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WMUF/WLZK News                                                                      

From News Director Tim Alsobrooks, Assistant and Weekend News Director Shannon McFarlin

Yes, It Is Hot

Paris, Tenn.-Foundation Bank delivered bad news along with good advice on Saturday afternoon. At 3:13 p.m., it was a scorching 105 degrees and, as the sign says, everyone needs to hydrate. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Too Hot To Work

Paris, Tenn.-Sometimes humor is the only way to withstand bad situations, such as our current heat wave. The residents at a home at the corner of E. Blythe St. and Volunteer Dr. put this sign on their corner to tell everyone that no, the man isn't working, it's too hot. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Leave Fireworks For Professionals, Forestry Division Says

Nashville, TN – Tennessee State officials are urging citizens to take fire precautions for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry is asking the public to refrain from debris burning until significant precipitation is received and to avoid other activities that could cause fire.
“Most areas of the state are experiencing very hot and dry conditions with low humidity,” State Forester Steven Scott said. “While permits are not currently required for open, outdoor burning, as a precaution we’re urging citizens to avoid debris burning until conditions improve.” Burning permits are required by the state Division of Forestry only during official fire season, October 15th through May 15th. However, the number of fires statewide has increased since mid-June due to the unusually hot, dry conditions.
“Most of the fires have been smaller, accidental grass fires that have been responded to with the help of local and volunteer fire departments, but we also have had some larger, smoldering woods fires that could be dangerous if not contained,”  Scott said.
Forestry officials say that in addition to escaped debris fires, major causes include sparks from field equipment and vehicles, discarded cigarettes, lightening, campfires, arson and fireworks. Citizens can help support their local fire departments by checking for and following local burn restrictions and quickly reporting any wildfire.
Tennessee State Fire Marshal Julie Mix McPeak encourages Tennesseans to have a fire-safe Fourth by leaving the fireworks to the professionals. “To avoid the risk of injury and property damage associated with consumer fireworks, join other community members in attending a public display put on by trained and licensed professionals,” McPeak said.

Paris Man Critically Injured In Jet Ski Accident

Paris, Tenn.-A Paris man remains in the trauma unit of Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville after he was seriously injured in a jet ski accident last week.

Kenneth Albert Charles was injured in a collision with another jet ski on the Tennessee River. The accident occurred near the Henry County-Benton County line, but within Benton County. Details are sketchy with the Benton County sheriff’s department not releasing the report.

A spokeperson at Vanderbilt said Charles is in stable condition this morning.

The other jet skiier reportedly received minor injuries.

Courthouse Painting Almost Done

Paris, Tenn.-Despite the heat, Henry County Courthouse Maintenance Employee Jeff Charles was preparing for the final stages of the courthouse paint project Thursday morning. Charles said there was only a small section remaining and that employees should be done by today. Employees painting the clock tower, clock face and the exterior of the building. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Countians Arrested For Stealing Copper

Two Henry Countians were arrested for stealing copper from someone else and taking it to Copeland Metals for cash. Henry County Sheriff’s Deputy Eddie Forrest was dispatched to investigate the report after Copeland Metals called a man on Joe Milam Rd. to see if the copper belonged to him. The materials included copper plates and old batteries and the victim confirmed ownership.

Copeland reported that two people had brought an initial load in and sold it June 26 for $331. Later the same day, they brought more materials in, but were not given the $390 they would have gotten for that load.

Arrested were Nicholas Blaylock, age 30, and Shauna Younger, age 22, both of 1220 Shady Grove Rd. and charged with theft.

Vandalisms Reported

Paris, Tenn.-Local police officers are investigating a series of vandalisms to vending machines. Paris Police were called to Eiffel Tower Park by the vending manager at Pepsi Mid-America and he reported two vending machines there had been broken into.

He also said in the past few weeks, employees had reported damage to other machines at Smith Discount Tire, Health Wellness and Rehab, and Petite Pets. He said the damage was consistent in all the incidents.

Shoplifting, Drug Arrests Made

Paris, Tenn.-Paris Police arrested Sabrina Hobbs, age 18 of 607 Mandalay Rd. for shoplifting and criminal trespass following an incident at Wal-Mart. Hobbs was observed placing items in her bag and attempting to leave the store. The items, which included a catcher’s mitt and pillow cases, totaled $216.

Police were notified by Wal-Mart that Hobbs had earlier shoplifted from the Murray store and had been banned from returning to any Wal-Mart store for a year, which prompted them to include criminal trespass in the charges.

In an unrelated incident, a traffic stop for seatbelt violation and expired tags turned into an arrest for drug paraphernalia. Paris Police Crystal Somerville, age 36 of 1590 Springhill Rd. on N. Market St. and with her permission, searched her person and her car. In the process, they found a syringe in her pocket, four pills in the car, and another syringe in her purse. After transporting her to jail, she was searched again and deputies found a third syringe in her bra. Her bond was set at $15,000.

Man Found Unconscious In Car, Arrested For DUI

Paris, Tenn.-Henry County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a man for DUI third offense after they found him unconscious in his car on Forrest Lane near Swor Still Rd.

