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WMUF/WLZK News                                                               

From News Director Tim Alsobrooks

Assistant News Director Cassie Walsh

EMA Director Watkins: Henry County Escaped Major Structure Damage

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County EMA Director Ron Watkins said the storm that came thru had triggered tornado warnings in Western Kentucky, so they sounded the siren at KOA Campground at the Lake, which several people heard and took cover, even though a tornado didn’t appear to touch down.

Watkins said several trees were down in the Hwy. 140 area, East Antioch Road, Bull Durham Road, and others. The Paris Landing Volunteer Fire Department also responded to a transformer fire on Swan Bay Road Thursday night.

Watkins said a tree fell on a house in the lake area and a barn in Hico came down but Henry County managed to escape major structure damage.

Lake Area Hardest Hit With Storms Thurs. Night

Paris, Tenn.- Strong winds, heavy rain, and hail were all part of a storm system that came thru Henry County Thursday evening and knocked down numerous trees, power poles, and had crews from BPU, law enforcement, and the highway department working throughout the night and into the day to get things cleared up.

Director of Electric Operations at BPU Cole Edwards said at one point right after the storm passed Thursday night about 4200 people in Henry County were without power. Outages were all over, but mostly down at the Paris Landing area as 3 or the 4 feeders at the Paris Landing Substation were out and they had to back feed power from Paris.

As of just before 6am Friday morning, Edwards said about 900 customers remain without power, still mostly at the lake area. He said 10 poles are still broke and crews from Benton County have come to assist BPU and other crews from Mayfield were on their way Friday morning. He said two major transmission poles near the Security Bank and Trust at Paris Landing were broke and they were going to work on them as soon as the sunlight approached.

Edwards said the Pine Point area was really hit hard and there are trees down all over the place. Highway Department crews have also been out in full force and are cleaning areas as they get to them.

The storms really ramped up around 9:30pm and Henry County had severe thunderstorm warnings and even a tornado warning issued for the lake area, but a tornado has not been confirmed on the ground in Henry County as of this time. The Inman School Tornado Shelter was opened up at 9pm Thursday night for anyone who wanted to seek shelter for the impending storms.

Dancin' and Desserts Postponed for Saturday

Paris, Tenn.- The Dancin’ and Desserts event scheduled for Saturday March 11th at KPAC has been postponed because of the threat of snow on Saturday. The decision was made with everyone’s safety in mind. The event will be rescheduled for a later date and tickets already purchased will be honored at that time.

Planning Commission Approves Changes to Home Occ. Uses

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Regional Municipal Planning Commission met in regular session Thursday and approved tweaking the Zoning Ordinance regarding Home occupation uses.

The current ordinance has many prohibited uses in the Home Occupation section, but doesn’t include retail. Community Development Director Jennifer Morris says the potential for a retail business in a home to become big and cause traffic flow issues and should likely be included in the prohibited uses section.

After discussion planning commission members agreed to let staff do more research and evaluate the entire section. They will discuss it again at April’s meeting.

Planners also approved a site plan for Castle Car Wash at 1066 Mineral Wells Avenue for a new drive thru bay wash. The plan calls for a 1,136 sq. foot addition that will serve as the drive thru bay wash that will be retrofitted around an existing bay. There were no grading proposals since it was on already paved surface and there are no MS4 issues to deal with.

HCBOE Approves Plan to Look at Options for New Board Offices

Board members discuss Grove Tower and District Office options. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Board of Education met in regular session on Thursday night at Henry County High School in a very busy session which saw them discuss the future of Grove Tower and proceed with planning to possibly field a Henry County High School Fishing team in the future.

During discussion of the future of the Henry County Board of Education Offices at Grove Tower Director of Schools Dr. Brian Norton said that in the fall of 2015 the board approved a structural study for Grove Tower and we learned that it would be close to $1M to make the necessary improvements.

Dr. Norton said no one wants to leave Grove Tower, but concerns for the safety of our employees is something that is weighing on our mind. He continued saying, “tonight I just want to begin the discussion about the possibility of looking at the next step in regards to district office space.” He said we need to make a decision to move in some direction.

Board members discussed the issue with member Rod Frey saying, “one of our issues is we are landlocked, there isn’t any land for us to buy it seems, and our employees need a safe space to work.”

Board member Jim McCampbell said, “after looking at the building, I feel like it would have a short life and I feel a board years down the road would be dealing with issues. But I’m all for looking at it and looking at other plans.”

Dr. Norton said, “Promiseland is the first building that we have looked at that could be renovated to fit our needs for a district office, but there are still some questions and issues we have to check but the building looks to be in good shape.”

Dr. Norton sought the board’s permission to pursue possibly purchasing the Promiseland building, but not to buy at this time until some more questions are answered. Board member Jim McCampbell made a motion that the board is now currently looking at options for a new board office, but looking is all we are doing. The board will look at recommendations at future board meetings.

HCBOE Approves Request to Begin Planning Stages for a Possible HCHS Fishing Club

Board members give the go ahead to explore possibly starting a fishing club or team at HCHS. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- The board voted to approve the beginning steps of possibly having a fishing team at HCHS in the near future as the request to proceed with planning for a team was approved. Dr. Norton said he was approached about starting a fishing club for the high school. He said, with our community, and the lake right here, it makes sense to have a high school fishing club. He checked with insurance and got the ok from them and also contacted organizations that facilitate programs and liability for a fishing club.

County Mayor Brent Greer told board members about the current Collegiate Tournament going on this weekend at Kentucky Lake and Paris Mayor Carlton Gerrell discussed how we have been and will be the host for the High School Fishing Championship.

Dr. Norton said we will get the proper people together and proceed with a plan to possibly start a club.

HCHS Has Many Programs Geared to Prep Students for Life After High School

Dr. Webb discusses future classes for next year and how the continued focus on prepping students for life after HCHS. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- Dr. Michele Webb, Principal of HCHS, introduced Misha Adams and Kristin Brewer, Counselors, who went over the Advise TN Metrics and how Henry County was qualified for the grant program. They went over the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA and how they are focused on getting more and more students to fill out and file it to apply for grants to colleges and universities.

