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WMUF/WLZK News                                                               

From News Director Tim Alsobrooks 

Assistant News Director Barron Robinson


27th Annual Elegant Dinner Held at Rhea Thursday

Paris, Tenn.- Rhea Elementary held its 27th Annual Elegant Dinner on Thursday as students dressed in their Sunday best and parent volunteers helped served them. The Rhea Cafeteria was transformed into an Elegant setting and the theme this year was "Hollywood." The Shepherd Family provided musical entertainment. (Photos by Angie Hawkins)

Former Congressman John Tanner Speaks at Paris Rotary

Paris, Tenn.- Former Congressman John Tanner was the guest at the weekly meeting of the Paris Rotary Club on Friday. Tanner served as U.S. Representative in Tennessee's 8th district from 1989 until his retirement in 2011. Since retirement he has served on the Prime Policy Group's Vice Chairman. (Linley White Photos)

State Fire Marshal: Set Clocks Ahead, Check Smoke Detectors

Nashville- State Fire Marshal Julie Mix McPeak reminds Tennesseans to check their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors this weekend when they set their clocks Saturday night for daylight saving time. She also urges everyone to consider the age of their smoke alarms.

“It’s proven that smoke alarms can save lives in the event of a fire – but only if they are working,” McPeak said. “Know the type of alarm you have and how to maintain it. Some alarms now come with 10-year, sealed batteries designed to last the life of the unit.  Traditional alarms with 9 volt batteries, however, should have new batteries at least once a year. All alarms should be tested monthly. It’s also important to note that any smoke alarm 10 years old or older should be replaced entirely.”

Smoke alarms more than 10 years old no longer offer a reliable level of safety and are often the source for nuisance alarms. The State Fire Marshal’s Office urges all residents to determine how old their smoke alarms are (the date of manufacture is located on the back of the alarm). If they’re 10 years old or older, they should be replaced immediately! This includes smoke alarms that use 10-year batteries and/or are hard-wired.

State statistics indicate that a home without adequate smoke alarm coverage is a dangerous place to live: Nearly 80 percent of Tennessee’s 2015 fire deaths took place in homes where no smoke alarm was known to have been present.

Many fatal fires occur at night while the victims are sleeping. The smoke and toxic gases generated by a fire can cause people to sleep more deeply, narrowing the chances of surviving a fire. A working smoke alarm can double the chances of survival by increasing the amount of time a person has to escape a fire in their home.

“Tennesseans must be diligent in installing and maintaining their smoke alarms,” McPeak said. “All too often an alarm or its battery is removed and not replaced, putting a home’s occupants at risk. There’s no way to predict when a fire will occur, so even one night without an operational smoke alarm can be hazardous.”

Here are some additional guidelines on residential smoke alarms:

  • Install at least one smoke alarm on every level of the home, including the basement. For best protection, smoke alarms should be installed inside and outside sleeping rooms. Make sure everyone can hear the alarm and knows what it sounds like.
  • Install smoke alarms away from the kitchen to prevent nuisance alarms. Generally, they should be at least 10 feet from a cooking appliance.
  • For the best protection, equip your home with a combination of ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms or dual-sensor alarms. Interconnect the alarms so that when one sounds, they all sound.
  • Smoke alarms with non-replaceable (long-life) batteries are available and are designed to remain effective for up to 10 years. If the alarm chirps on these units, warning that the battery is low, replace the entire smoke alarm right away.
  • For smoke alarms with any other type of battery, replace batteries at least once a year (preferably twice a year during daylight saving time). If that alarm chirps, replace only the battery.
  • Remember, even alarms that are hard-wired into your home electrical system need to have their battery back-ups maintained in case of electrical power outage.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning to keep smoke alarms working well. The instructions are included in the package or can be found on the internet.
  • Test alarms once a month using the test button. Replace the entire alarm if it's more than 10 years old or fails to sound when tested.
  • Devise a fire escape plan with two ways out of every room and a designated outside meeting place. Share and practice the plan with all who live in the home, including children.
  • When a smoke alarm sounds, get out of the home immediately and go to your pre-planned meeting place to call 911.

For more information on making your home fire-safe, download and print the State Fire Marshal’s home fire safety checklist.

HCHD Closes More Roads Because of Flooding

Paris, Tenn.- More roads were closed Thursday afternoon and evening after flood waters continued to cover many parts or all of certain roads. Those roads closed Thursday include Gum Springs, between Durid and Brown Rd, Charlie Wynn Road, Nanney Road, Osage Crossland Road, because of a bridge underwater, New Bost Road, 3/10 of mile from Jones Bend Road, Jim Merrell Road, and Whitlock Road four miles from Hwy. 641.

Henry Board Approves Meeting Change

Henry, Tenn - At a special called meeting of the Henry Mayor and board of aldermen Thursday evening, the board approved Ordinance # 03102016, an Ordinance to Amend Section 1-101 of the Henry Municipal Code relating to the date and time of the regular monthly meetings. The board passed the amendment, with the Henry Town meetings now being held on the second Thursday of each month at 6pm.

Henry Mayor Michael Gross reads Ordinance to make changes to meeting time. (Cheryl Allen photo)

During the Commissioners comments, Publics Works Director Ed Bush informed those in attendance as well as aldermen that with the excessive amount of rain and water lying in peoples yards, that citizens should be cautious when walking around due to the possibility of sink holes due to the sewer lines. Bush stated, “I just want to make our citizens aware with all the rain that we have had and more that is being predicted”.