When they found him, his car was running and in the middle of Forrest Lane. Deputies repeatedly tried to wake him and finally sounded the air horn on the patrol car for several minutes before he woke.

After he woke, deputies asked him if he knew where he was and he said he didn’t know. They asked him where he came from and he said, “Nowhere really”. They asked him where he had been and he said he didn’t know, but later said he had been to B&D’s on Hwy. 119 earlier in the evening. Deputies found five full beers on the seat.

Arrested was Walter D. Suffern II, 30, of 2120 Forrest Lane.


Work Site Theft Reported

Paris, Tenn.-Employees of E&W Electric Co. in Paris reported that five rolls of wire were stolen from the construction site for the Henry County Imaging Center on Tyson Ave. According to what they told Paris Police, the wire was kept in a locked second floor room and that the hasp had been cut. They also said another theft of a battery had been reported from the site the previous weekend.


City of Puryear Bans Fireworks

Puryear, Tenn.- Puryear Fire Department Chief John Walters issued a press release notifying the public that igniting fireworks in the city limits of Puryear  will be banned until further notice because of the current drought conditions.

Chief Walters said he didn’t make the decision lightly because he realized the importance of the Independence Day holiday but the overall situation is too dire to permit fireworks igniting.

Anyone within Puryear city limits found violating the no fireworks ban will be issued a citation for Puryear City Court.


Henry Countians To Receive Tax Relief

Wheel tax to drop $18.50 in Henry County, sales tax on groceries drops quarter percent in TN

Paris, Tenn.- Several new public chapters or laws will be enacted on Sunday because July 1 represents the beginning of the new fiscal year. Some of the laws mean money saved for citizens as some taxes will be lowered here in Henry County and across the state.

Henry County has paid off the jail, so since a wheel tax was instituted to pay for that jail, it will now come off. Citizens who need to get their tags in July will be able to pay $18.50 less as the sunset takes effect starting Sunday.

Also across the state, the sales tax on groceries is coming down as well starting Sunday. The general assembly passed legislation that will lower sales tax on groceries from 5.5% to 5.25%. The sales tax will lower another quarter percent July 1, 2013 and settle at 5% then.

Some other laws and changes that take effect starting Sunday include date changes in the harvest season for wild ginseng from August 15 to December 31 to September 1 to December 31st.

House Bill 2789 deals with student conduct on school buses. The law allows school personnel, including school bus drivers, to use reasonable force, subject to certain restrictions, in maintaining discipline.

Senate Bill 3558 now requires Local Education Associations to include in student discipline codes a prohibition on students wearing on school grounds during the school day clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent manner that disrupts learning environment.

Senate Bill 2879 makes it a class A misdemeanor to knowingly transport or release into the wild or cause to be transported into or within the state, live wild-appearing swine into or within the state without appropriate documentation from the department of agriculture.

A new law that goes into effect Sunday also requires that a person convicted of committing a dangerous felony involving a firearm who is subsequently convicted of the same crime to serve a minimum of 15 years imprisonment for the full 15 years.


Historical Society Unveils John Wesley Crockett Portrait Next Week

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Historical Society invites the public and direct descendents and kin of David Crockett to the unveiling of an oil portrait of John Wesley Crockett that will hang permanently in the Henry County Courthouse.

The unveiling will be held Friday July 6th at 10 am at the Paris Henry County Heritage Center. Refreshments will be served. The ceremony will be preceded by a visit to John W. Crockett’s grave in the Paris City Cemetery.

John Wesley was born in Jefferson County, Tennessee as David Crockett’s son in 1786. John followed his legendary father on many of his roaming trips in Tennessee. He ended up practicing law in both Trenton and Paris. He and his wife Martha Hamilton had 14 children. The house which John lived was located at the corner of West Wood and Fentress Street. David Crockett had visited the house many times along with houses that were in the Palestine Community.

John Wesley died in Memphis in 1852 and is buried in the Paris City Cemetery. The gateway to the cemetery includes two iron posts from his home in Paris. An oil portrait of Crockett by an anonymous artist was commissioned by the Henry County Historical Society to hang permanently in the courthouse.


Four Men Charged In Buchanan Drug Bust

Looking over confiscated items (from left): Paris Police Investigator Sgt. Ricky Watson, Paris K-9 Handler Jamie James and Deputy Rodney Singleton.

Buchanan, Tenn.- Four men were arrested and several items seized during a drug bust conducted by the Metro Crime Unit stated the Metro Crime Unit, Paris Police Department, and Henry County Sheriff’s Department, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation  at a residence of Howell’s Resort on Buchanan Resort Road. They were assisted by the Paris Police Department’s K-9 Harrum.

During the search officers located about a ½ pound of marijuana, scales, baggies, and several different prescription pills. There was also approximately $1,000 in cash believed to be drug proceeds seized.

Billy Wimberly, age 32, was charged with possession of schedule 6 with intent, Robert Todd Cannon, age 31, was charged with possession of schedule 6 with intent, David Odonell, age 23 was charged with possession of schedule 6 with intent, possession of schedule 2, methadone, possession of drug paraphernalia. Also arrested was Andrew Bolding, age 22, for possession of schedule 6 with intent, possession of schedule 2, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

All four men are under a $3500 bond and are scheduled to appear in court today.


