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WMUF/WLZK News                                                                          

From News Director Tim Alsobrooks, Assistant and Weekend News Director Shannon McFarlin

Husband and Wife Killed in Fire

Paris, Tenn.-Two people, a husband and wife, were killed in a fire at a house trailer on 110 Old McKenzie Highway Thursday night. Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew said last night that an investigation is ongoing by the State Bomb and Arson squad and the sheriff's department, but that at this time, it does not appear that foul play was involved.

The Paris Fire Department was called to a fire at the home around 9 p.m. and while extinguishing the blaze, discovered two bodies in the rear of the house trailer. The deceased were identified as Gary and Frankie Braddy of that address.

Belew said the Henry County Rescue Squad responded to the scene and transported the bodies to Nashville for autopsies. Henry County Coroner Danny Tucker also responded to the scene and pronounced both deceased.

Belew said the State Bomb and Arson squad arrived at the scene last night and together with the sheriff's office, both agencies continue to work the scene to determine the cause of the fire.

Work Begins to Renovate New County Communications Building


Paris, Tenn.-Work has begun on the renovation to the Henry County Communications building on Brewer Street. Work is being performed at the building, which formerly housed Reeves Drapery. Once it is renovated, it will house the 911 Administration and Henry County EMA. (Shannon McFarlin photo).


Three People Injured in Wreck; Fourth Arrested

Paris, Tenn.-Three people were injured and a fourth was arrested on probation violation following a one-car crash early Friday morning on Hwy 69A South. The injured were transported to Henry County Medical Center with minor injuries.

The accident occurred around 6 a.m. when a car driven by Brittany Goodman, age 25 of Big Sandy, drove off the right side of the road and struck a culvert.

Trooper Josh Wade of the Tennessee Highway Patrol said Goodman, along with two passengers, Dustin Norwood, age 24 of 4480 Copper Springs Rd., Paris; and Rikkian Allen, age 22 of 140 Jack Younger Lane, Paris, were taken to the hospital for treatment. Both Goodman and Allen were transported by ambulance, while Norwood was taken by a friend to the hospital.

A fourth passenger, Shane Youngblood, age 35 of 140 Jack Younger Rd., was arrested on a probation violation and taken to jail. Wade said no charges were filed from the accident.

Paris Man Arrested on Drug Charges

Paris, Tenn.-The Metro Crime Unit arrested a Paris man on drug charges after responding to his home on neighbor complaints.

Sheriff Department Deputy Jamie Myrick and Paris Patrolman Jeramye Whitaker responded to 315 Osse St., Paris, at 1 a.m. Thursday on reports that there was a great deal of heavy traffic believed to be drug-related at the home.

When Myrick knocked on the door, Tyrone Sims, age 21, answered and appeared nervous and couldn’t stand still, according to Myrick. The report also stated that Sims appeared to be concealing something in the front pocket of his shirt and Myrick could see a bulge.

When Myrick asked him what he had in his pocket, Myrick pulled out a pair of gloves. When Myrick asked for consent to search, Sims said he did have a little marijuana. Officers found a small sack with a leafy green substance in his pocket and another under his leg. They also found a grinder under the couch cushion with marijuana residue.

Sims was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession.

In another incident, deputies arrested Keith Little, age 36 of 555 Girl Scout Camp Rd., for aggravated domestic assault.


McKenzie Woman Arrested in Alleged Scam on Local Businesses

Paris, Tenn.- A McKenzie woman was arrested for theft after perpetuating what Paris Police officers termed a scam at at least three local businesses.

Arrested was Jennifer Lynn King, age 48, of 95 Heather Dr.

Police were called to the Henry Farmers’ Co-op at 1211 W. Wood Street on a report that a female had come in to the store several times to return items without a receipt. Employees said they believed she was shoplifting the items and returning them for cash. They reported that earlier that day she had returned a set of hobbles worth $62. They checked the store inventory and ascertained that the hobbles had never been sold. They also said she had returned a smaller set of hobbles worth $47 earlier.

They showed a video of the woman and Patrolman Dereck Greenhill and Sgt. Michael Ramos both identified her as King. While they were going to the sheriff’s office to get a photo of King for the employees to identify, they received another call from the Co-op saying she had returned to the store and was again attempting to return an item.

Both officers returned to the Co-op and questioned King who first claimed she had left the receipt at home, but officers told her the computer at the store had revealed that the item had not been sold.

According to the report, King them said her husband had asked her to return the items after he bought them. The report indicated that she could not provide an address or phone number for her husband, nor his date of birth.

At this point, the owner of Yoder Brothers who also was in the store told officers that King had tried to do the same thing at his store and also at Miller’s Country Store.

According to the report, King asked if she could just pay the money back and officers told her that the Co-op wanted to prosecute. A criminal trespass order also was signed ordering her not to come back to the Co-op.

Hospital Board Hears Updates on Diagnostic Center

Paris, Tenn.- At Thursday night’s Henry County Medical Center Board of Trustee’s meeting, Billie McKee, director of imaging gave a report on the diagnostic center and Bethel University satellite campus.

McKee said since the diagnostic center began operations in early October there were averaging around 50% outpatient services from the hospital at that location thru November. That has now increased to closer to 85-90% outpatient. She said they’ve seen an 11% growth in MR volume and a 10% growth in mammography, which equates to around $490K of revenue increases for the medical center.

She said they are continuing to get high patient satisfaction from the new facility with many medical equipment upgrades, pre-registration helping with the flow of services, and much more.

On the Bethel side of things, the success program has moved into the building already and the physician assistant classes will see around 50 students begin coursework there next week. They also have summer sessions planned at the building as well. McKee also said Bethel is working with the high school to possibly develop some dual credit courses there in the future.

