should be very careful to avoid mosquito bites during travel and for three weeks after travel. Pregnant women should avoid non-essential travel to affected areas.

To prevent the virus from being spread by mosquitos in Tennessee, TDH officials are reminding residents of the increased need for local tactics to “Fight the Bite.”.

Eliminating standing water where mosquitos can lay eggs and protecting ourselves from their bites by using insect repellants are two of the easiest and most effective ways to‘Fight The Bite’ to prevent Zika from spreading in our state,” said TDH Commissioner John Dreyzehner, MD, MPH. “As we see steadily increasing numbers of imported cases of Zika in Tennessee, there’s a heightened need for all of us to prevent this illness from being spread locally by mosquitos.”

Abelardo Moncayo, Ph.D, director of the TDH Vector-Borne Disease program, reminds residents mosquitos can lay eggs in water containers as small as a soda bottle lid and that most mosquitos only travel a few hundred yards from where they are hatched.

“By eliminating mosquito breeding spots close to home, residents are protecting themselves and their neighbors from Zika and other illnesses spread by mosquitos,” Moncayo said. “Equally important is to use insect repellants.”

TDH recommends using repellants containing DEET, Picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR3535 on skin and wearing clothing treated with Permethrin; all are safe by pregnant women when users follow label recommendations. Never apply the repellants around the mouth or eyes and Permethrin is generally not be used directly on skin. Permethrin-treated clothing repels mosquitoes and retains this effect after repeated washing. Some clothing products are available pretreated with permethrin.

It’s good to remember “long, loose and light” when choosing outdoor clothing. Long-sleeved shirts and long pants are best, and consider, tucking your pants into your socks and your shirt into your pants. Loose-fitting clothing helps prevent bites through the fabric. Light-colored clothes are less attractive to many insects and may allow you to spot them more easily.

To learn more about ways to protect yourself and your community from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases, visit:

“Whenever there is an imported case of Zika virus disease in Tennessee, we immediately launch efforts to prevent the spread of illness to others,” said TDH State Epidemiologist Tim Jones, MD. “We work to strengthen personal protection to prevent mosquito bites. We do outreach in the community, encouraging residents to protect themselves from bites and to eliminate mosquito breeding spots in their area. ”

The greatest risk of harm from Zika virus disease appears to be when a pregnant woman becomes infected, especially in the first trimester. Her child may be born with serious health complications, including microcephaly (a small malformed brain developing in the womb). To date, Tennessee has not recorded a baby born with microcephaly attributed to Zika virus disease.

At present there is no vaccine to prevent Zika virus disease and no medicines to treat it. TDH recommends all residents use “Fight the Bite” tactics where they live, work and play, and for travelers to be aware of other areas where the disease is now being transmitted locally by mosquitos. Zika can also be spread sexually, so people should take precautions to prevent infection from a partner. To learn more about ongoing efforts to prevent the Zika virus disease in Tennessee, visit: http://tn.gov/health/topic/zika-virus

The mission of the Tennessee Department of Health is to protect, promote and improve the health and prosperity of people in Tennessee. TDH has facilities in all 95 counties and provides direct services for more than one in five Tennesseans annually as well as indirect services for everyone in the state, including emergency response to health threats, licensure of health professionals, regulation of health care facilities and inspection of food service establishments. Learn more about TDH services and programs at www.tn.gov/health.

Police Still Looking for Henry Burglary & Theft Suspect

Henry, Tenn.- Sgt. David Powell of the Henry County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call about a burglary and attempted theft of property from a residence on Perry Schoolhouse Loop in Henry. The report stated that there was an attempted theft of a central heating and air unit taken from the residence and the unit has been left in the roadway. The complainant told Powell that he was at the residence next door and he heard noises from the house next door.

The complainant said that he knew no one was supposed to be inside the residence since a local bank had foreclosed on the residence. The complainant said he went toward the residence honking his truck horn, and then he observed a red stretch Ford Full size pickup truck pulling a trailer with the air unit that was taken from beside the residence. The truck then went to turn on Macedonia Road and the air unit fell off the trailer. The complainant said that the driver of the truck appeared to be approximately six feet tall and he was an older white male balding on the top of his head.

The complainant was unable to get the tag number off the truck because the tail gate was down and it was pulling the trailer. The complainant took the stolen air unit back to the house, and at the time the complainant was able to check the residence. The latch on the garage had been pried open and the deadbolt on the front door had been drilled and door knob knocked off. Police found no fingerprints at the scene only marks from what appeared to be work gloves. Police are still looking for the suspect.