PD To Conduct Sobriety Checks

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Police Department will be conducting safety and sobriety checkpoints now thru Sunday July 8th. The checkpoints will be located within or near the city of Paris. The checkpoints will be targeting impaired drivers and to ensure vehicle safety laws are met. All moving violations will be strictly enforced.


                    HOT! HOT! HOT!

Urgent Weather Message from the National Weather Service in Memphis, TN. The combination of record-breaking heat in the triple digits and increasing humidity will allow for dangerous afternoon and early evening heat indices temperatures that will exceed 105F through Sunday.

Dangerously Hot Weather Expected the Next Several Days

Area under heat advisory until Sunday night, Central School opened as cooling center

Hydrate, hydrate--Workers at the Henry County Imaging Center work site on Tyson Ave. already have been wearing cloths on the back of their hard hats to shield necks from the hot sun and they'll be needing a lot of water breaks over the next few days, as well. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Paris, Tenn.- There are certain times when the weather becomes the news, and for the next several days that is the case. Dangerously hot weather, with increasing humidity will begin to infiltrate our area starting Thursday. Air temperatures will be in the triple digits range starting Thursday and expected to last at least to the Fourth of July on Wednesday of next week.

Humidity levels are also on the rise, meaning that heat index values the next several days will be above 105 and in some cases could reach up to around 118 degrees.

The area has been placed under a heat advisory at least until Sunday evening and this is a dangerous situation. Anyone having to stay outside for long periods of time should take precautions to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke and also they should be sure to know the warning signs of those. Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and try to limit outside activities. If you must be outside, try to work in the early morning or late evening hours.

Henry County EMA director Ron Watkins said the dangerous heat wave has prompted the county to open Central School available as a cooling center from 8 am to 4:30 Thursday through Sunday. That may be extended into next week as well.

During this period, be sure and make sure to check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, and watch young children who are playing outside, they can also get too hot very quickly during this type of weather. Be sure and check on any outdoor pets, and make sure they have some shade to get under and plenty of cool water to drink.

No Local Burn Bans--Yet, But Caution Urged

Paris, Tenn.-Paris Fire Chief Michael Williams said local authorities have not issued burn bans locally yet. "We haven't gotten any requests for burning lately and if someone does call we'll just tell them we're not issuing permits," he said.

Williams said he contacted Darrin Webb of the local office of the State Forestry Service who told him the same thing. "Darrin said they just haven't gotten any requests for burning out in the country, either."

Henry County Mayor Brent Greer would be the official who would issue a county-wide ban, Williams said, "and that would take Brent filling out some paperwork and the state making a determination whether it's needed."

In the meantime, Williams urged caution by local citizens. "It's not advisable for anyone to do any outside burning right now", with the hot, dry conditions being experienced locally.

Murray to hold Bark in the Park Event Saturday

Murray, KY- The Humane Society of Calloway County's 17th Annual Bark in the Park will be Sat. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Murray Central Park Courthouse Pavilion. Enjoy pet contests such as best tail wagger, terrific tricks, dog/human look-alike and best vocal performance.  

Paw painting, cake walk, musical hoops, bobbing for hot dogs and refreshments for people and dogs. Pets and their families can have commemorative photograph. Bids can be placed on more than 100 silent auction items. T-shirts will be available, microchip your dog, get custom pet ID tags or purchase a DNA kit to discover the ancestry of your mixed breed dog.


Retirement Reception Set For Sue Quinn

Sue Quinn with plaque proclaiming her Person of the Year at last weekend's Chamber banquet. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Paris, Tenn.-The public is invited to a retirement reception Saturday afternoon for Adult Education Director Sue Quinn in celebration of her 49 years of service to education.

The reception will be held from 2-5 p.m. Saturday, June 30, at the Central Services Building, 55 Jones Bend Rd. Extended in Paris.

Grove Homecoming Set Saturday

Paris, Tenn.-All former Grove Blue Devils are reminded of this weekend's Grove High Homecoming. The Class of 1952 has expanded its reunion to include a Homecoming on Saturday afternoon for all Grove graduates. It will be held from 1-6 p.m. at the Lee School Lunchroom.

Tennessee and Cross Creeks NationalWildlife Refuge
2012/2013 Hunt Program
Season Dates and Regulations

Hunt Procedures Released

Paris, Tenn.-Summer has  officially arrived, but that means Tennessee NWR and Cross Creeks NWR are currently gearing up for fall hunting. The new hunt brochures for each refugeare now available at refuge offices, kiosks and area sporting goods stores. Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge provides hunting opportunitieson all three of its units for white-tailed deer, raccoon, wild turkey,squirrel and resident Canada Goose. Cross Creeks provides hunts forall the above species except raccoon.