Overall things are running well and it gives Henry County Medical Center access to train what they hope will be future staff members. In his report, Administrator Tom Gee told the board the pedestrian bridge is about 90% complete with just final painting and installation of the wheel chair lift remaining. All should be complete by mid-March.

TN Hospitals Pushing Legislature to Expand Medcaid Program

Paris, Tenn.- Hospital Administrator and CEO Tom Gee told the board of trustee’s Thursday night that hospitals across the state are making a big push to the legislature to expand the Medicaid program to cover citizens who earn less than 138% of the poverty level.

Gee said due to cuts to the program under the Affordable Care Act and Sequestration, the Medicaid expansion could be critical to hospitals this year. In Henry County alone about two thousand people would be represented by the 138% poverty level and combined with area counties around Henry it would be about six thousand people that could be included should Medicaid be expanded.

Gee warned board members that if cuts go through without an offset of fewer uninsured patients the medical center could see potential cuts of $31.7 million dollars over ten year, or about $3M per year. In order to survive, HCMC would have to curtail unprofitable services and layoff staff. The economic impact to the county as a whole would be about $55M and 450 jobs lost. Gee reiterated that the medical center would have to make severe changes in the way we do business and have to find more streams of revenue.

Physician recruitment is continuing with the medical center as they continue to talk with St. Thomas about their coverage after receiving no final decision from cardiologist. Gee said the hospital has been approached by TriStar about possible cardiology coverage. Gee also told the board they have met with two female OBs, will meet with orthopedic possibilities, and one for internal medicine as well for recruitment.

Student Arrested for Threatening Harm to Other Students

Paris, Tenn.-A juvenile student was arrested and taken to juvenile detention after allegedly threatening to do bodily harm with a weapon to other students in the local alternative school.

On February 27, the Crisis line with Carey Counseling Center received a tip from an anonymous caller stating that they had received a text message from a 15 year old student threatening to do bodily harm with a weapon to other students.

Carey Counseling contacted the Paris Police Department which in turn contacted School Resource Officer Sgt. Buford Taylor. While conducting the investigation Sgt. Taylor did uncover further evidence that corroborated what the initial caller had stated.

Contact was made with the students named in the threats and measures were taken to insure that they were in no immediate danger. The Henry County School System was also notified and made aware of this incident.

The suspect student was charged with aggravated assault and transported to juvenile detention in Rutherford County where he is awaiting his court date on Monday March 4. The suspect student was also served with a violation of probation in conjunction with these charges.

Also assisting in this investigation was Sgt. Ricky Watson with the Paris Police Dept.

Sheriff's Deputy Capt Damon Lowe said, "This another very important aspect of having a school resource officer. Sgt Taylor is active in the school system and with knowing the students was able to lead this investigation and stop a potential violent act in the school."

50th Anniversary of Plane Crash That Claimed Patsy Cline Looms

Wayne Tubbs of Paris Helped at Crash Site

Photos of Cline and copies of newspaper articles about the crash decorate the bulletin board at the crash site. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

By Shannon McFarlin

Camden, Tenn.-As the 50th anniversary of the terrible plane crash that killed Country Music Legend Patsy Cline, along with Cowboy Copas, Hawkshaw Hawkins and Randy Hughes approaches, the city of Camden is gearing up for memorial activities to commemorate their deaths.

The four were in a small plane piloted by Randy Hughes, en route from Kansas City to Nashville on the stormy night of March 5, 1963, when their plane crashed into a densely-wooded area near the firetower in Camden.

The impact left a huge crater which remains today and is the site of a memorial to them. Cline and her fellow Grand Old Opry Stars Copas and Hawkins had performed at a benefit in Kansas City on March 3. Bad weather had forced them to stay in Kansas City and they were itching to get back to their homes. Hughes was Cline’s manager, as well as a record producer and pilot and was commandeering a Piper Comanche 250 that night.

When they finally got the go-ahead to fly, they first went to the Dyersburg Municipal Airport for a stopover for gas and food and after Hughes conferred with his wife over the phone, he told Airport Manager Bill Braese that his wife said the weather in Nashville was much better. Hughes told Braese they would fly as far as they could and if they could not make it, they would be returning to the airport.

Braese later told reporters that he and his wife, Evelyn, kept the airport open until 11 a.m., certain they would return. They received a call at 2 a.m., informing them that the plane was missing. Braese said the plane left around 6 p.m. and he calculated that it crashed 30 minutes later.

For Hughes’ wife, it was a double tragedy. Not only did her husband die in the crash, but Cowboy Copas was her father.

In Camden, people heard a loud crash but determining it was a plane crash that caused the sound took some time--and finding it in the dense woods took even longer. Word that the plane was missing began to spread and people became convinced that there indeed had been a plane crash in the area.

The twisted wreckage of the plane was finally found early the next morning by Jeners Hollingsworth, his father, Jeffrey, Sam Webb and Wayne Fortner, and they tracked down Trooper Troy Odle who came to the scene.

A booklet published by the Camden-Benton Co. Chamber of Commerce in July of 1996, includes several interviews with local witnesses written by Frieda Guerin. “I will never forget it,” Jeners Hollingsworth told Guerin. “When we arrived at the crash site, the trooper fired his weapon three times into the air, signalling to the other searchers that the crash site had been located.”

Ambulances and law enforcement crowded onto the site, along with thousands of people who collected personal items and pieces of wreckage that were strewn about the site. Many people in the local area still have items found in the wreckage.

The late Wayne Tubbs of Paris, who was a State Trooper at the time of the crash, also helped with the recovery efforts. He told Guerin he helped find many items, including a diamond ring which a family member had asked about. “We got a metal detector and, believe it or not, found that ring.”