Mayor Michael Gross informed the board that the alarms have been going off concerning the sewer. Bush stated that with all the rain, the water levels from run off have been seeping, causing the levels to be elevated, causing the alarms to go off”. Once we are able to get the lid off and pump out some of the water, the alarm system will go back to normal”.

Part-time Henry Chief of Police Nick Oatsvall stated that 2 people who are not certified have applied for the position with the city police department. Oatsvall stated, “the two that have applied are not certified, but the funds are in the department to send them to have them certified, if the time comes”. Alderman Lowery asked if any applied that are certified, to which Oatsvall replied not yet, but there is still time, for there is approximately 2 weeks left for the ad to run for the position. If not, the option is there to continue to wait until someone who is certified will apply”.

Mayor Gross listening to part-time police chief about applications submitted for officer position. (Cheryl Allen photo)

During the council reports, Mayor Gross read a report from City Clerk Sonya Clayton asking the board their decision as to a bill that has come due. Before discussion was done, Mayor Gross asked the city attorney if it was able to be done, considering this was a special called meeting. City Attorney Beau Pemberton stated since it was brought up under the commissioners report, he felt like it was alright to proceed.

Gross read that in 2012 an agreement was made between TML and the city of Henry on monthly payments. The payment option was to pay the $7,239.00 in one lump sum, or be charged an installment fee of 7.5% each time it comes due. The board decided to pay the one lump sum and avoid any other fees.

Mayor Gross gave an  update on the Dollar General Store project stating that, “ground has been broke but they have run into bad soil, which Dollar General knew was there prior to breaking ground. The bad soil was described as tree roots, and stumps. Gross stated the approximate 8 foot hole that was dug has been filled in and they will be reworking the parcel once the weather is permitting.

The next meeting of the Henry Mayor and Board of Alderman is set for April 14, at 6pm.


Henry Hosts March School Board Meeting

Students show off career path ideas for HCBOE members. (Tim Alsobrooks photos)

Paris, Tenn.- Henry School hosted March’s Henry County School Board meeting on Thursday night and Principal David Kibbler welcomed school board members and visitors.

He along with some Henry students made a presentation of what they have been doing at Henry this school year. Kibbler said at Henry School they have tried to make sure and meet the district initiative concerning reading and math. He said before the school year, we decided to increase focus on student’s college and career awareness. One of the biggest focus areas this year staff at Henry continue to try to let students get involved with how they think about their future concerning career paths.

Various students made some presentations to the board based on what they have learned at school this year. Starting at very young grades and continuing thru middle school levels, students think about career paths and what types of subjects are heavily involved in them. Kibbler said Henry students at all levels are working in the classroom and using skills and knowledge to think about careers.

State Consolidating Adult Education Program; Local Office to Be Cut

Supervisor of AE Donna Winders tells the board of the state's decision to consolidate the program and cut funding. (Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- Supervisor of Adult Education Donna Winders discussed the status of Adult Education emotionally informing board members that as of July 1 of this year monies will no longer come from the state government for the local Adult Education Office which currently serves Henry, Benton, and Carroll Counties . The state is consolidating and West Tennessee will have 17 counties under one District for Adult Education, basically doing away with the local offices. Winders said we have AE records in Henry County that date back to the 1950s.

Winders told the board that as of July 1 she can’t make any promises as to what the program will be like. Winders said the budget will be $849K for the 17 counties which means there will be cuts made. Previously she had worked with a budget of $200K for the three counties served here. Director of Schools Dr. Brian Norton said Ms. Winders tried every way to write up an RFP, but it is not economically feasible for the Henry County School System to handle all 17 counties.

Re-Accreditation Review Team Coming In Early April

Paris, Tenn.- Dr. Norton informed board members that the AdvancedED External Review for the system will be held April 3-6. This is the re-accreditation process the system has been prepping for the last several months. The External Review team will hold interviews on Monday April 4th with school board members and meet with the entire board on Wednesday April 6th to give their recommendation on re-accreditation

HC Working With Other School Districts

Paris, Tenn.- In his director’s report, Dr. Norton told board members on the morning of March 18th a school wide evacuation drill at Henry County High School. At the same time, Emergency Response Agencies will be using the facility along with some teachers and students in the Health Sciences serving as accident victims and nurses.

Dr. Norton said Henry County began a partnership with other districts as they collaborate ideas for solutions with instruction, curriculum, and other needs of the system. Representatives from other school districts came in this week and visited 28 classrooms across Henry County. Also he and other admins visited Trousdale County in the collaborative effort.

Flooding at Jackson Creek Park Causes Residents to Flee

Paris, Tenn.- Rising waters in the Jackson Creek Park area is causing residents to evacuate and head to hotels or other places to stay for now. Rainfall amounts the last 30 hours are ranging from 5-7 inches in the area and more rain is forecast Thursday night and Friday. (Photos by Nicki Marr)

HC Schools Closed for Friday Because of Flooding

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County Director of Schools Dr. Brian Norton has decided to close schools on Friday. Several roads around the county are already closed and covered with floodwaters and there is no way to determine at this time if any roads have been washed out until the rain stops. More rain is predicted this evening and Friday. As of now, the Paris Special School District will be in session on Friday, but they will continue to monitor the weather.