The counselors also discussed advisement sessions where they talked to students one on one to help them explore post-secondary options. These sessions were mostly during school hours but some after school hours were also used. Resume writing, filling out scholarships, and other weekly lessons geared to help students prepare for life after high school are main focuses of the staff.

A couple of students spoke on the benefit of the dual enrollment classes they’ve been involved in at HCHS. Students said it is nice to be able to see that you can handle the college load and get credit while still in high school.

Dr. Webb said this campus is very busy and we are doing a lot of things to prepare and plan for life after our students leave this building when they graduate. Both Grove and HCHS will be offering even more classes next year to better prepare students for the workforce.

Board Members Treated to Music From Members of HCHS Band

Paris, Tenn.- Assistant Principal Steve Summers said the focus for the board presenations on Thursday evening is how we are preparing our students for life after high school. He introduced some members of the band and how excited we are for the direction it is going. Nick Hawkins (clarinet), Darla Whites (trumpet), Brent Edwards (clarinet), and Luke Weatherly (trombone) performed for the board on Thursday and each told of their possible plans after high school. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Students Attend SCOPE Conference

Paris, Tenn.- The board learned from Mr. David Huber and some students about their experiences with the SCOPE Conference, which is put on thru the Tennessee School Boards Association. The SCOPE conference allows students to sit in at mock boardmeetings and learn about the process of passing policy and such. The students talked about their experiences at the annual conference. Each student went into groups and discussed many ideas they’d like to see at schools such as discipline councils, debating policy, post-secondary classes, and more. The students participated in mock school board meetings and really enjoyed the SCOPE conference. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Board Shows Support for Revised Teacher Leader Plan

Paris, Tenn.- Lakewood Elementary Principal Amy Veazey joined Dr. Norton and discussed the teacher leader network revision plans with board members Thursday night. Ms. Veazey went over how the state department of education set the framework for growing teacher leaders. She said after some work sessions it begun to click and some of the items we had in place were teacher mentor program, academic coaches, and leadership teams. She said we meet and continue to try to improve on how we get our teacher leaders ready.

Dr. Norton said the purpose of the revision of the program is just due to change over time. He provided the board with a document of guidelines and plans on how to revise the teacher leadership program. Dr. Norton asked the board to support the revised network plan and the board did officially support the plan revisions.

Rhea Elementary Holds Annual Elegant Dinner Thurs.

Paris, Tenn.- A tradition at Rhea Elementary for many years, the Elegant Dinner was another success on Thursday. Students were asked to dress in their "Sunday best" and were served an elegant dinner by staff and parent volunteers. Students ate on elegant dishes and music was playing the in background when they dined. Parents and grandparents were on hand to help and get pictures with their students. (Angie Hawkins photos)

Poultry Flock Tests Positive for Avian Flu in Giles County

Nashville- The state veterinarian confirms that a flock of chickens at a commercial poultry breeding operation has tested positive for low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI).

This chicken breeding operation is located in Giles County, Tenn. The company that operates it is a different company from the one associated with the recent detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Lincoln County. At this time, officials do not believe one premises sickened the other.

On March 6, routine screening tests at the Giles County premises indicated the presence of avian influenza in the flock. State and federal laboratories confirmed the existence of H7N9 LPAI in tested samples.

“This is why we test and monitor for avian influenza,” State Veterinarian Dr. Charles Hatcher said. “When routine testing showed a problem at this facility, the operators immediately took action and notified our lab. That fast response is critical to stopping the spread of this virus.”  

As a precaution, the affected flock was depopulated and has been buried. The premises is under quarantine. Domesticated poultry within a 10 kilometer (6.2 mile) radius of the site are also under quarantine and are being tested and monitored for illness. To date, all additional samples have tested negative for avian influenza and no other flocks within the area have shown signs of illness.  

The primary difference between LPAI and HPAI is mortality rate in domesticated poultry. A slight change to the viral structure can make a virus deadly for birds. Avian influenza virus strains often occur naturally in wild migratory birds without causing illness in those birds. With LPAI, domesticated chickens and turkeys may show little or no signs of illness. However, HPAI is often fatal for domesticated poultry.  

The Giles County LPAI incident is similar to the Lincoln County HPAI incident in that both the low pathogenic and highly pathogenic viruses are an H7N9 strain of avian influenza. USDA’s National Veterinary Services Laboratories confirms the H7N9 virus that affected the Lincoln County premises is of North American wild bird lineage. It is not the same as the China H7N9 virus affecting Asia and is genetically distinct.  

The Lincoln County premises affected by HPAI remains under quarantine. To date, all additional poultry samples from the area surrounding that site have tested negative for avian influenza and no other flocks within the area have shown signs of illness. Testing and monitoring continues.  

Neither LPAI nor HPAI pose a risk to the food supply. No affected animals entered the food chain. The risk of a human becoming ill with avian influenza during poultry outbreaks is very low. However, out of an abundance of caution, officials with the Tennessee Department of Health and Tennessee Department of Agriculture are working together to monitor the health of individuals who are working on either premises or had contact with affected birds.   

The plan for the control of avian influenza includes coordination of local, county, state and federal resources and response, and protocols for quarantine, testing, disposal, cleaning, disinfection and monitoring.  

Owners of commercial and backyard poultry flocks are encouraged to closely observe their birds.

·         Report a sudden increase in the number of sick birds or bird deaths to the state veterinarian’s office at 615- 837-5120 and/or USDA at 1-866-536-7593

·         Prevent contact with wild birds

·         Practice good biosecurity with your poultry http://healthybirds.aphis.usda.gov/

·         Enroll in the National Poultry Improvement Plan www.poultryimprovement.org 

·         Follow Tennessee’s avian influenza updates and access resources for producers and consumers http://www.tn.gov/agriculture/article/ag-businesses-avianinfluenza

The state veterinarian and staff are focused on animal health and disease prevention. Each year, the Kord Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory tests approximately 22,000 samples from poultry for avian flu.