Tubbs said he found a blue hair brush, red wig, small box of Kleenex and Patsy’s cigarette lighter. Tubbs said he saw Carl Perkins, Ernest Tubb and Stonewall Jackson at the site on that first day and that Perkins asked if he could have Patsy’s hairbrush, which Tubbs gave him. Tubbs said he gave the rest to the Country Music Hall of Fame museum.

Over the years since the accident, the crash site has been made into a memorial site for the victims. Within the past ten years, a walkway has been erected to make it easier for people to get to the site.

Camden-Benton County Chamber of Commerce Director Bill Key said plans are underway for further development of the site. “We have several things planned,” he said, “including filling in the gulley up front and putting a memorial at the top of the hill for the people who can’t get down closer to the site.”

Plans are to make it easier for handicapped people to get to the site, he said. “We want to minimize that slope to make it easier. It’s a steep hill, but we know some people will always find it difficult to get all the way down the hill, so we’d like to put a memorial on the top of the hill.”

A huge rock is in place at the crash site itself, along with a spray of flowers. Key said the rock was placed on the site where the engine hit more than 10 years ago. “It took two bulldozers to put that in place,” he said.

“We have plans to sell commemorative bricks to place at the site” which would help defray costs for the development, he said.

A small committee is working on plans for a commemoration of the crash, he said. “And one thing we think is very important. We want to focus on all of the victims. Sometimes the fact that four people lost their lives there that night gets lost because everyone focuses so much on Patsy Cline because her music has endured so over the years.”

Plans are for a three day commemoration that would be set the weekend before the date of the crash, he said. “We’ve met with Patsy’s husband, Charlie Dick and her daughter, Julie Fudge, and we’re working with them on plans they would endorse.”

Key said, “We’d like to set up an area where we can display items that people found at the crash site. It would be a nice display in a secure area.”

A three-day event in Camden featuring concerts, speakers, and a vigil begin today. It will run through Saturday and features Grand Ole Opry stars Bill Anderson and Jan Howard.

Other plans are for a sing-a-like contest, gospel singing and other activities. “We want to make this a community event,” Key said. “We hope the whole community gets involved. We don’t want it just to be a Chamber event, but a community-wide commemoration.”

Dr. Suess' Birthday Party to be Celebrated at Library

Paris, Tenn.-The W.G. Rhea Public Library will hold a Dr. Seuss' Birthday celebration Friday afternoon from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in the Franklyn Thompson Children's Room. It includes activities such as crafts, story time, scavenger hunt and you can get your picture taken with the Cat in the Hat.


State Can Use $356M Rainy Day Fund to Weather Federal Cuts

Nashville, Tenn. – With looming sequester cuts threatening everything from Head Start programs to our military personnel, leaders in Tennessee urged Gov. Bill Haslam to use the proposed increase to the state’s rainy day fund to weather the storm.

Tennessee has $356 million in its rainy day fund, with another $100 million to be added in this year’s budget. Using that $100 million to fund vital services instead would save Tennesseans from the pain of Washington’s inaction.

“The fact that Washington is acting irresponsibly does not mean we should allow Tennesseans to suffer,” Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle said. “If this isn’t a rainy day I don’t know what is. We’re calling on the governor to reduce the impact of these cuts for the neediest of our citizens.”

Leaders across the state are bracing for impact.

Commander Maj. Gen. James C. McConville of the 101st Airborne Division is concerned about what cuts will mean for Fort Campbell.

"I am deeply concerned about the potential impact that these cuts will have on our civilian employees and military families,” Maj. Gen. McConville said in a statement. “We are doing everything that we can to limit the impact on our teammates and family members."

The cuts will affect more than active military and government employees. Travelers in Tennessee can expect longer lines at airports with fewer TSA agents and flight delays with fewer air traffic controllers. Visitors to Great Smoky Mountains National Park will be disappointed to find five campgrounds closed, and the businesses that depend on tourism dollars will feel the pinch.

“Losing $14.8 million in public education funding will be devastating to Tennessee’s children,” said Gera Summerford, TEA president and Sevier County math teacher. “Releasing rainy day funds is Governor Haslam’s opportunity to demonstrate that he has the best interest of Tennessee’s students at heart. We cannot allow our students to be the victims of Washington’s inability to avert this financial crisis.”

Of even greater concern is the funding Tennessee stands to lose for its most vulnerable. The loss of $136,000 for programs that prevent violence against women could mean 500 fewer victims being served. The Meals on Wheels program stands to lose $1 million.

“We could see the elimination of Head Start services for 1,200 children across the state. There are seniors who may stop receiving meals,” state Sen. Lowe Finney said. “What’s worse is that the administration has not presented the legislature with a plan to avoid it.”

Work on New BPU Parking Area Begins

Paris, Tenn.-On a recent day, workers were busy reinforcing a wall that adjoins Jack's Pool Hall before beginning to fill in the area that will be the new parking lot for the Board of Public Utilities (BPU). The former Belk's store building was demolished a few weeks ago to make way for the parking area. (Shannon McFarlin photo).


BPU to Upgrade District Substation, Build New One North of Paris

Paris, Tenn.- At Wednesday’s Board of Public Utilities board of directors meeting, board members were presented with some large capital projects for the electric department to tackle in the next few years.

Electric Supervisor Barry Brodgon discussed the engineering study that BPU had received from MidSouth Utility Consultants, regarding current line maintenance plans and projected future growth rates modelled after the GIS mapping system the BPU uses.

In short answer, Brodgon said the firm suggested spending $7.9 million dollars over three years that would include the rehabbing of the District Substation on Rison Street and Highway 69, and the construction of a new substation north of Paris in the Allison Street, 69 North area. He told the board he felt BPU could do much of the work in house that MidSouth Utility Consultants suggested they contract out, but it might take them a little longer. He estimated spending only about $5 million dollars instead of $7.9, but it taking five years instead of three.