HCSS To Dismiss Early Thursday for Flooding Concerns

The creek beside the WMUF studios has completely overflowed its banks and flooded the field and grassy areas. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- Continued heavy downpours and flooding roads are prompting the Henry County School System to dismiss school early Thursday. All elementary schools in the county will dismiss at 10:45am, Grove will dismiss at 11:15am, and Henry County High School will dismiss at 11:30am Thursday. The Paris Special School District has not yet decided to dismiss early.

Flooding Causes HCHD to Close Roads

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Highway Department has already closed several roads due to flooding as of Thursday morning. Roads closed include Freeland from Blood River to Carl Chandler, Reynoldsburg at Hobby Road, Holly Fork, Fairgrounds Road, Three Bridges Road, Palestine between Hwy. 218 and Hill Road, Ratteree Cemetery Rd., Blood River, West Antioch at the campground, Riverdale between Coastguard Road and Swan Bay Loop, Pettijohn Road, Wagner Road, Travis Boyd Road, and Guthrie Road at McIntosh to Edgar Cemetery Road.

The heavy rains and flooding concerns have also caused the Ridgeway Funeral Home and Henry County Medical Center Hospice Grief Support group to cancel their Thursday night meeting.

Flood Watch In Effect Until 6pm Friday

The Creek beside the WMUF studios on India Road is over its banks already early Thursday morning. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- A stalled out front is causing our area to be inundated with rainfall and caused the National Weather Service in Memphis to place Henry County and West Tennessee under a Flood Watch until 6pm on Friday.

Rain began Wednesday and ditches are already full of water throughout much of the area. Heavy rain at times is expected Thursday and Thursday night and more rain is in the forecast all weekend long.

Rainfall amounts of 3-5 inches are possible thru Friday, with storm totals of 7-10 inches of rain possible. A lack of vegetation and moist soil will also increase the potential for runoff from excessive rainfall which could lead to River Flooding.

Henry County Emergency Management Director Ron Watkins said over 3 inches of rain has already fallen in Henry County with heavy rain possible throughout the day Thursday.

Reminder: Runway For A Cure Set for Friday

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County Relay For Life’s 5th Annual Runway for a Cure is set for Friday March 11th at the Krider Performing Arts Center. There will be a Silent Auction beginning at 6pm and the Fashion Show starts at 7pm.

Runway for A Cure features the area’s trendiest boutiques and celebrates cancer survivors as Honorary Co-Chairs. In addition to celebrating Fashion, information related to the mission, research, and programs of the American Cancer Society will be featured.

Tickets are $10 and are available at all participating boutiques: Boutique Marimac, Queens, Maggie’s and Southern Roots in Paris, Sunshine Boutique and Ruffles and Rednecks in Camden, and The Whispering Tree in Murray.

54th Annual Irish Celebration Kicks of Fri. In Houston County

Erin, Tenn.- Houston County will hold its 54th Annual Irish Day Celebration beginning on Friday March 11th with the kickoff breakfast and the naming of the Lord High Mayor at 9am at Erin City Hall.

The Get Your Shamrock On 5K will be held Saturday March 12th and benefit’s the Irish Firefighter’s Benevolent Association.

The Erin Rotary Club’s Golf Tournament will also be held Saturday March 12th at Paris Landing State Park with an 8am shotgun start. There will be a $10K hole in one contest and lunch is provided. Entry Fee is $280 per four man team. For more information contact Ray Fussell at 931-289-1551.

Other events in the coming days for the 54th Annual Irish Day Celebration include the 10th Annual Bass tournament at Danville, the Red River Breeze Celtic Concert at Erin United Methodist Church, and the Carnival will open on Tuesday March 15th and run thru Saturday March 19th.

Saturday March 19th is the day for the Grand Parade that will roll down Main Street in Erin beginning from Houston County Middle School at 11am. There will be arts and crafts vendors all around Erin’s Court Square along with live entertainment and food.

For more information on the 54th Annual Irish Day Celebration in Houston County contact the Houston County Chamber of Commerce at 931-289-5100 or visit their website at www.houstoncochamber.com.

Broken Transmission Pole Caused 8-10K to Lose Power Wed.

BPU Facebook page photo

Paris, Tenn.- For a brief time early Wednesday afternoon 8-10K Henry Countians were without power after a transmission pole broke. The pole was on a feeder from the Primary Substation. Four substations went down when the transmission pole broke.

BPU got power restored pretty quickly on a temporary fix and will continue to work Wednesday into the night to change the broken transmission pole.

Lee School Neighborhood First Focus Area for Preserve Paris

Paris, Tenn.- At the conclusion of the Preserve Paris meeting on Tuesday night it was determined that Lee School neighbourhood would be the first focus area in cleaning up areas of the city. City Manager Kim Foster said the Clean-up Day is scheduled for April 16th and everyone in all communities is invited to be a part of the clean-up.

Paris Mayor Carlton Gerrell said that on March 22nd a survey of the Lee School neighborhood will be done to see what residents of the area feel is the major things that need to be done such as hauling off brush, etc.

After the clean up day on April 16th, items will be set on the curb and a city wide treasure hunt will be held. Mayor Gerrell said, “after the Lee School neighborhood clean up day, if you see couches, appliances, and other things sitting on the side of the curb in that area that you want, just go and pick them up. On Friday April 22nd, anything that is left over will be picked up and hauled off by the Paris Public Works Department.”