HCHS Football Season Tickets On Sale

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County High School Football Season Tickets remain on sale at the high school front office from 8am to 2pm each weekday. Current season ticket holders are asked to renew their commitments for the upcoming season as soon as possible. Tickets cost $40 and are good for all five home games this season. Any fans that do not wish to renew their season tickets are asked to contact the school to those on the waiting list can have opportunity to purchase tickets. Call 642-5232 for more information.

Dover Man Arrested on FTA Warrants

Paris, Tenn.- Deputy Chad Lowery of the Henry County Sheriff’s Department arrested Steven A. Parker, age 34 of 108 Boat Dock Rd. of Dover, for two separate failure to appear warrants. Parker was given 6 months and placed on $2,500 bond.

Police Still Looking for Cemetery Vandalism Suspects

Paris, Tenn.- Deputy James Higgins of the Henry County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched Saturday to Shady Grove Cemetery to take a report of vandalism. Higgins met with the complainant who told Deputy Higgins that sometime Saturday night an unknown person or persons entered into the cemetery and ripped up a number of flowers and hand flags.

The suspect or suspects then tossed them around the grounds. There was also a small wooden cross and several ceramic small angels that were broken. The complainant said that this is a continuing pattern of vandalism that has been occurring at the cemetery over the past several months. Police are still looking for the suspects.

Paris Man Arrested for Blythe Street Robbery

Tamaz S. Washum (HCSO booking photo)

Paris, Tenn.- According to a report from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Michael Ramos arrested Tamaz S. Washum, age 18 of 811 Gwen St. of Paris, on Saturday for a robbery that occurred on Blythe Street. Washum has been placed on $20,000 bond.

Local Paris Woman Arrested for Forgery

Brandi J. Williams (HCSO booking photo)

Paris, Tenn.- Sgt. Bryan Hall of the Henry County Sheriff’s Department arrested Brandi J. Williams, age 26 of 1825 Old Murray Road of Paris, on Saturday for forgery. Williams has been placed on $7,500 bond.

Hudson Crash Survivor to Speak @ Women's Conference

Paris, Tenn.- Vallie Smith Collins, a survivor of the US Airways crash into the Hudson River, will be the keynote speaker at the Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce Annual Women’s Conference, scheduled for 11:30 am on Friday, August 19th at the Paris Country Club, sponsored by Air Evac.

“Our Women’s Conference was a success last year and we are excited to continue to bring great speakers to Paris and Henry County,” according to the Chamber’s Vice President for Tourism Development Michele Atkins, Henry County Extension, who serves on the steering committee. “Vallie lives in Maryville, TN, with her husband and three children. She shares her extraordinary experience and the impact it had on her life.”

The Henry County Medical Center’s Spirit of Women program will provide gift bags for each guest. Seating is limited and reservations are required. The cost is $25 and includes lunch. Reservations may be made by calling the Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce at 731-642-3431 or emailing monicasmith@paristnchamber.com.

The Women’s Conference Committee includes Atkins: Andrea Lamb, of Firstbank; Tory Daughrity, of Henry County Medical Center, and Jennifer Wheatley and Monica Smith, Paris- Henry County Chamber of Commerce.

Winning Big at the 6th Annual HC BBQ Cookoff

Buchanan, Tenn.- The HC BBQ Cookoff continued at Mule Barn on Saturday with gates opening at 9am as the official competition ran from 11am to 3pm for the teams as they competed in the categories  which include chicken, ribs, ribeye, and butts. The winners were announced between 3:30pm and 4pm. Each of the four categories there were four place winners, with each of the competitors that place take home a plaque and a payout. The payout for each place was 4th place winners took home $75, 3rd place winners took home $100, 2nd place winners took home $150 and the 1st place winners took home $200.

All of Saturday's BBQ Competitors (photo by Cassie Walsh)

The winners for the ribeye category are: Perry Pratt from Big Orange Smokers won 4th place, Ricky Thomas of Backyard Kuisine won 3rd place, Billy Hill of Bubba’s BBQ won 2nd place and the Lynn Horton of Big Tasty BBQ won 1st place.

1st place winner, Lynn Horton and Donna Milam (photo by Cassie Walsh)

The winners of the chicken category are: Mickey Bunker of Smoke’m If U Got’m won 4th place, Shane Nasby of Honey Fire won 3rd place winner, Dorian Castleberry with DC Backyard Smokers came in 2nd place and Paul Vienneau of The Spice is Right was the 1st place winner in the chicken category.

1st place winner Paul Vienneau and Donna Milam (photo by Cassie Walsh)

The winners for the ribs category are: Dorian Castleberry with DC Backyard Smokers won 4th place, Phillip Childrey of Phillip’s BBQ won 3rd place, and Tim Owings of Team Q Smoke came in 2nd place. The 1st place winner of the rib category was Ricky Thomas of Backyard Kuisine.