Point Pleasant Baptist Church Welcomes Lisa Smartt Friday

Paris, Tenn.- Point Pleasant Baptist Church, located at 13700 Hwy. 79 N. in Buchanan, invites everyone to come see Lisa Smartt, wife, mom, and woman in search of her keys, this Friday March 10th at 5pm. The event is open to all women for $10 and includes food. Smartt is hysterically funny, yet delivers an inspiring and biblically sound message. There will be special music by Shellie Plumley as well. For more information on Lisa Smartt, visit her website, www.lisasmartt.com and for more information on the event call Point Pleasant Baptist Church at 642-6947.

Paris Swim Team Seeking High School Swimmers

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Swim Team is holding an informative meeting for High School age swimmers that will be in grades 9-12 next school year. The meeting is open to anyone in Paris and Henry County that is interested in competitive swimming. Anyone interested should come with their parents to Paris Elementary School Cafeteria on Tuesday March 14th at 6pm to learn more. For more information call Tony Lawerence at 644-2517.

American Legion Hosts Spaghetti Supper on Friday, March 10th

Springville, Tenn.- The American Legion Auxiliary will hold a Spaghetti Supper on Friday, March 10th from 5pm to 7pm at the American Legion Post 89, which is located at 4326 East Antioch in Springville.

The Spaghetti Supper includes spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, drinks and dessert. The dinner is open to the public and dinner costs $8 per person. All of the proceeds from the American Legion Auxiliary Spaghetti Supper will go to support their yearly charitable contributions.

Baseball Clinic Scheduled for Saturday Postponed

Paris, Tenn.- Patriot Baseball Coach Doug Barner had planned a baseball clinic for Saturday March 11th for 1st thru 5th graders but decided due to the impending weather to postpone the clinic. The clinic will now be held on Saturday April 1st beginning at 9am at the Patriot Baseball field at HCHS. For more information contact Coach Barner at HCHS.

Erin Rotary Club Irish Golf Scramble Postponed

Buchanan, Tenn.- Due to the forecast of rain, sleet, snow, and temperatures not getting out of the 30s on Saturday, the Irish Golf Scramble scheduled for Saturday March 11th has been postponed. The scramble will now be held on Sunday March 19th. For more information contact Ray Fussell at 931-289-1551 or 931-721-6447.

Issue Fixed with AT&T Cell Phones Not Calling 9-1-1

Paris, Tenn.- As of just before 10pm Wednesday night the problem with AT&T Mobile not being able to call 9-1-1 has been fixed. Henry County 911 Director Mark Archer said the issue was with the LTE service with AT&T and was effecting several states.

Ky Lake Hosting Collegiate Big Bass Bash Sat., Sun

Buchanan, Tenn.- Kentucky Lake will play host to over 500 College Anglers this week and weekend as they compete in the Association of Collegiate Anglers Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash Saturday and Sunday after practice fishing that has been going on during the week.

Anglers from all over the nation will be coming, representing schools from Murray State, Auburn, and a host of others. They will be competing for their part of 80 plus prizes available at this week’s event. The field will feature 15 of the top 20 ranked schools in the Nation, according to Cabela’s School of the Year Standings.

Prizes will be awarded for the ten heaviest bass weighed during each of the 8 sessions over two days of action. In addition, the winner of the Power-Pole Overall Big Bass of the event will be awarded nearly $5K in prizes in addition to the session prizes. Take-off and session weigh-ins will be held at Paris Landing State Park Marina and are open to the public.

For more information on the ACA, or Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing series visit the website, www.collegiatebasschampionship.com, like them on Facebook or Twitter.

HCHS Speech Team Hosting Showcase Thurs. at 7pm

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County High School Speech Team will feature 5 of its award-winning members in a showcase Thursday night at 7pm in the HCHS Little Theatre. National Speech and Debate Association State Champion in Humorous Interpretation, Charlie Raymer, will be joined by fellow state champion in informative speaking, Natalie Clark. Both students won the right to represent Tennessee at the National Tournament in Birmingham in June.

They will be joined by Noah Hulbert, Charlie’s partner, for their duo interpretation cutting which advanced to the NSDA semi-final round of competition; along with an award-winning poetry program by Tia Mikeska and Abby Webb’s trophy-winning prose selection.

The second half of the evening will be a performance by the 6 member cast of Robert Harling’s classic southern play Steel Magnolias, which the team will enter this weekend in the Tennessee High School Speech and Dram League District Tournament in Dickson. Admission to the show is $5, which will be used to fund expenses for upcoming contests.

Reminder: Runway For A Cure Is Friday Night at KPAC

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County Relay for Life’s Runway for a Cure is set for this Friday night March 10th at the Krider Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $10 and will be sold at the door. The evening features a silent auction at 6pm, vendors, and a fashion show beginning at 7pm. Guest emcee for the evening is Susannah B. Lewis of Whoa! Susannah on Youtube and Facebook.

AT&T Cell Phones Not Able to Call 911

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County 911 Director Mark Archer said that AT&T Mobile is down all over west Tennessee at the current time on Wednesday evening and calling 911 from an AT&T cell phone will not work at this time. Anyone with any emergency that has an AT&T cell phone needs to call the Paris Police Department at 642-2424 instead of 9-1-1 until the issue is fixed. Verizon and other carriers are working properly at this time.

Electricity To be Turned Off Thurs. 8am-10am on Cypress Rd.

Buchanan, Tenn.- The Board of Public Utilities will be changing out a utility pole in the Cypress Road area on Thursday morning and will shut off the power from 8am to 10am to do the work. Beside Cypress Road, other areas affected include The Breakers, Cypress Heights, and Hickory Drive.