The Lee School neighborhood is the first of what the City and USDA hopes to be a string of neighborhood clean up projects. USDA-RD said they were committed for two years on the Preserve Paris pilot program and hopes are to move from one neighborhood to the other with these types of projects.

Red Cross Lifeguard Training Class Starts Wed. Evening

Paris, Tenn.- A Red Cross Lifeguard Training Class will be taught starting Wednesday night where you can become a certified American Red Cross Lifeguard and be trained in Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR, and AED. All participants must be age 15 or older and must pass a swimming pretest. The cost of the class is $200 and the certification is valid for 2 years. Space is limited to 10 individuals, and instructor Sarah Luffman said there were still a couple of spots available for this class.

The classes will be held at the Paris Civic Center and Bethel Pool beginning Wednesday and continuing thru Sunday. The schedule is as follows: Wednesday 6-8pm at Bethel pool, Thursday 5-9pm at Civic Center, Friday 5-6pm at the Civic Center, Saturday 9am-6pm at the Civic Center, and Sunday 2-6pm at Bethel pool.

The pretest is several swimming exercises and must be passed before starting classes on Thursday. You do not have to pay for the Lifeguard Class until after you’ve passed the swimming pretest. Luffman plans on holding another Lifeguard Training Class in April. For more information call her at 615-202-3670 or email sarah.luffman@parisssd.org.

McKenzie HS Class of 2016 Great Pretender Show Set

McKenzie, Tenn.- The McKenzie High School Class of 2016 will be putting on a Great Pretenders Show on Saturday March 12th at 7pm and Sunday March 13th at 2pm in the Dickey Fine Arts Building at Bethel University. Tickets are available at Stafford Real Estate or you can contact any McKenzie High School Senior for tickets. They can also be bought at the door. Money raised benefits the Class of 2016.

Optimist Club Spaghetti Dinner Thurs. March 10th

Paris, Tenn.- The Optimist Club’s Spaghetti Lunch/Dinner will be held Thursday March 10th at First United Methodist Church. Lunch will be served from 11am to 2pm and Supper from 4-7pm. Meals are $8 are include spaghetti, roll, dessert, and drink. Money raised goes to the Optimist Club’s Buddy Program.

HCHS Class of 1976 Reunion Organization Meeting March 21

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County High School Class of 1976 is planning its 40th reunion this year. The first organizational meeting concerning the reunion will be held on March 21st at 6pm at the Henry County Communications Center and 911 Office on Brewer Street. All 1976 grads are invited.

Focus Groups Formed at 2nd Preserve Paris Meeting

Paris Mayor Carlton Gerrell welcomes everyone to the Preserve Paris meeting Tues. Night (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- Another packed house was on hand at Paris City Hall Tuesday night for public input meeting number two under the Preserve Paris Pilot program the City of Paris and USDA Rural Development are working together on. Paris Mayor Carlton Gerrell thanked everyone for their willingness to show up and be a part of the effort.

At the beginning of the meeting, focus groups were formed to facilitate the different major points that seem to continue to be of importance to most citizens who have taken time to be part of this process.

The Focus groups were Historic Preservation and Signage, led by City Building Inspector Mike Brown, Clean-up and Beautification, led by City Manager Kim Foster, and Association Representation and Infrastructure, led by Community Development Director Jennifer Morris. Everyone on hand at city hall broke into the groups to discuss each topic. Foster said first and foremost idea generation is the main thing they want to accomplish at Tuesday’s meeting and get closer to a plan to follow.

Citizens on hand gaged their interest and agreed to volunteer to help assist in those focus areas to move the neighborhood rehabilitation and stabilization program forward. The separate groups met for about 45 minutes and discussed the various groups in detail.

Foster also said the city is rolling out a community survey that will help determine the wants and needs of neighborhoods moving the program forward. She passed out the surveys and encouraged citizens to fill them out to help facilitate the Preserve Paris Program.

Preserve Paris is the name given to this initiative which is a partnership with USDA-RD and will use community volunteers, and available funds to help rebuild, restore, and revitalize our neighborhoods. In both meetings held so far community support has been overwhelming. Anyone who didn’t make Tuesday night’s meeting but is interested in the Preserve Paris program can get on the City’s email list by emailing mstancook@cityofparis.tn.gov.

City Manager Kim Foster discusses ideas on cleaning up neighborhoods with her focus group.

National Police WorkDog Assoc. Holding Training in HC

Officers and their K9s went thru training involving luggage, vehicles, and inside the kitchen area of the Commercial Building at the Fairgrounds. (Tim Alsobrooks photos)

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Fairgrounds is serving as a host of the Tennessee State Workshop for the National Police Workdog Association certification and training.

Sgt. Ricky Wade of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office is heading up the weeklong event in which 50 Officer and K9 teams are working on their Narcotic and Patrol certification. The Officers and K9s are from all over the country including local officers, officers from all over West and Middle Tennessee, and officers from places like New York, Texas, and other states.

Sgt. Wade said the training goes on all week with locations including the fairgrounds, Paris Landing State Park, and competitions will held around 8am on Friday morning at Holley Fork Shooting Complex on Hwy. 79N. The public is invited to the competitions at Holley Fork.

Sgt. Wade said later in the week he hopes to get the Coast Guard to allow some of the dogs to practice on board boats. Officers and their K9s were practicing on Monday searching luggage, furniture and home areas, and cars for drugs.

Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew said hosting events like this is not only good for our local officers and their K9s in regards to training, its also great for our local economy, with putting “heads on beds” at local motels and hotels.”

Grand Jury Returns 40 True Bills

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Grand Jury returned 40 true bills on all 40 cases heard when they met on Monday. A true bill means the Grand Jury felt there was enough evidence to indict those who were being tried.

Most of the cases involved the usual crimes like theft, drugs, and other offenses. Some of the major cases included handing down an indictment for Storme Hilliard on charges of especially aggravated robbery and criminal attempt to commit first degree murder. Hilliard was charged by Paris Police after a January incident where he assault, shot, and robbed another man. The man had to be flown out for injuries.

Other indictments from the Grand Jury Monday included Stephen Schwartz, with one count of rape involving an authority figure. At the time of the charges, Schwartz was a military recruiter in Paris.

Arraignments are scheduled for next Monday.

Man Charged With Theft After Pawning Guns

Paris, Tenn.- Inv. David Doyle issued warrants for Richard R. Hudson, age 54, of 340 Crutchfield Lane after runs were found missing from his deceased father's home. The report at the Henry County Sheriff's Office stated that Inv. Doyle took the report of a .22 caliber and a 870 missing from the home from Richard's brother and later found Richard Hudson had pawned them. Cpl. Forrest Kemp later picked Hudson up on the warrants and charged him with theft of property over $500.

A report at the Paris Police Department stated Ptl. Steven McClure observed a maroon ford traveling on N. Lake St. and knew the driver, Zachery J. Jones, age 25, of 703 N. Poplar St., had active theft warrants. Ptl. McClure conducted a traffic stop and immediately noticed an odor of pot. Jones was placed under arrest for the theft warrants and when the vehicle was searched .4 grams of marijuana and a liquid drug cough syrup were found. Jones was then charged with possession of schedule 5 and 6 drug and placed on $5K bond.

Reminder: Preserve Paris Meeting #2 Tues. at 5:30pm

Paris, Tenn.- Due to the overwhelming interest and attendance at the Preserve Paris forum last week, another meeting has been scheduled for 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 8, at the City of Paris City Hall. This meeting is open to everyone interested in the revitalization and stabilization of neighborhoods throughout the City of Paris.

The purpose of this follow up meeting is to determine areas of focus and allow individuals to decide which focus area interests them the most or where they think they can provide the most expertise. We also want to insure that we have enough people to facilitate this effort. The areas of focus will be:

 1. Historic Preservation/Signage

 2. Clean-up/Beautification

 3. Association Representation/Infrastructure

We will also be discussing the roll out of a community survey. This survey will aid us in determining the wants and needs of our neighborhoods, as well as help us determine our initial target neighborhoods.  If you are unable to attend Tuesday night’s meeting but would still like to be involved, email the City at mstancook@cityofparistn.gov and ask to be added to our email list.  We will also post updates on our website and Facebook page.

FUMC To Have Food Giveaway Saturday for HC Residents

Paris, Tenn.- First United Methodist Church at 101 East Blythe Street in Paris is having a food giveaway this Saturday March 12th. You must be a Henry County resident and present valid ID. Make an appointment by calling 642-4764.

Cabela's Big Bass Bash Set for This Weekend at PLSP

Paris, Tenn.- Kentucky Lake and Paris Landing State Park will serve as the host of the 2016 Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash March 11-13, the first of three events of the 2016 Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.

There will be 8 hourly weigh-in sessions over the two day tournament, four each day. Anglers must be in the weigh-in line with their fish prior to a session close time. Sessions will be Day 1 and 2 at 9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, and 3:30pm.

Prizes will be awarded for the 10 heaviest bass weighed during each session. There will also be a prize awarded for overall heaviest bass weighed for the event.

Up to three contestants may fish from the same boat and they are not required to be members of the same collegiate fishing team or school. Practice fishing started on Monday and will continue thru Friday with the tournament being held Saturday and Sunday from Safe Light to 3pm. Weigh-ins will be held at Paris Landing State Park Marina each day. For more information on the Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash, visit collegiatebasschampionship.com or like their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Rhea Elegant Dinner To Be Held Thurs.

Paris, Tenn.- The 27th Annual Elegant Dinner at Rhea Elementary will be held Thursday March 10th. Rhea student are encouraged to wear their “Sunday best.” The Rhea Cafeteria will be transformed into an Elegant setting with live classic music performed as students will be served an Elegant Lunch by parent volunteers. Parents are asked to not come eat with students at the Elegant Dinner, but are welcomed to volunteer to serve. Call Rhea Elementary for more information.

HCMC To Offer Free Health Screenings Tues at Paris Landing

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County Medical Center will offer health screenings at Paris Landing Senior Citizen Center, located at 15616 Hwy. 79 N. in Buchanan on Tuesday March 8th from 8am-10:30am. No appointments are necessary. There will be free finger stick blood sugar and blood pressure checks.

Finger stick total cholesterol tests will be offered for a $3 fee and full lipid panels for $10. Results will be available at the time of the screening and fasting for 8 hours is required for accurate results.

Henry County 10U Team Wins McNeil Park Tourney

HC Sluggers were won the Swinging into Spring Tournament.

Paris, Tenn.- The HC Sluggers, 10U baseball team won the Swinging into Spring tournament held at McNeil Park this past weekend March 5 & 6. They beat  the Crockett Threat and the Clarksville Orioles in pool play, before winning 11-8 in the championship game versus Bandit Baseball out of Jackson, TN. Mad Dog baseball out of Lexington also participated in the 10u group.