Hunt brochures have been distributed to sporting goods shops, refuge information kiosks, and have been sentvia mail to those hunters that applied for the draw last year. Refugehunt brochures may be picked up at the Tennessee refuge headquarters at3006 Dinkins Lane, Paris, TN 38242, at the Cross Creeks refuge headquartersat 643 Wildlife Road, Dover, TN 37058, or sent to you by mail by calling731-642-2091 and leaving your name and address.

All the popular refuge hunts willbe continued this year, however as with most years, there are several changesto the refuge hunt program. A new non-quota antlerless hunt thatwas added last year to the roster of Tennessee NWR white tail deer huntshas increased in length to ten days. For this hunt, the bag limitwill remain three antlerless deer, with all deer taken considered bonusdeer.

Once again, deer hunters have theavailability to apply for quota hunts online at the website for Tennesseeand Cross Creeks NWR at http://www.fws.gov/TennesseeRefugeor http://www.fws.gov/CrossCreeks respectively. There is no application fee for applying forrefuge quota hunts. Online applications will be the quickest andeasiest way for hunters to apply for refuge quota hunts. Huntersapplying online will receive an immediate confirmation number of theirapplication by e-mail.

State Vet Issues Wild Hog Transport Order

Nashville, Tenn. – The Tennessee Department of Agriculture today announced an Order by the State Veterinarian specifying conditions under which wild-appearing hogs are to be transported in the state.

The order was issued in support of legislation passed this year by the Tennessee General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam making it illegal to transport and release wild-appearing hogs without proper documentation. The new law goes into effect July 1.

“Wild hogs have the propensity to reproduce in great numbers, carry diseases, destroy crops and cause serious ecological damage,” state veterinarian Charles Hatcher said. “The purpose of the order is to help reduce the incidence of disease and to support efforts to prevent the illegal transportation and releasing of wild hogs.”

Wild hogs are typically two to three feet tall and up to five feet long with larger heads and heavier shoulders compared to domesticated breeds. Wild hogs also have smaller, pointed and heavily furred ears, longer snouts, tusks and straight tails.

Movement authorization numbers can be obtained by phone Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. central time by calling the state veterinarian’s office at 615-837-5120. Producers will be required to provide information including the number of swine and the place of origin and destination. Movement authorization numbers will be good for specific transportation activities for up to 30 days.


LBL Advises Caution With Campfires

Golden Pond , KY -- Visitors to Land Between The Lakes (LBL) National Recreation Area are advised to use extra caution with open campfires. Due to extreme drought conditions, high temperatures, and low relative humidity, an increased risk for wildfires exists, especially in backcountry camping areas where dry grass, woody debris, and leaves surround campers.

Campfires are only allowed in existing fire rings at this time. You must monitor your campfire at all times, and completely extinguish by drowning with water, stirring the coals, and assuring it is cold to the touch before leaving the area. Although there are currently burn bans in some Kentucky counties, LBL (Lyon & Trigg counties in Kentucky and Stewart County in Tennessee) is not yet included in those bans.

Always use caution when disposing of cigarettes and matches. Hot embers from unattended campfires or cigarettes are easily picked up by winds and blown into dry areas, causing wildfires. Fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices are prohibited on national grassland and national forest lands year-round, regardless of weather conditions or holidays.

Dry Weather Causes Cancellation of Cottage Grove Firework Show

Paris Landing Fireworks will go on as scheduled next Wed. night

Cottage Grove, Tenn.- The Fourth of July will be a hot one this year and one casualty of the continuing hot and dry weather will be the Cottage Grove Fourth of July Fireworks display. Larry Niemi of the Cottage Grove Fire Department said the fireworks display has been cancelled for this year, but the remainder of the town's celebration will go on as planned.

At Cottage Grove, other events planned for their Freedom Festival includes the 10 a.m. grand parade. New events include a country store which will be from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. and an auction from noon-1:30 p.m. Soaker Island (a water game) will cool people off at 1:30 p.m. and the pet pageant begins at 2:30 p.m. All those occurs on the school grounds.

At 6 p.m., A BBQ and Cajun Chicken dinner will be served at the Baptist Church Hall. $7 for adults, $4 for children. Children under six are free. Live music and dancing will begin at 7 p.m. For more information, call Niemi at 782-3559 or Tammy Wood at 782-3922.

At Paris Landing State Park, its annual fireworks display will still go on, since its fireworks are shot out over Kentucky Lake. They are put on by the park and Paris Henry County Jaycees. The will start around 9pm Wednesday night.

A spokesman for the Paris Fire Department said the county has not issued a burn ban yet. Local officials usually follow what the state prescribes and the state has not issued any directives for local authorities yet, he said. Area towns have already issued a burn ban in West Tennessee.


BPU approves budgets, looks ahead at infrastructure improvements

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Board of Public Utilities board of directors met in regular session Tuesday afternoon and approved all budgets for all three departments for the fiscal year which starts July 1. General Manager of BPU John Etheridge explained that there are no rate increases planned in any department with the budgets for 2012-13 fiscal year.

The Electric Department appears to be a ‘break even’ budget with the BPU putting some money into infrastructure improvements. They will purchase a few vehicles, something they do once a year to keep the fleet from aging all at once and discuss ideas with demolition of the building next door to BPU. Discussions in the past have included taking that building down and installing drive thru windows for customers. Some money is in the budget to entertain ideas like that next year.