Carl Perkins Board Members Attend Blue Suede Fundraiser

Jackson, Tenn.- Members of the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of child Abuse in Henry County attended the Exchange Club/Carl Perkins Center’s annual Blue Suede Dinner and Auction held February 25, 2017. 

The event was held at the Carl Perkins Civic Center, 400 S. Highland Ave. Jackson TN. The event included an elegant dinner, auction and entertainment by the Commodores. 

Picture from left: Carly Wheat, director/therapist Carl Perkins Center; Lisa Archer and board member Mark Archer; Amanda Howell, family advocate; Chuck Elizondo, board member and Landa Elizondo; Lynda Searcy, board member and Ricky Searcy.

Paris Man Wins FLW Event on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes

(FLW Photo)

Gilbertsville, Ky.- Edward Gettys, of Paris, weighed a five-bass limit totaling 25 pounds, 14 ounces, Saturday to win the first T-H Marine FLW Bass Fishing League (BFL) LBL Division event of 2017 on Kentucky and Barkley lakes presented by Navionics. For his efforts, Gettys pocketed $7,851.

Gettys said he spent the tournament fishing ditches and bars on the main lake. He said he had four areas that were especially productive.

“My first stop was a ditch that was 6-feet-deep, just north of Paris,” said Gettys, who notched his ninth career-win in FLW competition. “The bass I focused on were hovering in the 3-foot range, and I caught four – including a 5-pounder. After that, I moved to another shallow ditch and caught some more keepers.”

Gettys said his most productive bait throughout his day was a Rayburn Red-colored Booyah One Knocker lipless crankbait.

“Later on I hit a couple of shallow bars in 3 to 5 feet of water and caught two in the 5-pound range,” said Gettys. “They both came on the One Knocker. I would reel in my retrieve at a medium-slow speed.”

Gettys said he finished out the tournament by working through his most productive bars.

“I didn’t have a kicker in my limit – they were all similar in size – but I caught a lot of fish,” said Gettys. “I probably caught 25 or 30 keepers after all was said and done.”

The top 10 boaters finished the tournament in:

               1st:          Edward Gettys, Paris, Tenn., five bass, 25-14, $5,851 + $2,000 Ranger Cup Bonus

               2nd:         Matt Robertson, Central City, Ky., five bass, 25-12, $3,665

               3rd:          Kevin Tidwell, Bon Aqua, Tenn., five bass, 24-3, $1,846

               4th:          Cole Floyd, Leesburg, Ohio, five bass, 22-5, $1,295

               5th:          David Young, Mayfield, Ky., five bass, 21-9, $1,310

               6th:          Richie Head, Clarksville, Tenn., five bass, 21-4, $1,018

               7th:          Brent Anderson, Kingston Springs, Tenn., five bass, 21-1, $1,025

               8th:          Eric Snow, Clarksville, Ind., five bass, 20-9, $833

               9th:          Chuck Callahan, Cincinnati, Ohio, five bass, 19-10, $740

               10th:        Josh Malone, Alma, Ill., five bass, 18-2, $648

Complete results can be found at FLWFishing.com.  

Robertson caught a bass weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces – the largest of the event – which earned him the day’s Boater Big Bass award of $890.

Chris Fornash of Richmond, Kentucky, weighed in five bass totaling 15 pounds, 5 ounces Saturday to win the Co-angler Division and the top prize of $2,737.

The top 10 co-anglers were:

               1st:          Chris Fornash, Richmond, Ky., five bass, 15-5, $2,737

               2nd:         Donald Shaffer, Odin, Ill., five bass, 14-8, $1,369

               3rd:          Kristin Knuteson, Mount Washington, Ky., four bass, 13-13, $913

               4th:          Jonathan Blattel, Cape Girardeau, Mo., five bass, 13-1, $839

               5th:          Marion Yahn, Bell City, Mo., five bass, 12-11, $547

               6th:          Craig Middleton, Harrodsburg, Ky., three bass, 11-11, $937

               7th:          Kane Hackemack, Georgetown, Ind., four bass, 10-7, $456

               8th:          Jeff Maxwell, Flora, Ind., three bass, 10-0, $411

               9th:          Gary Gustafson, Gilbertsville, Ky., two bass, 9-14, $365

               10th:        Kerry Malone, Mount Pulaski, Ill., three bass, 9-8, $369

Middleton caught the biggest bass of the tournament in the Co-angler Division, a fish weighing 7 pounds, 1 ounce, and earned the day’s Co-angler Big Bass award of $435.

The top 45 boaters and co-anglers in the region based on point standings, along with the five winners in each qualifying event, will be entered in the Oct. 12-14 BFL Regional Championship on the Barren River in Scottsville, Kentucky. Boaters will compete for a top award of a Ranger Z518C with a 200-horsepower Evinrude outboard and $20,000, while co-anglers will fish for a new Ranger Z518C with a 200-horsepower Evinrude outboard.

The 2017 BFL is a 24-division circuit devoted to weekend anglers, with 128 tournaments throughout the season, five qualifying events in each division. The top 45 boaters and co-anglers from each division, along with the five winners of the qualifying events, will advance to one of six regional tournaments where they are competing to finish in the top six, which then qualifies them for one of the longest-running championships in all of competitive bass fishing – the BFL All-American. Top performers in the BFL can move up to the Costa FLW Series or even the FLW Tour.

For regular updates, photos, tournament news and more, follow the BFL on Facebook at Facebook.com/FLWFishing and on Twitter at Twitter.com/FLWFishing.

Thefts Reported in County

Paris, Tenn.- A report at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office stated a home on Oak Street in Cottage Grove was broken into recently and jewelery along with $1500 cash from lockbox and over $25 in quarters from a jar were reported stolen. Deputies have no suspects at this time.

Dep. Dalton Watson of the Sheriff’s Office responded to a burglary on Swor Road. The report stated a laptop, Atari gaming system, 7 keys, and several clothes were stolen. There are no suspects at this time.