The 8U Henry County baseball team also participated in the Swinging into Spring Tournament held at McNeil Park March 5 & 6. They played teams from Crockett County call the Rising Stars and another team from Atwood called the Grind.

Turner McSwain, of the HC 8U team rounds 2nd base. (Heather McSwain photo)

HCHS Speech Team Qualifies Two for Nationals

Clarksville, Tenn.- The HCHS Speech Team came home from Clarksville Sat. with 2 national qualifiers for the National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament this June in Salt Lake City. Senior Griffin Paschall has become the state champion in dramatic interpretation for the 2nd time in 3 years. He was also named Student of the Year for the state of Tennessee.

Another history-breaking win was achieved by freshman Natalie Clark, who qualified for nationals by placing 3rd in Informative Speaking. She is the first 9th grader from Henry Co. to represent the state of Tn. at nationals.

In addition, the duo team of Charlie Raymer and Griffin Paschall placed 3rd in Duo Interpretation, making them the alternates to nationals in that category.

All of these talented students, along with other award-winning speech team members will be performing their contest pieces at an upcoming showcase on March 17 at 7:00 in the HCHS theater.

The evening will conclude with the one act comedy play which the team is entering in district competition at the TN H.S. Speech and Drama League tournament on March 18. Admission is $5.00 and proceeds will help cover tournament expenses for the team.

Still No Word on Missing Paris Woman

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Police Department is continuing to search for a Paris woman missing since last Tuesday. Melissa Crane, age 50, of 1450 N. Market St. was last seen Tuesday March 1st. More interviews with family are expected by Investigators Monday as the case continues to be investigated.

It is possible Crane is driving a red or maroon Ford Taurus, 1998 model. Anyone with any information is urged to call the Paris Police Department at 642-2424.

Local Law Enforcement Busy Over the Weekend

Paris, Tenn.- Ptl. Jamie James of the Paris Police Department charged a Milan man with filing a false report after responding to a vehicle theft on N. Market St. The report said that Ptl. James made contact with Michael A. Helper, age 51 of Milan, who said he had stopped on the side of the road to use the bathroom and a male with long blonde hair pushed him down and took off in the truck. Helper’s wife said she was behind the vehicle but didn’t notice anything until the truck pulled off and Helper was laying on the ground.

Ptl. James investigated the scene and them asked both to come to the Police Dept. for more investigation. Dana Helper told Ptl. James of a more detailed day involving dropping the truck and trailer in Murray. Helper was charged with filing a false report.

Ptl. Tyrail Jackson of the Paris Police Department charged a woman with meth possession after arresting her for shoplifting from Walmart. Ptl. Jackson responded to loss prevention at Walmart and charged Keisa Henderson, age 26, of 311 Jackson St. and Lisa Beam, age 35, of Martin, with shoplifting. Before placing the women in his patrol car Ptl. Jackson searched their person and found .4 grams of meth inside Beam’s purse and charged her with possession.

Ptl. Amber Roaten of the Paris Police Department arrested a wanted fugitive on capias and other charges after finding him at a residence on East Wood Street. Jason Allen Mobley, 2310 Old Paris Murray Road, was found in the back bedroom of a home on East Wood Street and was placed under arrest. His previous bond was $100K.

Deputies with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office are continuing to search for suspects in two different thefts that occurred over the weekend. Dep. Hayley Ramos responded to a theft of a 1998 Polaris 350 from a residence on Patriot Avenue. The value of the ATV is $3500. Another report of theft came from a 5th wheel camper parked at Howell’s Resort on Buchanan Resort Road. Entry was gained at the rear master bedroom and several items were missing.

TN Tech Wins Carhartt College Bassmaster Exhibition Series

Tulsa, Ok.- Matt Allen and Caden Watson overcame a major handicap while scoring a runaway win at the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series presented by Bass Pro Shops.
Allen and Watson, students at Tennessee Technological University, caught four bass weighing 18 pounds, 1 ounce, in the one-day exhibition tournament held on Lake Hudson.
Matt McArdle and Josh Bensema of Texas A&M teamed up for second place with a catch of four bass weighing 14-5. Colten Hutson and Easton Ramsey of the University of Central Oklahoma earned third place with two bass weighing 5-12. The weights for the remaining eight teams were in the single digits.
Allen and Watson drove 10 hours from the campus in Cookeville, Tenn., to eastern Oklahoma to practice for the tournament. That plan went bust not long after they launched the boat.
Just after idling from the boat ramp, their boat struck a rock and bent the prop shaft of the outboard motor. They were unable to repair the engine before the tournament.
“We just spent the day practicing around the boat ramp,” said Allen, 23, a marketing and production operations management major. “Looking back, it was probably good after seeing the other weights.”
It wasn’t a bad idea at all. Allen boated a keeper within minutes of the tournament start time and as other boats left the launch site. The team focused on two areas within sight of the boat ramp.
The Tennesseans concentrated on a long stretch of rocky shoreline used for erosion prevention. The shoreline gradually sloped from 7 to 12 feet with the best fishing on the deepest side.
When the action slowed, they moved to a shallow cove adjacent to the main river channel. They suspect the bass used the deeper edge of the cove to stage before moving shallow to spawn.
“We fished it a couple of times on the practice day and bass were moving up from the deeper water,” said Allen.
Allen and Watson used a 1-ounce Zorro Baits Rattlin’ Aggravator Spinnerbait. The lure featured a white and chartreuse skirt with a No. 7 Colorado blade. 
“The breakdown was actually good since it forced us to find bass near the ramp and fish longer in the same area,” said Watson, 19, a civil engineering major.
College Classic anglers took the same stage at the BOK Center in Tulsa as the anglers fishing the GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by GoPro. The College Classic weigh-in was the opening act for the final Classic weigh-in.
Top college anglers were selected to compete in the seventh annual exhibition tournament. Last year’s College Classic winners, Andrew Helms and Zander Monk of the University of North Carolina Charlotte, received an automatic invitation. So did Bensema and McArdle of Texas A&M, the reigning B.A.S.S. collegiate national champions. Top anglers from last year’s High School Classic now enrolled in college and several schools from the host state of Oklahoma were also invited.
Allen and Watson received an automatic invitation to compete in the event next year.