Money is also included for an outside engineering study. Etheridge said this is something they have done every ten years or so where a fresh set of eyes from outside of the BPU to look at the substations and infrastructure.

The water department budget showed projected negative net incomes for next year with capital improvements in place of $430K. Of that, $300K will be towards the first phase of installing Automated Meter Reading technology in the water department. They plan on tackling that project with a two phase approach.

Plans include borrowing about $800K around June of 2013 to install the new meters to the five thousand meters the BPU has across the county. This idea will have to be approved by the city before they go ahead with it. Etheridge said they will propose a 7% water rate increase effective July 1, 2013 to help with some of the cost. That 7% increase would equate to about $1.20 per month on the average residential bill.

This was discussed last month and Water and Wastewater Supervisor Terry Wimberly said installing these new meters would like increase revenue from 3-8%, since the older meters don’t always catch how much water is being used. Plans are to use the $300K next year to do about 15 hundred meters by the end of October this year. If the city okays the capital project note, they would finish the project in the summer of 2013.

The board also approved the wastewater budget which projected positive net incomes and major capital expenses of $236K.

BPU board hears financials

More from Tuesday’s BPU board meeting saw General Manager John Etheridge go over financial reports from May for each department. He explained the electric department experienced a loss in May and would likely also do so in June. He said the volatility of the wholesale rates is shown during times of hotter or colder weather and May was warmer than usual and June has been as well. This combined with there being a three payroll month hit the bottom line pretty hard.

Etheridge said cash in the electric department is still up $1.3 million dollars from year to date but sales are down $2.2 million from this time last year. Overall the electric department remains in good financial shape.

In the water department a loss of 5K was shown for the month, mainly due to the three paydays. Sales were up about 11K for May of this year compared to last year and the cash position was good. The wastewater department showed a positive net income and sales were flat.

The board also declared some items surplus property at their meeting Tuesday. The items were a 2003 Ford Explorer 4WD, 6 cylinder; a 2000 GMC Sierra-Regular Cab, 2WD with service body and ladder rack; 135 Massey Ferguson Tractor; 5 ft. finishing mower; and a 2003 Ford Ranger 2WD- Regular Cab, four cylinder. All items will be sold via sealed bids.

Etheridge also reported that the BPU is working with businesses who want to do some energy efficiency upgrades. He said TVA does have some money available to help with those so businesses could use portions of that do upgrade their lighting and other things to become more energy efficient. Interested businesses should contact the BPU.


Construction projects moving along at Rhea, Inman

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Special School district board of education met on Tuesday evening and heard updates on construction projects at Rhea and Inman from Ben Whitt and Cary Henson of Henson Construction. Construction of the enclosed courtyard at Rhea is right on schedule, according to Whitt. He said plans were submitted to the fire marshal, who approved them and some of the site work was done prior to that. The roof of the enclosure is nearly complete.

Henson showed the board that the bids for all the work had come in and local contractors Ellis Heating won the HVAC and mechanical bids. Henson told the board they need to rebid the roofing on the existing part of the building in the future.

The board learned the concrete had been poured for the Inman Handicap Ramp. Maintenance Supervisor Richie Chilcutt said all they are waiting on is the handrails, painting the ramp, and installing carpet on the ramp area. That should be complete in a couple of weeks.

PSSD board approves budget amendments

The board approved some budget amendments to round out the fiscal year which ends June 30th. Superintendant Mike Brown discussed some of the expenditures the system has endured over this year including the $28K to improve that ramp at Inman and nearly $50K for phone line upgrades to Rhea Elementary and Paris Elementary. Brown said that this was a big expenditure but it would save them money in the long run on monthly phone bills.

Brown also told the board they amended the capital projects fund balance to just over $604K. Earlier in the year, the board approved using up to $959K from general purpose funds for the Rhea renovation project. Brown said for now they didn’t think they would need that much so the balances were amended.

The board approved a continuation budget for the PSSD to operate under until August. The board will likely get a budget in July to look over and then approve one in August once the county has approved their budget for 2013 Fiscal Year. Brown informed the board that they will go ahead and proceed with a 3% cost of living adjustment for all PSSD employees. The state has mandated 2.5% for teachers, this 3% proposal is for all employees. The cost locally to the PSSD for this COLA is just under $180K.

PSSD board hears about alarming obesity numbers in system

More from Tuesday’s meeting saw PSSD board members hear a presentation on some numbers from coordinated school health director Sherry Wagner regarding overweight and obesity numbers for students in the PSSD. Wagner presented the board with some statistics. She focused on some increases in overweight and obese students.

Numbers show that the percent of students in the PSSD who were overweight or obese increased from 40% to 43% of the total students from school years 09-10 to 11-12. Percentage of total students who were considered obese stayed the same at 24%. The total number of students studied increased from 755 to 873 from 09-10 to 11-12.