Sgt. Bryan Hall of the Henry County Sheriff’s office charged Travis A. Hale, 24, 5435 Hwy. 641 N., with being a fugitive from justice out of Kentucky.  

Erin Rotary Club Irish Golf Scramble Set for Sat. at PLSP

Buchanan, Tenn.- The Erin Rotary Club will hold their Annual Irish Golf Scramble benefit on Saturday March 11th at Paris Landing State Park. It is an 8am Shotgun Start and a 4-man scramble format and you are to bring your own team.

Entry Fee is $280 per team and includes green fees, cart, rangeballs, lunch and two mulligans. The Deadline to enter is Thursday March 9th. Field will be limited to 30 teams. For more information contact Ray Fussell at 931-289-1551 or 931-721-6447. Entry Forms on are Ray Fussell’s Facebook page.

Cash prizes will be given to 1st, 5th, 10th, and next to last place teams. There are longest drive and closest to the pin prizes and a $10K hole in one contest. There will be a grand prize drawing for a set of irons. Lunch is provided by Traditions First Bank of Erin.

PHC Chamber to Host Legislative Breakfast Fri.

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Henry County Chamber of Commerce will host a Legislative Breakfast on Friday March 10th from 7:30am to 8:30am at Ann and Dave’s, located at 2613 East Wood Street. Speakers will be State Rep. Tim Wirgau and Senator John Stevens. You must RSVP by the end of the day Wednesday March 8th by calling the chamber at 642-3431 or emailing twilson@paristnchamber.com.

Groundbreaking for Darkhorse Lodge Set for 11am Friday

Springville, Tenn.- A ground breaking ceremony is set for Friday March 10th at 11am at 1845 Swor Road in Springville for the Darkhorse Lodge, a peaceful retreat for combat veterans. Each of the rooms will be named for one of the 25 men who lost their lives in combat from the Marine Corps 3/5 Darkhorse Unit.

The Unit from Camp Pendleton was deployed in Sangin Valley in Afghanistan from September 2010 to April of 2011. The Sangin Valley has been referred to “living hell” and “one of the deadliest areas of the war on terror,” by publications such as the Washington Post and others.

President and CEO of Darkhorse Lodge, Inc. Gretchen Catherwood, who lost her son in the fighting in Afghanistan, said, “each room will represent one of the brave soldiers from the Darkhorse Unit who lost their life. In addition to those 25, about 200 were severely injured in the area and since 2011 we’ve lost 5 more combat veterans who fought there to suicide.”

Fundraisers have been held over the last several months and Catherwood said they have only raised enough money for dirt work, foundations, and plumbing. She said they will continue to have fundraisers all summer and they will have to raise lots more money and do the work in phases.

“Kohler has donated all our fixtures and that has really helped us out,” Catherwood said, “we are excited for phase one to get going.”

Once complete, Catherwood hopes any and all combat veterans come and stay and seek companionship at the Darkhorse Lodge. She said it doesn’t matter what branch or service, what war you fought in, your age, or whether you are male or female. “If they fought in World War II, Korea, or Iraq, they are welcome here at the Darkhorse. All combat veterans are welcome and we will take them fishing out at the lake and just have a place for them to relax and talk with fellow veterans.”

For more information on the Darkhorse Lodge, to volunteer, or donate call Catherwood at 731-363-3616 and visit their website to follow progress at www.darkhorselodge.org.

HCSO to Hold Potato Giveaway Friday Morning

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Sheriff's Office will be giving away potatoes Friday March 10th beginning at 8:30am. The Sheriff's Office has benefited from an overage on an order of Russett White Potatoes. J. Alexander Farms contacted the HCSO and advised they had an overage of 48K pounds of potatoes and they wanted to give them to the Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office is currently serving potatoes at every meal, but still wouldn't be able to use all the extra potatoes before they ruin, therefore they are holding the community give-a-away. Everyone is welcome to come get free potatoes while supplies last Friday morning.

Patriots 9U Team Wins Tournament

Bottom Left to Right: Connor Fowlkes, Evan Flood, Carson Greene, Jack Todd, Miles Allen Top Left to Right:  Luke Stephens, Brysen Whitaker, Noah Harber, Braden “Bam” Thompson, Denzel Young.Not Pictured:  Philip Myrick and Coaches:  Neil Thompson, Clint Fowlkes, Travis Todd

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Patriots 9U Baseball Team won the championship along with the gold rings at the Swing Into Spring With A Ring USSSA Tournament held at McNeil Park this past weekend. The Patriots team is made up solely of players and coaches from Henry County, and the team is proud they won the tournament that was hosted in their home county. Players Evan Flood, Miles Allen, Luke Stephens, and Noah Harber were named to the All Tournament Team and Evan Flood received the award of Tournament MVP.

Hazel Woman Killed in Tuesday Morning Crash

Hazel, Ky.- The Kentucky State Police has released information in the wreck that occurred on Tuesday morning between Hazel and Murray, which caused Hwy. 641 N. to be shut down until after Noon.

On March 7, 2017, at 8:07 a.m., Kentucky State Police Post 1 responded to a report of a two vehicle collision on Highway 641 near Tobacco Road in Calloway County. Preliminary investigation has shown Tara E. Chandler, age 36, of Hazel, Kentucky was southbound on Highway 641 in a 2010 Maroon Dodge Caliber and Hershel L. Preston, age 59, of Izard, Arkansas was northbound in a 2013 Peterbilt tractor trailer. For an unknown reason, Chandler entered the northbound lane, where the two vehicles collided.  

Chandler was pronounced deceased at the scene by the Calloway County Coroner. Preston was transported to Murray-Calloway County Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries received during the collision.

Kentucky State Police were assisted at the scene by Calloway County Sheriff Department, Murray-Calloway County Ambulance, and Calloway County Fire-Rescue.