Lee Academy Holds 24th Annual Photo Showcase

Paris, Tenn.- The 24th annual photo showcase opened to the public on Sunday at Lee Academy and several people turned out with a lot of support for the event.

The crowd at the 24th annual photograhy showcase (photos by Barron Robinson)

 The Academy was packed full of artists and supporters of the arts to see what all everyone had brought to the table at the gallery. To add to it a local musician played a pedal harp while everyone perused over all the great photography brought in by local artists.

Local musician playing the pedal harp

Judith Putnam walked away with 1st in Architectural photography and best in show with the photograph; Chapel at Kylemore.

The Winner of Best in Show; Chapel at Kylemore by Judith Putnam

Winners in other categories for the 24th Annual Photo Showcase included:

Youth Category: 1st Kyle Leuci, with "Looking for Dinner"; 2nd Wyatt Jones "Pick One"; Honorable Mention  Kyle Leuci "My Eyes are On You"

Downtown Paris Category: 1st Beverly Hicks "Paris Pete Searching for Backdoor Treasure"; 2nd Christy Casey "Back Alley"; Hon. Mention Deborah Reynolds "Post Office"

Architectual Category: 1st Judith Putnam "Chapel at Kylemore" 2nd Debbie McDorman "Lines of Time" Hon. Mention Jane Baars "Afternoon Walk"

People and Events: 1st Patti Depriest "Forever Love"; 2nd Debbie McDorman "Somewhere in Time" Hon. Mention Christy Casey "Road Weary"

Computer/Complex: 1st Karen Geary "Monuments De Paris"; 2nd Kristi Hicks Hasley "Fresh From Heaven" ; Hon. Mention Michael Grace "We Bolt this City"

Wildlife & Animals: 1st Rickey Depriest "America"; 2nd Jean Owens "Hungry"; Hon. Mention Joseph Casey "Looking for Lunch"

Nature and Scenic: 1st Mary Ann Claxton "Silent Serenity"; 2nd Patti Depriest "Mountain Hope"; Hon. Mention Vickie Miller "To Go or Not To Go"

Local Arrested On Multiple Drug Charges

Paris, Tenn.- According to a report at the Paris Police Department Cpl. Jeramye Whitaker went to 716 Memorial Drive in reference to a drug tip. Upon arrival Whitaker made contact with a Rebecca Rice age 29 of Paris. Whitaker had explained his reasoning of being there and asked for permission to search the residence. Rice agreed and signed consent to search form, prior to the search it was observed that four children all younger than the age of 12 were inside the residence and all were Rice’s.

In the search of the bedroom two bags of white powder that tested positive for cocaine and one bag of marijuana in the floor beside her bed. A set of digital scales with cocaine residue on them was found on the dresser, 16 Xanax pills in her purse without a prescription, a pill grinder on the bathroom counter, and a box of baggies under her bed. The cocaine and marijuana were all felony amounts.

Rice was placed under arrest for possession of Schedule II and VI drugs with intent to manufacture/ sell/ deliver; Simple possession of Schedule VI drug; and possession of drug paraphernalia. The children were left with a neighbor at Rice’s request with a family member to pick them up that day. Whitaker did make a referral to DCS.

The Emeralds Performing In Camden

Camden, Tenn.- The Emeralds will be singing at The Open Door Church, 100 Cottonwood Street, Camden, Tenn. on Monday morning March 13th, 10:30am. This church has been opened again with Brother Jerry Roach preaching each Sunday. The Emeralds consist of Barbara Roach, Becca Roach, and Jan Aughenbaugh singing southern gospel music.

DUI And Drug Arrests In Paris

Paris, Tenn.- According to a report from the Henry County Sheriff’s office, a Tyrone Harris age 18 of Paris, was arrested on Simple Possession Schedule VI, Drug Paraphernalia, and underage possession and consumption of alcohol by Patrolman Jamie James of the Paris Police Department. Harris’s bond was set at $750.

A report at the HCSO stated that a Brittiney Trontham age 23 of Southhaven Mississippi was pulled over on Mineral Wells Ave. Trontham was detained with the charges of Driving on Suspended, DUI first offense, Violation Implied Consent, and Simple Possession Schedule VI. No bond has been set at this time.