Rehabbing of the District substation is needed because it was built in the late 1940s and supplied the entire county at first with electricity. While it still feeds a large portion of the city and area, it has had many issues because of the age of its equipment the last few years.

Brodgon said that the new construction of the north of Paris Substation would be built first and build some tie-in lines to help take some load off the district substation and India Road substation. He said they would have to wait on the state decisions on widening of 641 North to decide on a final place to build the new substation.

In addition to the new substation and rehabbing the district substation, Brogdon said that other work in the next couple of years to help with load would be to install voltage regulators at the rural stations like Henry. This would keep voltage where it needs to be especially in the peak hot summer months and allow the BPU to implement demand and control from the office with fiber.

BPU Board Hears Recommendation on Electric Warehouse

More from Wednesday’s BPU meeting saw Josh McCaslin, one of the engineers of the electric department, give a presentation of construction of a new electric warehouse to the board.

McCaslin said the existing warehouse was built in the early 1950s and due to drainage issues there were numerous areas of concrete wearing down and there were safety concerns for workers.

In 2010, TLM Associaties Structural Engineers were brought in and told the company several areas that could be patched up, but that it wouldn’t necessarily bring everything up to current building codes.

McCaslin explained to board members that they were recommending building a new warehouse and operations building in the near future. The building would be standard block construction with a metal roof and siding and would house offices, a separate mechanic shop, and much more. He said they do not have an exact location picked out for the new warehouse, but thought an ideal location would be near downtown and the 218 bypass.

General Manager of BPU John Etheridge said they were looking for about eight acres for the building and estimated early cost would be around $2 to $2.5 million dollars for the new building. This along with $5 million dollars in cost for substation construction and rehab work would need a capital outlay note and possibly rate increases. Etheridge told the board that they would like to possibly take the note out around October of this year.

TVA Offers Grants to Upgrade Flourescent Lights

In other news from the BPU meeting, Etheridge said TVA is currently offering about $120K in grant money to Henry County businesses to upgrade their fluorescent lighting. Tthe T12 lights will soon be obsolete and switching to the T8 lights will be required soon. TVA has already paid back average reimbursements of $29K per customer investment to businesses in Henry County for these energy efficient upgrades to their fluorescent lights. Any business that wants more information on how to obtain some grant money and save money on their energy bills can contact Wyatt Glover with BPU at 642-1322.

Etheridge reported all three entities of BPU: electric, water, and wastewater were doing well so far in the fiscal year financially. In the electric department sales were good and they should finish with a good overall year although some money has been spent on line maintenance this year. In the water department they had a negative net income for the month, but year to date sales were up about $30K. The Wastewater department also shows sales up year to date around $32K.

The BPU board also approved a resolution for the city of Paris to issue a $900K capital outlay note for the water department. Etheridge said they are getting ready to finally go about the process of bidding out the note to local banks to help reimburse BPU for some of their money spent on this AMI water metering project they’ve been working on the last few months. Water and Wastewater Supervisor Terry Wimberly updated the board on the AMI metering saying the first phase of the project should be complete by next week.

Zumbathon on Saturday to Benefit Relay for Life

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County educators Relay for Life team will have a Zumbathon charity event this Saturday from 10am to noon at Grove School. The cost is ten dollars per person and all money raised benefits the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life.

There will be raffles, concessions, and classes are taught by Zumba Instructors Jeni Dixon, Kari Frazier, Jessica Prince, and Karamaneh Winchester. For more information call 270-293-4269.

Arbor Day Tree Giveway set for Friday

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Soil Conservation District will be giving away trees on Arbor Day which is Friday March 1. The trees will be given away at the USDA Service Center, 408 North Market Street starting at 9am and will continue while supplies last. Trees given away include Virginia Pine, Sawtooth Oak, Chickasaw Plum, Persimmon, and Pecan trees.

Sheriff's Office Seeks Help in Dog Abuse Case

An emaciated dog with cuts and spots where fur is missing was found tied to a tree. (Sheriff's Office Animal Shelter photo).

Paris, Tenn.-A dog was found abandoned and tied to a tree in the area of Rainey Lane in northwest Henry County Sunday and the Henry County Sheriff's Office is seeking the public's help in finding who left her there.

Shelter Spokesperson Melissa Bomar said the female dog is in horrible condition, extremely thin with cuts on her, as well as several spots where her fur is missing.

According to the report, a gold Jeep Liberty was spotted in the area of Rainey Lane. When the vehicle left, a gentleman went to investigate and discovered the dog abandoned, tied to a tree without any food or water.

He immediately contacted the Sheriff's Office and Deputies David Powell and Ricky Wade responded to the call. She was wearing what appears to be a faded pink camo harness with a John Deere leash attached.  

Anyone with information, call the Henry County Sheriff's Office at (731)-642-1672.

The dog is being cared for at the Henry County Sheriff's Office animal shelter on Jones Bend Rd.


Sally Lane's Candy Farm Highlighted in Tennessee Cooperator

Paris, Tenn.-A Henry County institution--Sally Lane's Candy Farm--is spotlighted in the latest issue of Tennessee Cooperator with a two-page spread.

The article, which is highlighted with several photos, tells the story of how Sally Lane's began some 50 years ago by Sally Lane Jones and how it has stayed in business over the years under the ownership of several different families.

Sally Lane's is now owned by Pam and Rick Rockwell and her parents Shelby and Bobby Freeman, who have not only kept the sweet tradition alive but have developed new candy products.

The Rockwells and Freemans use the original equipment as well as the original recipes for such mainstays as the store's signature pink and green mints, fudge and chocolate barks and more.

But they also have developed new traditions, including white chocolate popcorn, orange and lemon mints and Kentucky Lake 'frogs'.