Grand Jury Returns 32 True Bills That Include Indictments for Attempted Murder, Arson

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Grand Jury returned 32 true bills on all 32 cases heard when they met on Monday. A true bill means the Grand Jury felt there was enough evidence to indict those who were being tried.

Most of the cases involved the usual crimes like theft, drugs, and other offenses. Some of the major cases included handing down an indictment for Horace Horatio McNeary, age 31 of Paris, on charges of criminal attempt to commit first degree murder in connection with the Watson Lane shooting that occurred in January 2016.

Brianna Jade Norsworthy, age 19 of Paris, was also indicted on charges of accessory after the fact for her involvement in the Watson Lane shooting.

Indictments were handed down on in connection with the Reynoldsburg Fire that occurred in January 2016. Rita Fay Futrell, age 58 of Paris, on charges of criminal responsibility for the conduct of another in the commission of arson and filing a false or fraudulent insurance claims. Terry Eugene Swigert, age 67 of Missouri, on charges of arson, that stems from his involvement in the Reynoldsburg Fire.

Two people were also indicted in hunting violations, Allan Stephen Douglas, age 42 of Camden, on charges of exceeding the daily bag limit of ducks. Andrew Slate Troutt, age 38 of Springville, on charges of hunting ducks over a baited area and exceeding the daily bag limit of ducks.

Ryan Leslie Satterfield, age 20 of Puryear, was indicted on rape. Jason Kennedy, age 40 of Puryear, on charges of two counts of theft.

Steven Russell, age 40 of Paris, was indicted on charges of resisting arrest, evading arrest, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance with intent, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, introduction of drugs into a penal institution and bribery of a public servant.

The indictment stems from a Metro Crime Unit drug bust that occurred on March 3,2016, where Russell attempted to “bribe” Correction Officers into disposing of the narcotics he was concealing. MCU Officers seized over $4K in cash believed to be from drug proceeds were seized from Russell’s person.

Wreck Involving Semi and Vehicle Blocks 641 N. Past Hazel

Hazel, Ky.- An accident involving a semi and another vehicle occurred on Hwy. 641 N. Tuesday morning caused traffic to be re-routed between Hazel and Murray and resulted in one fatality. The Kentucky State Police worked the scene and the road remained blocked as of nearly 11:30am Tuesday. More information on the wreck will be released later Tuesday afternoon.

Game Cameras Stolen From Radford Lake Road

Paris, Tenn.- A report at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office stated two game cameras were stolen from Radford Lake Road. The cameras were on the property and were taken and a door was kicked in to the cabin, but nothing appeared to be missing from the cabin. The value of the game cameras was $300. Deputies continue to look for a suspect.

Chamber to Host Lunch and Learn Seminar Thurs. March 9th

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Henry County Chamber of Commerce will host a Lunch and Learn Cyber Security Seminar on Thursday March 9th at the Henry County Communications Center from Noon to 1pm. The event is free but registration is required. Call the Chamber at 642-3431 or email hopemarr@paristnchamber.com to reserve your spot.

55th Annual Irish Celebration Kicks off Friday March 10th in Erin

Erin, Tenn.- The 55th Annual Irish Day Celebration in Erin will begin on Friday March 10th with the Kick-Off Breakfast at Erin City Hall at 9am. The Lord High Mayor and Emerald Award Winners will be announced. This year’s theme is “There is no place I’d rather Be.”

Then several events are planned for the next week surrounding the Irish Day Celebration including the 5K to benefit the Irish Firefighter’s Benevolent Association at 8am on Saturday March 11th, the Rotary Golf Tournament at Paris Landing State Park Saturday March 11th at 8am, the 11th Annual Irish Day Bass Tournament at Danville Saturday March 11th.

The Carnival will open around the court square in Erin Tuesday March 14th and run until Saturday March 18th. Wednesday and Thursday is family night with special pricing and Friday is Dollar night.

The Irish Banquet and Silent Auction, sponsored by the Houston County Area Chamber of Commerce will be held at Houston County High School Friday March 17th. Tickets are $25 and are available at Erin City Hall.

The Houston County Fair Board will sponsor live music on Front Street on Friday and Saturday March 17th and 18th at 7pm. Cover charge is $3.

Saturday March 18th will include the Erin United Methodist Church Pancake Breakfast from 6:30am to 10am for $6, the Leprechaun Parade begins at 10:30am at Erin Nazarene Church and the Grand Parade starts at 10am from Houston County Middle School. The day also includes the Demolition Derby at the Perdue Acoustics Showgrounds beginning at 3pm with the Power Wheels Derby and the Demolition Derby to follow afterwards.

For more information on the 55th Annual Irish Day Celebration in Erin like the Houston County Chamber of Commerce page on Facebook.

HCHD Closing Osage Crossland Rd. Beginning Wed. March 8th

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Highway Department is closing Osage Crossland Road on Wednesday March 8th for bridge reconstruction and culvert replacement. The closure will begin one half mile Southeast of Hwy 140 West. Pled Wade Road and Martin Mill Road will be alternate routes. There is no reopening date for this section of Osage Crossland Road at this time.

HC RFL March Meeting Tuesday at Quality Inn

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Relay for Life Monthly meeting is set for 6pm Tuesday March 7th at the Sky Vue Room at Quality Inn. Everyone is welcome to attend.

TN State Parks to Host Hikes to Celebrate Spring March 18th

Nashville- Tennessee’s 56 State Parks, including Paris Landing State Park, are hosting free guided hikes statewide on Saturday, March 18 to celebrate the coming of spring and the bounty of recreation opportunities state parks offer.

Park staff – who can speak to the natural, cultural and historical treasures that all Tennessee State Parks have to offer – will guide free hikes throughout the day. From the cypress swamps of the Mississippi River in West Tennessee to the rugged ridge tops and waterfalls in the middle of the state to the majestic mountains in the East, every park showcases a unique piece of Tennessee’s outdoor beauty.