Over 300 Attend Darkhorse Lodge Fundraiser

From left to right; Kirk and Gretchen Catherwood of the Darkhorse Lodge, Lucas Watson USMC (Barron Robinson photos)

Paris, Tenn.- The Darkhorse Lodge hosted a fundraiser Saturday that had a huge turnout of over 300, in support of building a not-for-profit peaceful retreat for combat veterans. Named after the USMC Darkhorse unit deployed to Afghanistan in 2010, each of the five bedrooms of the five bunkhouses will bear the name of one of the fallen Marines from the 2010 – 2011 deployment. All combat veterans from all military branches are welcome to go and visit the lodge for any reason they deem necessary.

Vince Dodd and his son Evan Dodd performing at the fundraiser

Lucas Watson, a local Marine put together this big event with the help of family, friends, and the Catherwoods, the couple behind the startup of the Darkhorse Lodge. Watson stated, “The biggest thing is community outreach and bringing the town together to support our veterans and this safe haven for them to go.”

The Watson family serving up hamburgers and hotdogs for all the showed up

The Catherwoods are selling their house and devoting everything they have into making the Lodge a truly great place for combat vets. Gretchen Catherwood was very grateful for support stating “The turnout was just tremendous; the support from the community after being from out of town is uplifting to know they are behind the combat veterans.”

Man Arrested On Suspended License

Paris, Tenn.- According to a report from the Paris Police Department, Patrolman Zachariah Carper observed a silver 4-door Chevy which had an expired registration leaving the Twice Daily’s gas station on East Wood Street.

After initiating a routine traffic stop, it was revealed that Jacob Jordan age 22, the driver of the vehicle had a suspended driver’s license for failure to satisfy. Jordan was placed under arrest for driving on a suspended driver’s license, failure to provide proof of insurance, and expired registration. Jordan’s bond was set $1,000.

Goodwill Career Solutions To Host Job Fair In Gleason

Gleason, Tenn.- Goodwill Career Solutions will host a job fair at the Gleason Community Center, 506 N. Cedar Ave. in Gleason, from 10am - 2pm on Tuesday, March 8th, for at least three employers seeking to fill more than 30 positions in Weakley, Carroll and Henry counties. Employers include Hamilton-Ryker, Bam2 Inc. and Senior Solutions Home Care.

Openings include manufacturing, production, welding, forklift, technician assistant and non-medical caregiver. Rates of pay range from entry-level to $15 per hour. Representatives from these companies will be on-site and interviews are possible, so job-seekers should dress for success. Job candidates are encouraged to bring a resume, photo ID and their Social Security card or birth certificate.

The Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee has provided job training and job placement free of charge to people with disabilities or other barriers to employment through the sale of donated items. In 2015, Goodwill served 36,081 people in Middle and West Tennessee and placed 15,412 people in jobs.

Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge Center Closed March 12th

Springville, Tenn.- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is temporarily shutting down the Visitor Center at the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, March 12th. It will reopen to the normal hours of 8:00 – 4:00 beginning Monday, March 14th. The seasonally closed areas at Tennessee and Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge are to be opened Wednesday, March 16th.

Irish Day Golf Scramble At Paris Landing Golf Course

Paris, Tenn.- The 2016 Irish Day Golf Scramble is Saturday, March 12th at 8am to benefit the Erin Rotary Club. The 4-man scramble is to be held at the Paris Landing Golf Course, the entry fee is $280 per team which includes green fees, cart, range balls, lunch and 2 mulligans. The teams must be received by March, 10th.

Cash Prizes to the 1st, 5th, 10th and next to last place teams. There will be a long drive and closest to the pin prizes, a $10,000 hole in one contest sponsored by Heritage Bank, and a grand prize drawing for a set of Irons.

Missing Local Woman Last Seen Tuesday

Melissa Crane (Paris PD photo)

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Police Department issued a missing persons on a Melissa Crane, age 50. She was last seen Tuesday, March 1st according to Police Chief Chuck Elizondo. Crane was reported missing by her son on Thursday. She could possibly be driving a ’98 Ford Taurus either maroon or red in color with 5DD-1932 on her tag. Any information helping with finding Melissa Crane please direct calls to the Paris Police Department at 642-2424.

2016 HC Varisty Tennis Team

Front row, left to right: Deja Long, Aashna Khanna, Amber Pate, Mason Morgan, Taryn Jones, Calista Herrera, Sarah Luna, Manning Boley, Tori Stark, Allison Mason, Alison Reagor, Lexi Daniels, Olivia Harber, Gianna Mitchell, Abriel Buie, Mason Nance  & Brooke Daniels.Back row, left to right: Jarrett Hayes, Clay Durham, Zach Cutright, Reece Hassell, Garrett Burns, Michal Flowers, Courtland Pfifer, Peyden Valentine, Josh Cartwright, Alex Boyd, Braydon Hutson, Jared Wimberley, William Wang & Seth Bucy. [ not pictured are Evann Boley, Tent Wilson, Sam Guerin and Chloe Pate]

Gobble and Give Fundraiser To Be Held March 12th

Paris, Tenn.- A fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital will be held Saturday March 12th from 9am to 4pm at Central School located at 55 Jones Bend Road.

The event, Gobble and Give, will include Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys for $65 or deep fried Turkey Sandwich lunches for $10. The lunch includes chips and drink. The whole Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys must be preordered by and paid for by March 7th.

There will also be a bake sale and silent auction along with fun activities for the kids. To order your turkey and for more information call Jennifer Hayes at 731-336-6665.


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