Last summer they also reopened the familiar pink original store on Hwy. 79N and are open on weekends and holidays. The family creates the treats at their farm on Gum Springs Rd.

You can contact Sally Lane's at 642-5801. Copies of the magazine are available at the Henry Farmers' Coop.


Allegro Featured in Tennessee Home and Farm

Paris, Tenn.-Another local product is featured in the latest issue of Tennessee Home and Farm: the Allegro marinades that are manufactured at Allegro Fine Foods on Hwy. 218.

The article looks back at the history of the company, from its beginnings in the kitchen of Betsy and Dave Wilcox to its present day.


Fire Contained to Bedroom

Paris, Tenn.-A mobile home fire Tuesday afternoon was contained to the bedroom thanks to quick thinking by a neighbor.

Paris Firefighters were called to 2920 Reynoldsburg Rd. around 4:15 p.m. According to Fireman Barry Farmer, a neighbor saw smoke coming from the home and ran in and shut the bedroom door, thus helping to smother the fire.

Firemen were able to contain the fire to only the bedroom, he said. The home is owned by Crystal Walker and no one was injured.

Patriots Season Ends in Region Tourney Loss

Hendersonville, Tenn.- Henry County lost to Dickson County 81-60 on Tuesday night in the 2nd round of the Region 5-AAA tournament. The loss ended the Patriots season. Blake Houston had 18 points in the loss, Amari Cook had 13, and Brandon Donaldson chipped in 11. Congrats to the Pats on a great basketball season and we wish the seniors the best of luck in the future endeavours.

Hazelwood ECO Program Set for March 9-10

Monarch Butterflies and Milkweed part of next series of programs offered. In photo are Vicky Jo Valentine and Glen Lee. (Submitted photo).

Buchanan, Tenn- The Hazelwood Every Child Outdoors Center will offer two days of tips on gardening, nutrition, and outdoor exercise Saturday and Sunday March 9-10.

Glen Lee, avid entomologist, will teach about Monarch Butterflies and event goers will plant milkweed to support the Monrach’s life cycle. The workshops will also focus on sensible exercise with programs like “Walking off Winter.”

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are discuss with the “Out with the Old in with the
New Cooking School” and basic home gardening will be presented in the program called “Spring Cleaning in the Garden” and “Compost- Easy as 1,2,3.”

Vicki Stevens-Valentine, project coordinator at Hazelwood, said “we think people will be amazed at how easy and inexpensive safe exercise and healthy eating can be and participating in this event can be a great way to develop new family habits.”

Participants in the two day event are asked to register in advance by calling the Henry County Alliance at 642-3431. The event is free, but space is limited to 40 people. The deadline to enter the program is Monday March 4th. Saturday programs will run from 10am to 3pm and Sunday activities are 1-5pm. All Hazelwood ECO programs are sponsored through and agreement with the state of Tennessee.

Chamber Coffee Draws Crowd

Paris, Tenn.-Tuesday morning's Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce coffee at the Henry County Medical Center diagnostic center on Tyson Ave. drew a large crowd of members interested to see the new facility. (Jennifer Wheatley photo).


1st Annual McKenzie BBQ Challenge Set for Saturday

McKenzie, Tenn.-McKenzie City Park will be the location of the 1st annual Tennessee BBQ Association Rib Shootout BBQ Challenge on Saturday, March 2.

Several competiton teams from other states will be competing as well as Mckenzie, Paris and Jackson teams. Chris Chadwick of McKenzie said it will be a great all day event starting early that morning.

The cooks' meeting will be at 10 a.m., and a shot gun start will begin at 10:30 a.m., with BBQ to be turned in by the cooks at 3:30, 4 and 4:30 p.m. Slabs of ribs will be available to the public to sample for donations.

If someone needs info about competing they can call 225-4488 or 571-1645

Broken Down Vehicle Stolen Off  Side of Road

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the theft of vehicle from the side of the road in the Buchanan area. The report stated that the victim’s car, a 1998 pontiac, broke down on her near the Dollar Store on highway 79 North a couple of weeks ago and when she went to have it towed away the car was gone. The sheriff’s office contacted the Tennessee Highway Patrol to see if they had the vehicle moved but they had not yet. Also local scrap yards were checked to see if the car was turned in for scrap iron, but it hadn’t been. There are no suspects in this theft so far.

In a separate incident, Ptl. Jeff Smith of the Paris Police Department charged an Obion, Tennessee woman with drug charges from the weekend. Amy Nicole Ward was charged with driving on a suspended driver’s license, simple possession of schedule six, and criminal impersonation.


BPU to Shut of Water on Joy Street Saturday Morning

Joy Street to be closed Saturday and brief time Thursday afternoon

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Board of Public Utilities will have the water off on Joy Street from 8am to mid afternoon this Saturday March 2nd in order to perform work that needs to be completed as part of the upcoming road construction project at the Tyson and Joy Street intersection. Joy Street will be closed to traffic between Lake Street and Tyson during the same time on March 2nd. Joy Street will also be closed for a brief period on Thursday afternoon in order to prepare for Saturday’s work.

Reminder: Taxes Due Thursday, Trustee's Office Open Extened Hrs.

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Trustee’s Office is open extended hours thru Thursday to allow citizens to come in and pay property taxes. Taxes are due by the close of business Thursday to avoid a penalty. The Trustee’s office, located inside the courthouse annex on Washington Street will be open until 5pm thru Thursday to allow an extra half hour of time for people to get in to conduct business. For more information call the Trustee’s office at 642-6633.

National Civil Rights Museum Visited for Black History Month

A large contingent from Henry County poses in front of the Lorraine Hotel balcony. (Submitted photo).