Wagner explained the system is already working on some issues to get students and staff moving more. They are considering a staff wellness program to help teachers think about it more and get their students moving more. New nutritional guidelines are also in effect where fresh fruits and vegetables are available at lunch.

She also explained they are trying to get teachers away from taking away recess and play time as a form of punishment for bad behavior or tardiness to students. Wagner stated that studies show the recess time is good for students because the more physical activity they have the better academically they seem to perform.


Man arrested for criminal impersonation

Paris, Tenn.- Deputy Blake Jenkins of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office’s office charged Marlon J. Taylor, age 27 of 886 David Street for criminal impersonation after an incident where Deputy Jenkins pulled over a car that Taylor was a passenger in. The driver of the car had a suspended license, so the passenger was asked and he said he didn’t have a license with him. He told Deputy Jenkins his name was Damien Newbill.

Deputy Jenkins saw a license laying in the console and asked both men whose it was. When they handed it to him he knew it was the passenger. After a check thru dispatch, the license revealed his name was Marlon Taylor. Taylor was charged with criminal impersonation.

Another report stated a house that someone was fixing up was broken into in the past few days. A storm window glass was broken and entry was made. There wasn’t much if anything missing but things were strewn about inside. The value of the damage to the glass was $175. Police have no suspects so far in this incident.

Sheriff’s Deputies are also still looking for suspects that siphoned ten gallons of gas from an EZ Go golf cart on Tennessee Drive in Springville. The subject or subject also messed up the switch panel on the cart, trying to hot wire it.

Henry, Paris pass budgets and tax rates on 2nd reading Monday

Henry, Tenn.- The Henry Mayor and Board of Alderman held a special called meeting Monday evening to approve the budget and tax rate on 2nd reading. The tax rate property tax rate remains the same in Henry at 84 and a half cents per one hundred dollars of assessed property.

The board of commissioners for the city of Paris also met in a special called session Monday night and approved the 2nd reading of their budget and tax rate which also remained the same from last year at 65 cents per 100 dollars of assessed property.


TN State Park System Celebrates 75th year

Chamber Coffee held at Paris Landing Tuesday to commemorate

Chamber President Jeff Seaton and Charles Wilson of Foundation Bank talk at Tuesday morning's Chamber Coffee at PSLP. Photos courtesy of the chamber.

Buchanan, Tenn.- The year 2012 marks the Tennessee State Parks System’s 75th anniversary and Paris Landing State Park held a special gathering to commemorate the milestone Tuesday morning at 8am. The event will be held at the Paris Landing Inn and is open to the public.

The monthly Paris Henry County Chamber of Commerce Coffee was held at the Park Inn Tuesday in honor of the celebration. A series of short presentations, including the history of the Tennessee State Parks system and a narration of Paris Landing’s own unique story was be told.

Park Manager Joan Williams gives a brief history of Paris Landing on Tuesday.

The Tennessee State Parks system was established through legislation in 1937. Those laws, along with modification and additions over the years remain the framework for park operations today. As the case with most states, Tennessee began
in cooperation with federal programs that instigated individual parks.

Later, Depression Era recovery programs gave a boost to the idea and possibility of creating parks. The Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration worked on land conservation but also delved further into the actual planning and construction of what would become the first of Tennessee’s 54 state parks.

Today, there is state park within an hour’s drive of just about anywhere in the state. A 2009 UT study highlighted the positive impact of state parks on local communities.
The study found that for every dollar spent on trips to Tennessee State Parks, an additional $1.11 of economic activity was generated throughout the state. When direct and indirect expenditures were combined, the impact of Tennessee State parks to the state’s economy was $1.5 billion in total industry output, supporting over 18,600 jobs.

Landing State Park is an 841 acre park located on the western shore of the Tennessee River. The park sits on the widest part of Kentucky Lake and is the perfect location for all water sports such as fishing, boating, swimming, and hiking. Animals that roam the park include deer, turkey, fox, and coyotes, with eagles visiting mostly during the winter months.

Past President Butch Powers, Jennifer Morris, community development director for the the city of Paris, and Kathy Ray of First Bank  at Tuesday's Chamber Coffee.

Arts Council Re-Forms Community Theatre Group

Paris, Tenn.-Paris-Henry County Arts Council Director Mike Murphy has announced that  Paris will once again have its very own community theatre group.

After many requests, Murphy said, the Arts Council will sponsor “Paris Players” as they become a staple in this year’s calendar of events. "In order for this to be successful, we need you!," Murphy said, noting that the Paris Players will be holding open auditions for their first show, which has been selected to be the play "Our Town". The performances will also open the Arts Council’s season.

Auditions will be held at Paris City Hall at 7 pm on Monday July 30. There are around 30 parts available for men, women and children of all ages. "Please come out and be a part of our first show!," Murphy said.

"Our Town" is a three-act play by Thornton Wilder. The Paris Players will present it September 7-8, at 7pm at the Krider Performing Arts Center in Paris.

Years ago, Paris was home to a thriving community theatre program in which many local people participated.