1st place winner Ricky Thomas and Donna Milam (photo by Cassie Walsh)

In  the shoulder/butts category  the winners were Phillip Childrey of Phillip’s BBQ won 4th place, Eric Hartam of Midnight Smokers won 3rd place, Mickey Bunker of Smoke’m If U Got’m won 2nd place and Jay Durbin of Tennessee Mojo won 1st place.

1st place winner Jay Durbin and Donna Milam (photo by Cassie Walsh)

The Reserve Champion of the 6th Annual HC BBQ Cookoff was Eric Hartman of Midnight Smokers and they won $500 and a trophy.

Eric Hartman, David Risner and Donna Milam (photo by Cassie Walsh)

The Grand Champion of the 6th Annual HC BBQ Cookoff  was Jay Durbin of Tennessee Mojo they won $1000 and a trophy.

Jay Durbin and Donna Milam (photo by Cassie Walsh)

Donna Milam the event coordinator thanked First Bank, First Bank Investment, Lakeway IGA, Milam Farms, Backwoods Grillin’ Sauce, Peppers Automotive, Elliott Tool, Snows Alternator and the Tackle Box who sponsored the event.

Bethel University Student Wins College Classic

(photo by Cassie Walsh)

Union City native and Bethel University student, John Garrett won the Carhartt College Series Classic Bracket on Saturday after competing in a three day event held at Paris Landing State Park. The Weigh-ins were held Saturday in Downtown Paris on Saturday afternoon. The college series competition was down to two anglers, Garret and Texas State student Evan Coleman both were competing for the grand prize of Carhartt College Series Classic Bracket. Coleman came up empty on his catch for today’s competition, while Garrett won with his catch weighing more than 14lbs. Garrett’s head coach Garry Mason, was emotional and proud of all of Garrett’s efforts and determination he put into winning the competition. Garrett won a berth to the 2017 GEICO Bassmaster Classic in Houston, a $7500 prize and a Toyota Tundra and a fully rigged and wrapped bass boat combo.

(photo by Cassie Walsh)

Plus Endowment Fundraiser Held Saturday at Ann & Dave's

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Plus Endowment Board served as wait staff at Ann and Dave's from 6am to 11am Saturday August 6th. A portion of the breakfast sales and all tips earned by the board members will go to the Plus Endowment fund, which is an organization that awards grants to teachers in the Henry County School System and Paris Special School District. Susan Hayes, President of the Henry County Plus Endowment Board said today is their only fundraiser they will provide for the Plus Endowment fund which allows creative funding for teachers to spend on new equipment, books and educational field trips. Haynes said the fund is used so that the teachers do not have to spend their money out of pocket trying to provide the supplies and opportunities to their students to broaden their educational horizons.

(photo by Cassie Walsh)

In addition to being wait staff, board members will have a bake sale going on as well with money raised going to Plus Endowment. Haynes stated that since 1999 they have given away 70 grants and hope that after Saturday’s fundraiser they hope to have raised a total of $250,000.Earlier this week County Mayor Brent Greer declared this month Plus Endowment Month in Henry County. Hayes thanked Ann and Dave’s for allowing the Plus Endowment board to donate the time and their facility for such a noble cause.

Sheriff Monte Belew serving as wait staff (photo by Cassie Walsh)

Pitmaster's Challenge Kicks of the 6th Annual HC BBQ Cookoff

Buchanan, Tenn.-  The 6th Annual BBQ Cookoff kicked off Friday with 11 teams competing to win in the Pitmaster’s Challenge. This is the 2nd year for teams to compete in the Pitmaster’s Challenge. Bobby Milam said the Pitmaster’s Challenge was in memory of Dwayne Byard, who had always competed in the HC BBQ Cookoff but sadly Byard passed away last year before he was to compete in the Pitmaster’s Challenge.  

(photo by Cassie Walsh)

Custom Cookers of Paris (photo by Cassie Walsh)

The teams that competed in the Pitmaster Challenger Friday evening had to use three secret ingredients, which included Slim Jims, jarred pimento peppers and a box of raisins in the dish they prepared. The team of Custom Cookers was one local team from Paris to compete in the Pitmaster's Challenge.  The winner of the Pitmaster’s Challenge was the team of Midnight Smokers. David Risner and Eric Hartam of Midnight Smokers won $200, a plaque and two tickets donated by Alan Knowles and Backwoods Grillin Sauce for the August Blues Festival in Hardin, KY for August 26th.