Memphis, Tenn.-It was a long day, but well worth it for the 110 people from Henry County who went on a field trip Saturday to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, according to Brother Andre Richardson. Sponsored by the Paris-Henry County Ministerial Alliance, the trip was coordinated in honor of Black History Month. The Museum is located at the former Lorraine Hotel, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

The trip coincided with renovations that are being done to the museum, which has allowed people to step out on to the balcony where Rev. King was shot for the first time. Brother Richardson thanked both Trinity and Rawls Funeral Homes for sponsoring transportation for the trip.

He said included in the group were two of the MLK Day Essay Contest winners and their families. "Everyone had an awesome time," he said. "We will go again next year."

Paris Lion's Club Annual Chili Day Fundraiser set for Tuesday

Paris, Tenn.- The annual Lions Club Chilli Day will be held at First United Methodist Church Christian Life Center from 11-7 Tuesday. Its only eight dollars for all you can eat world famous Lions Club Chilli, drink, and dessert. All proceeds goes to help the Lions Club Sight Conservation work. Tickets can be purchased at Paris Realty, Paris Insurance, any Lions member, or at the door.

Day of Dance Set for Thursday

Paris, Tenn.-Healthy Henry County will sponsor a "Day of Dance" at the Henry County fairgrounds commercial building from 4-7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 28. The schedule of activities includes a Zumba demonstration, line dancing, ballroom dancing and demonstrations of new heart care technology.

The activities are planned every half hour through the afternoon and evening. Blood pressure screenings and pulse screenings are offered and there will be booths of information, goodie bags, giveaways and door prizes.

The event is free.


County GOP to Meet Thursday

Paris, Tenn.-The Henry County Republican Party will convene at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 28 in the Chancery Court room (main floor) of the Henry County Courthouse.

Chairman-Elect Kert Blackwood said the  state GOP headquarters has decided that it is best that the Party hold its regularly scheduled monthly meeting and that said meeting should be chaired by Kurt Holbert, State Executive Committeeman for this district, in light of the yet unannounced decision regarding the contest of the county reorganization election.

State Senator Jim Summerville (R - Dickson, Tn.) is guest speaker. He will be speaking on the activities of the current legislative session and various bills that are now being pushed through the process.


Paris Fire Department Offering Free Smoke Alarms

Alarms come with Lithium Battery with 10 year Lifespan

Paris, Tenn.- The State Fire Marshal’s office recently presented the city of Paris Fire Department with a supply of smoke alarms to be installed in homes within the community at high risk of fire. Paris Fire department personnel attended an information and training session on the new alarms which were purchased with FEMA grant funds and utilize a lithium battery with a 10 year lifespan.

This statewide, months-long distribution of smoke alarms is the state fire marshal’s efforts to both educate and equip Tennesseans to incorporate fire safety into their lives.

State Fire Marshal Julie McPeak said “we want residents to make sure they have functional fire alarms in their homes as well as a rehearsed fire-escape plan.

The alarms are free to citizens of Paris, but must be installed by a member of the fire department. To request an installation call 642-1413 and provide your name, address, and phone number. A representative of the fire department will contact you to set up a time to come install the alarm.

Other things to do to make sure your home is fire safe includes keeping portable space heaters and candles three feet away from anything that can burn, always turn off space heaters when you go to bed or leave the home, have the chimney to your home clean and checked regularly, and make sure all matches and ashes are cool before throwing them away.

Pats Battle Dickson County in Regionals Tonight at Beech High

Hendersonville, Tenn.- Henry County plays rival Dickson County tonight in the 2nd round of the Region 5-AAA tournament. The game will be played at Beech High School in Hendersonville and the tip is set for 6pm. The Patriots need all your support as a win would mean a trip to the Region Champion game and a guaranteed spot in the sub-state round of the state tournament. If you can’t make the trip be sure and listen to our broadcast starting at 5:30pm with the pregame show on WLZK 94.1FM or streaming on our website, wmufradio.com.

"Smokey Joe's Cafe" Comes to Paris Saturday Evening

Cast of Smokey Joe's Cafe featuers local talent and great entertainment. (Travis McLeese photo)

Paris, Tenn.- The tour of “Smokey Joe’s Café” will come to the Krider Performing Arts Center Saturday March 2nd, 2013. Show time is 7:00pm and tickets can be purchased for $5 from Merison’s or at the door the night of the event. The show features Alexis Ward, Allin Montford and Jason Wade all of Paris, TN and Henry County High School graduates.


 “It is always fun to perform for the people you know and love,” commented Alexis Ward, Freshman at Bethel who is a 2012 Graduate of Henry County High School.  “This performance will conclude an amazing 10 venue run.  I have learned so much my first year, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

The Renaissance program at Bethel University is a unique, high energy extra curricular program designed to offer substantial scholarships to performers, as well as give them the opportunity to perform all over the world.  Consisting of three core programs-Vocal, Theatrical, and Instrumental-Renaissance attracts a wide variety of talented students.  From stages, platforms, and pulpits Renaissance shows the world that Bethel University and her students are among the best in the nation.

"Our School is committed to the arts.  So much so that the President of our University, Dr. Robert Prosser, believes that the performing arts program should receive as much scholarship money as the athletic program.  Rare huh?  Our actors receive the same scholarship as the starting Quarterback," added Travis McLeese, Director of Renaissance Relations.  

This fun and exciting show will come with
elaborate choreography, impressive harmonies and music that will take you back to the days of good ole rock-n-roll. For information on tickets contact Merison’s (731) 641-2800 or the Bethel University Renaissance Office (731) 393-0405.

4-H Poster Contest Winners Announced

Paris, Tenn.-The Henry County 4-H poster contest winners, along with Patty Powley of FirstBank, look over their prize winning posters. The contest is sponsored by FirstBank.