DUI Arrests Made At Crash Sites; Several Theft Arrests Made

Paris, Tenn.- According to a report at the Henry County Sheriff’s office,  Deputy James Higgins responded to a one vehicle accident at Jones Bend Road during the early morning hours on Monday. Witnesses said the driver had left the scene and was walking. Deputy Higgins found a male, later identified as Ligder DeLeon Lopez, of 7202 Jones Bend Road walking unsteady on his feet at the Jones Bend and 218 intersection. Investigation revealed Lopez had borrowed a friend's car without the friend knowing it and he had been drinking earlier in the evening. Lopez was arrested for DUI 1st offense.

Deputy Milton Webb responded to a separate accident over the weekend involving a motorcycle at the 218 bypass-Scenic Hills intersection. The report said witnesses said the subject was drunk and trying to leave the scene of the accident. After failing a sobriety test at the scene, Gregory Lee Sutton, age 52, of 230 Highway 218 was charged with DUI and violation of implied consent.

Several reports of thefts came into the sheriff’s office over the weekend including a scooter valued at $150 being stolen from a business on Buchanan Resort Road, a 14 foot boat valued at $150 taken from a Winsett Road home, a purse with around $300 cash taken from a vehicle parked at Olive Road, and a pistol valued at $100 dollars stolen from a Macedonia Road home. Police are continuing to investigate all these incidents separately and are not sure whether or not they are related.

Jaycees Set Fortner Benefit this Friday

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Henry County Jaycees will have a benefit dinner for Josh Fortner on Friday from 10am to 2pm. It will be held at the Jaycee Building on Industrial Road. You can get Steak or Chicken Sandwich chips and drink for $8. Orders of five or more can be delivered for free and the pre-order deadline is Wednesday at noon. If you pre-order you are guaranteed a meal, walk up orders are subject to whether or not they have enough sandwichs. Call Cathey Williams for more information at 731-693-9086 for more information.

Josh was severely injured in an automobile accident October of 2011. He was recently married and has two very young daughters and a new baby boy. He suffered several injuries and has had five surgeries already. Money raised will go to help defray some medical expenses.

NC-Charlotte Wins Collegiate Open Tourney

Winners Eric Self, Tyler Beam Shane Lehew and Adam Waters enjoying the moment after their victory. (US Boat Collegiate Open photo).

Paris, Tenn.-After two hard, hot days of fishing on Kentucky Lake, the team for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte won the USBoat Collegiate Open Fishing Tournament held this weekend at Paris Landing.

North Carolina State was ahead at the end of the day Saturday and it was neck and neck with their rivals at UNC-Charlotte most of the day Sunday, but in the end UNC-Charlotte was victorious with a total 41.07 pounds of fish caught, with North Carolina coming in with 40.18 pounds.

The Bethel University “B” team, which had been in second place at the end of the first day, ended up with a third place finish, with 36.61 pounds of fish caught. Bethel had a good showing, with its Coach Garry Mason, sending four teams in all to the tournament. Its other teams came in 7th, 26th and 36th. The Murray State team finished 17th, with the University of Tennessee Martin’s teams finishing 6th and 20th.

Over 150 college anglers competed in the tournament, bringing in thousands of tourist dollars to the local economy during their stay here.

In all, 43 teams from all over the country competed, hauling in a total of 373 fish weighed for a total weight of 910.28 pounds.

Highlights of the tournament will be aired later on NBC Sports Outdoors.

Here are the top 15 results:

1 University of NC Charlotte - A 2 12-12 19.66 21.41 41.07
2 North Carolina State - A 2 12-12 22.20 17.98 40.18
3 Bethel University - B 2 12-9 21.43 15.18 36.61
4 Kennesaw State University 2 12-12 18.29 18.16 36.45
5 UT Chattanooga - A 2 12-12 17.10 17.47 34.57
6 University of TN-Martin - A 2 12-8 16.15 17.91 34.06
7 Bethel University - D 2 12-11 16.17 16.85 33.02
8 University of LA at Monroe 2 12-12 15.65 15.01 30.66
9 Purdue University - A 2 12-12 15.55 14.82 30.37
10 TX Tech University 2 12-12 14.16 15.36 29.52
11 Austin Peay State University 2 12-12 15.85 12.64 28.49
12 Eastern KY University 2 12-6 13.33 15.07 28.40
13 University of North Alabama 2 12-11 13.44 14.73 28.17
14 Northwest Shoals Community College 2 12-12 15.35 12.22 27.57
15 Georgetown College 2 12-11 13.72 13.03 26.75

Rison Street Man Assaults Woman With Car

Paris, Tenn.-A Rison Street man was arrested for aggravated assault by Paris Police after he allegedly hit a woman with his car and knocked her into a ditch.
Officers were called to Central School where the victim had gone and she reported that he hit her with his car on Short Road while she was trying to get away from him. The victim refused treatment from officers.

After a short search for him, officers found him near the intersection of Depot and Cherry Streets and they arrested Reginald Guyton, age 41, 759 Rison St., and took him to jail.

In a separate incident, officers were dispatched to an apartment complex at 1036 Manley St., where there was a report of a woman trying to kill herself.