Jim Breeding tasting the winning dish (photo by Cassie Walsh)

Donna Milam, David Risner and Eric Hartman (photo by Cassie Walsh)

Many of the people enjoyed good food and music despite a few showers that popped up. The entertainment for Friday evening was provided by The Old Spirits band that played music from 8 until midnight.

The Old Spirits band (Photo by Cassie Walsh)

The HC BBQ Cookoff continues at the Mule Barn on Saturday with gates opening at 9am and there is no cover charge as the official competition runs from 11am to 3pm for the team as they compete in chicken, ribs, ribeye, and butts. Winners will be announced between 3:30pm and 4pm.

Free Samples At Farmer's Market Extended

Paris, Tenn. - The Fresh Market Grant for the Downtown Farmer’s Market has been extended for two weeks, due to a grant from the UT Extension Office. The free samples are available from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, August 12th giveaway will include Yogurt Peach Parfaits and Friday, August 19th will be Apple Salad.

Items at the Farmer’s Market include tomatoes, peppers, blueberries, squash, cucumbers, onions, green beans, local honey, local canola and USDA packaged meat that is grass fed.

The Farmer’s Market is downtown Tuesday and Friday, beginning at 3 p.m. until the items are sold out.

 (Photo by Cassie Walsh)

 (Photo by Cassie Walsh)

(Photo by Cassie Walsh)

Office On Aging Planning Trip To Lambert's Cafe On Aug 12th

Paris, Tenn. - The Henry County Office on Aging is on the road again and the next trip will be Lambert’s Restaurant in Sikeston, Missouri on Friday, August 12th. The group will leave around 8:30 a.m. from the Central School Community Building at 55 Jones Bend Road Ext.

The cost of the trip will depend on how many people attend. If a bus is chartered, the cost to ride will be $20 per person. This does not include spending money. To take a bus, 40 people will need to sign up. If less than the desired number sign up, the transportation will be two vans, but this method can only transport 29 people. That cost will be $17 per person.

The last day to sign up will be August 10th. To sign up, please contact either Reginald Caldwell, Director at 731-642-2919 or Barbara Pearson, Senior Center Coordinator at 731-644-3193.

The trip will return to Paris between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

NBIC Seeking West TN Businesses For Training Program

Paris, Tenn. - The Nashville Business Incubation Center is seeking construction and manufacturing companies from West Tennessee to participate in the “Incubator Without Walls” training program. This program offers one on one business coaching in person, by teleconference or video in management, technical assistance and mentoring.

Fees for the one year training are being waived through a grant from the Tennessee Business Enterprise Resource Office, a division of the State of Tennessee’s Economic and Community Development Office.

Representatives from the NBIC will be that the Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce, 2508 East Wood Street in Paris, at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, August 10th to explain the program and meet with potential participants. Anyone who might qualify is invited to attend.

The Chamber’s Vice President of Membership Development and Training, Scott Morrison, FirstBank, said “The NBIC’s mission is to facilitate the growth and development of small businesses and we hope there will be West Tennessee companies that can benefit from this training.”

Youth Villages To Hold Information Session Aug. 8th 5:30pm

Paris, Tenn.- Youth Villages will hold a free information session for adults interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents on Monday August 8th at 5:30pm at their office at 412 Tyson Avenue.

There were about 500 children in foster care in Northwest Tennessee last year according to the Department of Children’s Services annual report for 2014-15. Most of the children were taken into foster care for parental neglect or abuse.

Youth Villages is a DCS Partner in helping find, train, and support foster and adoptive families for children in foster care in Tennessee. To become a foster or adoptive parent through Youth Villages adults must: be age 25 or older, have adequate space in their home for a child or several children, complete a Youth Villages’ foster and adoptive parent training course, hold a valid driver license and have a working vehicle, pass a background check, show proof of income.

To learn more call Cathy Herrera at 641-4148 or email catherine.herrera@youthvillages.org. You can visit Youth Village’s website at www.youthvillages.org, and see profiles of the children available for adoption.

HCMC to Hold Health Screening Monday at Civic Center

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Medical Center will offer a Community Health Screening on Monday August 8th at the Paris Civic Center from 8am to 10am. No appointments are necessary and HCMC staff will offer free blood pressure checks, free blood sugar checks, free dexa heel scans, total cholesterol tests for $3, and full lipid panel tests for $10.

Fasting is required for most accurate results and they will be available at the time of screening. For more information call 644-8269.

August 13th Last Day for Youth FB Sign-Ups

Paris, Tenn.- The last day for sign-ups for Youth Football will be Saturday August 13th at Barton Field starting at 8am. If it rains that day, sign-ups will be at Atkins Porter Rec Center with tryouts to follow at 9:45am. Cost is $40 and tryouts are required for all new players to the league.


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