Left to right, Marley Trosper, Clay Durham, Alyssa Wade, Patty Powley, Steele Schoeberl, and Abby Grace Alton had the top posters out of 100 entered in the county poster contest. Abby is the daughter of David and Melissa Alton and is a 5th grader at Paris Elementary School. Also a 5th grader at PES, Alyssa is the daughter of Albert and Renae Wade.

Participating in her first 4-H poster contest is Marley, the daughter of Jon and Jennifer Trosper, a 4th grade Explorer at PES. Steele and Clay are both 6th grade 4-H members at Lakewood. Steele is the son of Richard and Mitzi Schoeberl. Clay is the son of Steve and Leigh Anne Durham. Abby, Marley and Alyssa’s posters were chosen to advance to the state contest. (Staci Foy photo).


Grove School to Observe Save  A Heart Day

Paris, Tenn.-On Thursday, February 28, 2013, E.W. Grove students will be participating in the 5th Annual Save a Heart Day. Save a Heart Day is an exciting day on our campus! Save a Heart Day rotations will begin at 8:05 am and continue until 2:55 pm, with lunch between 11:10-11:50. The day consists of students rotating through the following heart-healthy stations:

• CPR Certification: Led by LuJan Meketi, Angie Dotson, and approximately 20 volunteer, certified CPR Instructors; Students will be trained by a certified CPR Instructor and, upon successful completion, will be certified in CPR. Students will receive their CPR Certification cards before the end of the school year. This is an amazing opportunity for our students to have CPR certification. Combined with the last 4 years, almost 1800 Henry County teens have been CPR certified, which is great for our community, especially considering that we have one of the highest rates of heart disease.

• Heart Risk Factors & Nutrition: Led by Michele Atkins and Barbara Kelly; Students will learn about important heart-related numbers of which to be aware and unhealthy versus healthy activities for the heart. Also, students will learn about appropriate nutrition that leads to a healthy lifestyle, sample healthy foods, and experience the effects of extra weight on the body.

• Tobacco: Led by Grove school nurse Kristen Robbins and University of Tennessee at Martin students. During this session, students will learn about the negative effects on the heart of using tobacco products.

• Teen Pregnancy, STD’s, and Abstinence: Led by nationally known speaker Lucas Hurd; This session is a favorite for students! Lucas Hurd will talk to our students about real issues in a fun, appropriate way. Henry County currently has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the state. During this session, students will learn about the positive outcomes of living a life of abstinence.
• Exercise: Led by karate Master Dinh; Students will practice exercises that can easily be done at home and that lead to a heart healthy body. This session is an absolute favorite for students!

• Choices with Drugs and Alcohol: Led by Jackson-based speaker Tony Black; Students will learn about drugs/alcohol and the negative effects that can come with these.


Thefts Reported Across County From the Weekend

Paris, Tenn.- Several reports of thefts were investigated by deputies of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office this weekend all over the county. One report stated a home on Van Dyke Road had the garage door kicked in and over $2400 worth of items stolen including a couple of guns, a computer, TV, and some drills. Police have no suspect in the incident.

Another report stated that items were stolen from Tays Drive over the weekend after an incident where the victim had problems with her son’s drinking and actions. Items stolen include a fossil watch, fire proof safe, jewelry, and a shovel all valued over $1,000. The victim did tell officers the son was a suspect because everything had been in place before his tirade had taken place.

Other reports of theft from the weekend include Paul Drive where things were ransacked and the basement door had been forced open, a brick was thrown thru a door on Jones Street in Puryear and many walls were damaged in the home, and a wallet with over $200 cash was missing from a car parked on Hidden Acres Road. Police have no suspects in any of these thefts or incidents.

Rhea Pre-K Head Start Registration Tues.-Thurs

Paris, Tenn.- Rhea Pre-K Head Start will be accepting applications for enrollment of children for the 2013-14 school year. If your child will be 4 years old by September 30th of this year and you are interested in the Pre-K Head Start program you can complete an application during registration days later in February.

Registration will be held at Rhea School Pre-K located at 115 S. Wilson Street in Paris and they ask you to use the Harding Road and the back entrance to the school. Dates for registration are Tuesday February 26th, Wednesday the 27th, and Thursday the 28th. Times will be Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 6pm and on Wednesday from 8:30am to 4pm.

Parents must bring the following information: proof of child’s age, social security card for the enrolling child and each family member, name address, and phone number of at least three emergency contacts, TennCare or insurance card, and proof of income. For more information call Rhea School at 642-8011.

Remembering Central High School's Past

Nellie Bass gazes on a picture of herself from when she was on the Central High girls' basketball team. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Paris, Tenn.-If you haven’t been to the Central Services building lately, it would be worth your while to see the montages that have been mounted on the walls which highlight the history of the former Central High School, its teachers and students.

Several of the montages have been framed and hang on the walls in the lobby and main hallway of the building. They contain rare and historic photos of former teachers and students of the school and they trace the school’s history from its beginning.

The project was spearheaded by Oma Bass of Paris and the latest montage to be placed on the wall highlights the athletes of the former school. There also are photos that have been mounted honouring the Central School Hall of Fame inductions.


Patriots Move on to Second Round with Overtime Win

Paris, Tenn.-With  Henry County's win in overtime, 62-59, against Station Camp Saturday night, the Patriots now move on to the second round of regionals, playing Tuesday at 6 p.m. against Dickson County. The game will be played at Beech High School and we of course will air it on the radio and you can listen on our website.


Redtail Hawk Recuperating at Park

Buchanan, Tenn.-A redtail hawk that was shot in the wing is recuperating at the raptor rehabilitation facility at Paris Landing State Park. Jack Foddrill said the hawk was shot in the wing and cannot fly anymore. He said it will be used as one of the birds that he and others from the facility take to schools and local events for educational purposes. In the photo holding the bird is Rebecca Davenport. (Jack Foddrill photo).