“For 80 years our state park system has created outdoor adventures and recreational opportunities for all Tennesseans,” said Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Conservation Brock Hill. “We are always excited to highlight our state’s beauty and special stories.”

The wide selection of events across the state ensures that everyone can find a hike suitable for them. Hikes will range in distance, degree of skill, accessibility, and time of day in an effort to accommodate the needs of anyone who seeks to enjoy a day outdoors. Planned activities along the trails include wildlife viewing, spring clean-ups, scavenger hunts, historical interpretive programs and more.

For a full list of all planned hikes for March 18, visit http://tnstateparks.com/about/special-events/spring-hike/#/?holiday=spring-hike. You can share your photos with Tennessee State Parks on social media using the hashtag #spinghikeTN.

Two Arrests Made at Local Motel

Paris, Tenn.- Dep. Frankie Scott received a tip that Phillip McLeod, age 47, of 13700 Hwy 79 N., was at the Terrace Woods Travel Lodge over the weekend and Dep. Scott knew that McLeod had outstanding warrants from McCraken County, Kentucky. McLeod was arrested and did admit to having a .22 rifle in the truck which Dep. Scott confiscated because of McLeod being a felon, according to the report. Dep. David Andrews assisted in the incident.

Another report at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office stated that while Dep. Scott and Andrews were dealing with Phillip McLeod, Jared McLeod, age 29, of 420 Porter Street, came over and starting harassing officers and causing a scene. McLeod spit on Dep. Scott and threatened both officers multiple times. Dep. Andrews arrested Jared McLeod for the actions and threats.

Reminder: Hobb's House Trivia Night Fundraiser Will Be Mon. March 6

Paris, Tenn.- Cottage Grove Methodist Church and Palmersville Baptist Church will host a trivia night at Carmack’s Fish Barn Monday March 6th at 6pm. Cost to enter is $10 per person and teams of 6 will be organized from the entrants. 1st prize will win $120. There will be popcorn and drinks provided. All money raised goes toward the building fund for the Hobb’s house in Cottage Grove. For more information call 336-9348 or 225-4495.

Winders Brothers Run at SIU Meet

Carbondale, Ill.- The Winders brothers ran at the Southern Illinois University Indoor Track and Field Invitational this past Saturday. After 6 heats with 80 total runners Titus Winders 2nd in the 1600 meter run with a time of 4:29 and Silas Winders came in 4th with a time of 4:38.

HCSO Arrest Paris Woman for Assault

Paris, Tenn.- According to a report from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, Sgt. Bryan Hall arrested Tenessu K. Hutcherson, age 33 of 426 Harrison Lane of Paris, on Saturday for assault. Hutcherson was placed on $1,500 bond.

Celebrating the 25th Annual Photo Showcase at Lee Academy

Best in Show was Jerry’s Barber Shop by Michael Grace (Cassie Walsh photo)

Paris, Tenn.- The Lee Academy for the Arts 25th Annual Photo Showcase opened on Sunday and the 1st place, 2nd place and honorable mentions in each of the six categories were announced and this year there were about 80 entries in this year’s photo showcase. The winner of the 25th Annual Photo Showcase Best in Show was Jerry’s Barber Shop by Michael Grace.

In the Downtown Paris category: Fire! Fire! By Christine Casey won honorable mention, Burgers on the Square by Beverly Hicks won 2nd place and Jerry’s Barber Shop by Michael Grace won 1st place.

In the compositing and complex category: Road to Glory by Christine Casey won 2nd place and At Summer’s End by Karen Geary won 1st place.

In the architectural category: Roofscape by Judith Putnam won honorable mention, Holy Light by Paula Wells won 2nd place and Schoolhouse Rock by Rickey DePriest won 1st place.

In the nature/scenic category: Shade of Elegance by Mary Ann Claxton won honorable mention, Mountain Mirror by Patti DePriest won 2nd place and Peaceful Reflections by Beverly Hicks won 1st place.

In the wildlife and animals category: Home on the Range by Jean Owens won honorable mention, Splish Splash by Rickey DePriest won 2nd place and Flamingo by Michael Grace won 1st place.

In the people and events category: Rocky Mountain Fly by Patti DePriest won honorable mention, Woman with Cigar by Judith Putnam won 2nd place and Old Soldiers Never Die by Karen Geary won 1st place.

(Cassie Walsh photo)

If you want to go by and visit the Annual Photo Showcase stop by Lee Academy located at 400 West Washington Street in Paris. Lee Academy for the Arts is open Monday and Wednesday 9am to 8pm, Tuesday and Thursday 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm and on Saturday 10am to 2pm.

You can also view photos taken by Tony and Emmy award winning actress Cherry Jones which will be auctioned off throughout the month of March. Cherry Jones donated 12 photos that are framed in signed mats which will be auctioned off. The photos are being auctioned off as a nice fundraiser for the Photo Showcase’s 25th Anniversary.

If you bid on the photos taken by actress Cherry Jones,  just visit the Paris Henry County Arts Council website and click on the news section and enter your name, bid amount and what photo you are bidding on. Some of the photos will be auctioned off on Ebay during the last 10 days of the month.

Costumes and Music Bring the Mardi Gras Ball to Henry County

(Cassie Walsh photo)

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris-Henry County Heritage Center’s Annual Mardi Gras Ball was held on Saturday night at the Paris Convention Center. And Henry Countians got to enjoy dinner, vote for this year’s king and queen and listen and dance to performances from the Memphis-based band The Magi. Even a few attendees dressed up in Madri Gras costumes and flappers to enjoy the evening.

Paris Man Arrested on Multiple Charges

Paris, Tenn.- According to a report from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, Cpl. Blake Jenkins arrested Jared S. Ainscough, age 30 of 1920 Lone Oak Road of Paris, on Friday for violation of parole, theft of property, failure to appear to do a jail sentence and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Ainscough was placed on $4,500 bond.