Witnesses told police she had been throwing glass outside her apartment, as well as other belongings and that she jumped or fell from her stairway. Officers were unable to find the woman and because of the situation, forced entry into her apartment, where they found her in a back bathroom. She was taken to Henry County Medical Center for treatment.

Quinn, The Toggery Named Person and Business Of Year

Sue Quinn (middle, in brown dress) is greeted by family members after her award for Person of the Year was announced. (Shannon McFarlin photos).

Paris, Tenn.-A woman who has opened doors for many Henry Countians and one of Paris’ oldest businesses were awarded the top honors at the Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce banquet Saturday night.


Henry County Adult Education Director Sue Quinn was named Person of the Year and said, “I feel so humble. I feel so blessed” before being hugged and congratulated by family members, who had been waiting outside for the surprise honor to be announced. Quinn is set to retire this year.


In presenting her with the award, last year’s Person of the Year Priscilla Martin noted the influence that Quinn has had during her years with the adult education program. “Her accomplishments have helped this whole community. She has never done anything to be recognized herself, but everything to help others.”


The Toggery men’s store on the courtsquare in Paris was named Business of the Year and Owner Charles Hopkins said, “Now I know what it is to be flabbergasted”. He accepted the award from Andrea Lamb of Commercial Bank and Trust, which won the award last year, the first year that the honor was handed out by the Chamber.


Hopkins attended the banquet with his wife, Edna, and Mainey Currier Beard, whose family members started the store so long ago. Hopkins noted that The Toggery will reach its 95th year in business in December “and the good Lord willing, we’ll make it to 100 and beyond.”


Also during the banquet, outgoing two-term Chamber President Butch Powers announced that Jeff Seaton will be next year’s President and presented him with the ceremonial red jacket.


Powers told the attendees that he had been an honor and a blessing for him to serve as President. “It takes a lot of time, but it has opened up a lot of doors.”


Seaton challenged those in attendance to get involved in Chamber. “If you have ideas for us,” he said, “we would like to hear them.”


The Chamber also recognized the graduating members of the Leadership Henry County Class: Carrie Charles, Bethany Edwards, Kim Foster, Mitzi Hammonds, Alta Lambert, Brock Martin, Justin Oliver, Stephen O’Neal, Kim Patterson and David Stone.

Toggery Owner Charles Hopkins and his wife, Edna, listen as their business is being announced as
Business of the Year.

NC State, Bethel Ahead After Day One of College Tourney

Enjoying the fish fry Friday night at the fairgrounds: from left, Garry Mason, coach of the Bethel team, and Kevin Beverley of the North Carolina State team. (Collegiate Open photo).

Paris, Tenn.-After the first day of fishing in the Collegiate Bass Fishing Tournament being held this weekend at Paris Landing State Park, North Carolina State is ahead, with the Bethel University "B" team coming in second.

Here are the Day One results for the top 25 teams:

1 North Carolina State - A 2 6-6 22.20 22.20
2 Bethel University - B 2 6-5 21.43 21.43
3 University of NC Charlotte - A 2 6-6 19.66 19.66
4 Kennesaw State University 2 6-6 18.29 18.29
5 UT Chattanooga - A 2 6-6 17.10 17.10
6 Southern IL University Carbondale - A 2 6-6 16.28 16.28
7 Bethel University - D 2 6-6 16.17 16.17
8 University of TN-Martin - A 2 6-6 16.15 16.15
9 Austin Peay State University 2 6-6 15.85 15.85
10 University of LA at Monroe 2 6-6 15.65 15.65
11 Purdue University - A 2 6-6 15.55 15.55
12 Northwest Shoals Community College 2 6-6 15.35 15.35
13 University of Illinois - A 2 6-6 15.10 15.10
14 Southern IL University Carbondale - B 2 6-6 15.05 15.05
15 University of TN-Martin - B 2 6-6 14.77 14.77

16 University of TN-Knoxville - B 2 6-5 14.34 14.34
17 TX Tech University 2 6-6 14.16 14.16
18 Georgetown College 2 6-5 13.72 13.72
19 University of North Alabama 2 6-6 13.44 13.44
20 Eastern KY University 2 6-5 13.33 13.33
21 Murray State University 2 6-6 12.00 12.00
22 Virginia Tech 2 4-4 11.90 11.90
23 East Carolina University 2 6-6 11.62 11.62
24 Bethel University - A 2 6-6 11.34 11.34
25 University of Kentucky 2 6-6 11.20 11.20

Boat Parade Kicks Off Collegiate Open Tourney

Paris, Tenn.-Anglers from the University of Northern Alabama, top photo, were among the college fishermen riding their boats in a 'spirit parade' to kick off the Collegiate Bass Open this weekend at Paris Landing. The boat parade began at the fairgrounds and wound its way around Volunteer Dr., Memorial Dr., Mineral Wells and Tyson Avenues and then back to the fairgrounds where a fish fry with the public was held. The fishermen will be up bright and early Saturday morning and fish through Sunday, with public weigh-ins held at the afternoon. Bottom photo shows the parade as it made its way along Volunteer Dr. (Shannon McFarlin photos).

News from past weeks here.


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