Shoplifting Arrest Leads to Extradition

Paris, Tenn.-A shoplifting arrest at Wal-Mart Saturday resulted in a fugitive from justice arrest and future extradition proceedings against a Memphis woman. Paris Police were called to the store on a report that a woman had attempted to steal $222 worth of items without paying.

A check with dispatch on the woman revealed there were warrants on her out of South Carolina for failure to appear on a simple possession charge and petty larcenies. A check with authorities in South Carolina by the police department determined they would be willing to extradite her back to South Carolina.

Arrested was Anna Marie Jones, age 25. She was ordered held without bond in the local jail.


Deadline for Photo Showcase is Thursday

Paris, Tenn.-The deadline for entries in the 21st Annual Photo Showcase is Thursday, February 28. The showcase will be held March 3-April 4 at W.G. Rhea Public Library, with the opening reception will Sunday, March 3rd at 2. Entry forms are available at the Arts Council office in City Hall, at the Library, and on the Arts Council website

www.phcarts.com. If you have any questions call the Arts Council office 642-3955.

Tomorrow's Hope Groundbreaking Held

Wielding the shovels, left to right: Chamber Official Jeff Seaton, Dick Bates, Architect Charles Fletcher, Cheryl Connor, Kathie Beddies, Jack Pressey and County Mayor Brent Greer. (Jennifer Wheatley photo).

Paris, Tenn.-A ground-breaking ceremony for the future location of the Tomorrow’s Hope Pregnancy Help Center was held Friday morning at 1013 Cornerstone Dr. in Paris.

Director Cheryl Connor and Board President Jack Pressey spoke at the ceremony and voiced their gratitude to Dr. Joe Mobley for donating the land for the center.

Connor said the center does not yet have all of the money for construction that it needs, but said they feel since they are a Christian-based organization, the money will come for it.


Drawing of how the new Tomorrow's Hope building will look.


Kidz Zone, Healthy Henry County Event Draws Crowd

Paris, Tenn.-A good-sized crowd was on hand at the Krider Performing Arts Center (KPAC) Saturday for the Kidz Zone and Healthy Henry County Lifestyles Day event. Activities for children were popular, including inflatables and games, pictured top, and informational booths and speakers were available for adults. The Henry County Health Department booth is pictured at bottom. (Shannon McFarlin photos).


Great Pretenders Event Seeking Acts

Paris, Tenn.-The Paris & Henry County Healthcare Foundation is now seeking individual or group performers and acts to be a part of the upcoming Great Pretenders 2013 Show. The show will be held at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 22 and 23 at the Krider Performing Arts Center.

The name for this year‘s show is “Legends Leaving a Legacy for Healthcare”.

The show is always a popular attraction locally and Organizer Tory Daughrity said money raised during the event will once again go for good causes.

“With your support and participation in Great Pretenders,“ she said. “we will be able to continue to support and fund opportunities like purchasing stroke equipment for patients who need intensive rehab, supporting four students with their education in the healthcare field, purchasing much needed healthcare equipment and training materials, providing over a $1 million in pharmacy assistance to patients, assisting hospice patients, and helping to improve the health of our community with free screenings and educational events and activities.”

She also said Rik Morgan and the crew from Morgan Entertainment will again be working with the Healthcare Foundation to put on another good event.

To sign up or get more information, call Tory Daughrity at 644-8266.


County Communications Project Re-Bid; Will Save $36,000


The Henry County Communications District will be located in the former Reeves Drapery building. (Shannon McFarlin photo).

Paris, Tenn.-Changes to the specs and re-bidding for renovations to the Henry County Communications District building saved the project some $36,000 following action taken by the Henry County Enhanced 911 board at a special meetingThursday evening.

The building is the former Reeves Drapery store on Brewer Street in Paris and once renovations are complete, the Communications offices will house the 911 Administrative offices, the county’s Emergency Management Agency, and the local headquarters for the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse. There also will be a meeting room that will be used as an Emergency Operating Center for the EMA office.

911 Director Mark Archer stressed that 911 dispatch will remain at city hall. None of the dispatch will be moved to the new location.

Bids already had been approved for the project, but Archer said changes were made to the specifications involving lighting and design. With approval of the new bids Thursday, the updated estimate of project costs is now $594,205, which is $36,000 less than previously approved.

Contract Manager for the project is Scott Stephens, owner of Stephens Construction of Paris. Subcontractor is Wyatt Owens of Paris. While reviewing the individual building bids for the project, Stephens and Archer noted that all of the contractors to be hired by Owens for the project are local. Archer said, “This will be a great investment for this community.”

Archer said he is very satisfied with the project and the new bids, noting “We will be saving a lot of money doing it this way than if we had built our own building like we had discussed previously.” The building itself cost $65,000.

911 Board Chairman John Etheridge said, “What we’re going to have here is a virtually new building when we do all the renovations and by my calculations we’re going to be paying $94 per square foot for the project and that’s a very competitive price.”

Etheridge also commended Stephens and Archer for their work on it. “They’ve worked hard to re-state these bids,” he said.

In other business, the board also approved purchase of a new generator for the building at $55,080 and awarded that contract to Wyatt Owens.

With the new bids approved, Stephens said the project can start right away.

Man Cited After Being Found Asleep in Car

Paris, Tenn.-Paris Police were called to 1111 N. Market Street on Wednesday afternoon on a report of a man sleeping in his vehicle with the engine running.

A check of the man's license by Patrolman Jeff Smith revealed his license had been suspended due to traffic violations from Henry Co. The man said he was tired from working the night before.

Arrested was Michael Evans, 53 of 202 Guthrie Rd.


News from past weeks here.




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