Dancin' and Desserts Set for Saturday, March 11th

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Patriot Band is hosing its 3rd Annual Dancin’ and Desserts on Saturday, March 11th at the Paris Convention Center at 7pm.

A night of delicious treats, dancing and great music with performances by the HCHS Jazz Ensemble, the HCHS Jazz Combo, the Paris-Henry County Middle School Jazz Ensemble and special guest artist HCHS Alum and former Director of Bands, Michael Holden.

Tickets cost $10 in advance and $12 at the door. To get your ticket information please see a Band Booster, jazz student, or you can ticket information by calling A&W Transmissions at 731-644-1022.  All of the proceeds will benefit the Henry County Band Department.

Heartsavers CPR, AED and First Aid Event Set for March 10th

Paris, Tenn.- Lori Laser, RN BSN Community Health Educator and the HCMC CPR/AED and First Aid Training Staff will be holding a Heartsavers CPR, AED and First Aid Training  on Friday, March 10th from 8am to 1:30pm in the HCMC Classrooms 2 and 3.

The fee to attend is $55 and the class includes training, CPR/AED and first aid books, training materials, and certification cards. The certification will be from the American Heart Association.

For more information or to register please call the Henry County Medical Center Find Line at 731-644-3463 or you can register online at www.hcmc-tn.org.

Two People Arrested on Child Abuse and Possession Charges

According to reports from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, Henry County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Jamie Myrick and Paris Police Lt. Ricky Watson with the Metro Crime Unit arrested Landon K. Chapman, age 53 of 4720 Guthrie Road of Paris, and Ashley Hutcherson, age 22 of 204 Jean Street of Paris, on Friday for possession of drug paraphernalia and child abuse or neglect.  Chapman was also charged with driving on a revoked license.

Chapman and Hutcherson were each placed on $5,000 bond.

Puryear Man Arrested for Possession and Assault

Paris, Tenn.- According to a report from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy David Andrews arrested Jared D. McLeod, age 29 of 420 Perkins Road of Puryear, on Thursday for possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct and simple assault. McLeod was placed on $10,000 bond.

Giving Trees to Plant Across Henry County on Arbor Day

(Cassie Walsh photo)

Paris, Tenn.- Dozens showed up early Friday morning to take advantage of Arbor Day Tree giveaway at the USDA Service Center in Paris. The Henry County Soil Conservation District gave away Virginia Pine, Sawtooth Oak, Native Sweet Pecan, American Plum, and Hybrid Chestnut.

All of the Virginia Pine, Native Sweet Pecan and the American Plum were given away and almost all of the trees were given away before 9:30am. So it was a successful Arbor Day in Paris on Friday and even if you didn’t get a tree at today’s event don’t forget that on Arbor Day everyone is encouraged to go out and plant and care for trees.

Arrest Made In Death of Infant

Shaquille Hayes Inmate Photo

Paris, Tenn. - According to a press release issued by Lt. Ricky Watson of the Paris Police Department, on March 2nd, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Paris Police Department arrested Shaquille Maurice Hayes of 1208 Lincoln Street, for the murder of 15 month old Naryiah Sparks.

Naryiah passed away on February 13th at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital from injuries that she sustained on February 6th, at a home on Hwy 641 South in Paris.

During the ongoing investigation, with the assistance of the TBI and the Henry County Sheriff's Office CID, Hayes was developed as a possible suspect, after other suspects were ruled out.

Hayes was arrested for the First Degree Murder of Naryiah. Hayes was booked at the Henry County Sheriff's Office without incident and was placed on $500,000 bond.

Hayes will appear in General Sessions Court on Tuesday, March 7th.

State Unemployment Rate at 5.4% for January

Nashville- Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner Burns Phillips announces a preliminary unemployment rate for January at 5.4 percent, increasing from the revised December rate of 5.1 percent. The U.S. preliminary rate for January is 4.8 percent, up one-tenth of a percentage point from the previous month. While experiencing a rate increase from 4.8 to 5.4 percent over the past year in Tennessee, the national rate has declined from 4.9 to 4.8 percent within the same time span.

Total nonfarm employment increased with 1,200 additional jobs from December 2016 to January 2017. The largest employment increases were within trade/transportation/utilities, leisure/hospitality, and mining/logging/construction.

“Our workforce is strengthened with increased opportunity, as international companies continue to invest in Tennessee and the advantages we offer,” remarked Commissioner Phillips.

Rhea Elem. Holding a Kindergarten Round-Up March 7 and 9

Paris, Tenn.- Rhea Elementary will hold a Kindergarten Round-Up for all upcoming Kindergarten students on Tuesday March 7th and Thursday March 9th. Parents are invited to bring their students to Rhea School to enjoy a pizza dinner, experience a kindergarten classroom, meet teachers, meet Principal Sandra Paschall, register for school, and show off all they already know.

Current Pre-K students for Joyland, Holy Cross, Ms. Jeanie’s Pre-K, and TVCC are welcome on Tuesday March 7th beginning at 5pm. Pre-K students of Molly Pops, Country Lane, Miss Nicki’s, Kilpatricks, Small World, and Presbyterian can come Thursday March 9th. Any student not associated with a preschool may choose a night that works best for them.

Registration and student screenings will begin at 5:30pm each night. Students must be 5 years old by August 15th to register for kindergarten. Bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate, updated physical and vaccination record, and social security card. For more information call 642-0961.

Reminder: VITA Taking Appointments for Tax Help

Paris, Tenn.- Remember the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA site continues to work on Tuesdays from Atkins Porter from 9am to 4:30pm. Anyone who is a senior citizen, disabled, or with income $54K or less will be able to have their taxes completed and filed for free thru VITA’s tax preparers.

To make an appointment, call weekdays, except Tuesdays, at 642-4178. The number will not be in operation on Tuesdays. Be sure and bring proof of identification, social security cards, and all tax pertinent information with you when you come for you appointment. E-filing and Earned Income Credits can be done thru the VITA preparers. VITA will be open Tuesdays thru March.


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