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WMUF/WLZK News                                                               

From News Director Tim Alsobrooks 

Assistant News Director Barron Robinson


HCMC LEAN Programs Going Well After First Year

Tommy Hayes shows graphs and discusses the LEAN initative at Thursday night's HCMC Board of Trustees meeting. (Tim Alsobrooks photos)

Paris, Tenn.- At Thursday night’s Henry County Medical Center Board of Trustee’s board meeting, presentations were made on the LEAN Initiative which the medical center had started over year ago. CEO and Administrator of the medical center Tom Gee said LEAN is well known in industry, but not as much in the medical field. He said it’s a cultural change about how to give customers more valued added services for their money.

Gee said the keys are to eliminate waste, provide customers with value, and use techniques to standardize waste. He said little changes will make big impacts later on.

Director of the Surgery Center Neely Ashley talked about how LEAN techniques were used to reduce patient wait times or Pre-Admission Testing schedules. She said times have gone done from 2 hour wait times at times to under 2 minutes as one employee calls every single surgery patient and schedules them a PAT time to come in for pre-surgery work.

Tommy Hayes, director of Materials Management at HCMC, talked about how his department has given nurses and materials management employees back about 1 and a half hour each day as they have reorganized materials to make them much easier to find and reorder.

Craig Peevyhouse, Director of the Emergency Room, told trustees that the emergency department has used LEAN techniques to drastically reduce the percentage of patients who were leaving the ER prior to being seen by doctors. Peevyhouse said there was a problem with patients waiting so long to be seen, they were leaving without any kind of treatment. With some shift changes and being more flexible, the ER has managed to reduce that number of people leaving before treatment by 62%. Peevyhouse told the board if someone has a bad experience in our ER, I want to know about it and we will try to fix it.

Neely Ashley discusses changes in the Sugery Center with LEAN.

Many Factors Contribute to Tough Jan. for HCMC

Paris, Tenn.- Chief Financial Officer Lisa Casteel explained to the board that many contributing factors in January lead to an operating loss of $1M. Casteel said with insurance premiums resetting in January, customers trying to avoid beginning paying high deductibles early in the year, snow events that caused closures and surgery cancellations, it was a rough month for the medical center with the significant loss.

Casteel said “we were below 500 surgeries in January for the first time in the fiscal year, and its one of the toughest months I’ve ever seen us have.”

Casteel said she couldn’t predict the rest of the fiscal year, but a good February has already been realized with volumes and surgeries up. She said with a very good spring we could still possibly break even at the end of the fiscal year.

Hospital To Take on Anesthesia Contract In House

Paris, Tenn.- Gee told the board that the medical center had decided to take the Anesthesia contract in house and discontinue using NorthStar Anesthesia as a contract company. Gee said at first this will be a cash flow issue, but once everything is in place, the medical center should see savings of $150K or more in management fees. Gee said the majority if not all of the CRNA staff wants to stay with HCMC as hospital employees.

Gee also said the hospital once again qualified for a bonus under the value based incentive program with CMS. Gee said it was the 3rd year in a row the hospital qualified for the bonus and it equates to around $58K.

Gee said unfortunately the bonus has been offset by some penalties in pneumonia total joint DRG readmissions which are based upon a rolling three year measurement period. With that, improvements made in the area might not show up for a year or two

Gee explained that inflation for medical devices and pharmacy continue to rise at double digit rates and that is putting pressure on supply costs. Pharmacy drugs have increased on average about 14% and regular supplies like gloves, disposable items and such have increased 7% and with a basic no increase in Medcaid it has presented some problems for HCMC.

The Board of Trustees learned that negotiations continue with a psychiatrist from Murray who has expressed interest in the Lake Haven unit. Gee said he has a position with the VA that requires some travel of him and hopefully the thought of being closer to home will lure him to HCMC. Gee also said the hospital is talking with two family physicians who are looking to practice together.

HCMC Honors David Hessing for 38 Years of Service

HCMC Board of Trustees Chair Phil Wichlan presents a plaque to David Hessing, recognizing him for his years of service as the board's attorney. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- The board of trustees also recognized outgoing attorney David Hessing for his 38 years of service to HCMC. Gee said he has been a great asset to work with and Hessing plans on continuing to help the HCMC in the Long Range Planning Committee. Hessing said it has been a privilege and honor to work with the board of trustees. He said he was sad to be retiring from it because it was an exciting time in the health science field with lots of challenges and he would love to continue to be a part. He said “we have a great board and I have no doubt you all will meet those challenges in the future.”

The board was informed that the hospital has reached agreement with Attorney Shon Johnson as the new legal counsel for the Medical Center and board. He will attend next month’s board meeting.

Atwood Restaurant Has Paris Connections

Smoke & Sizzle located at 440 West Main Street in Atwood (Cheryl Allen photo)

Atwood, Tenn -  Thursday morning, the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce welcomed another new business to Carroll County. Owners/operators Jonathan & Lauren Goodrum welcomed a large crowd to their restaurant, Smoke & Sizzle located at 440 West Main Street in Atwood, next door to the Dollar General Store on Hwy 79.

 L-R Front- Atwood Mayor James Halford, Felicia Garcia and son JJ, Austin Goodrum, Jonathan and Lauren Goodrum, Teresa Goodrum, Lexi Hollowell Barbara Rogers, and Carroll County Mayor Kenny McBride. Back Row: Carroll County Chamber President Brad Hurley, James Marshall, Mary Grace (hiding), Angie Knight, Debbie Collins, Wilma Murphy, Randy Reynolds, Huntingdon Health & Rehab, Ronnie Murphy. (Cheryl Allen photo)

With a full crowd on hand consisting of family, friends, chamber members, the Mayor of Atwood, and members of the community, the Goodrum’s were thrilled with the turn out for the special day recognizing their restaurant. The Goodrum’s have connections in Paris and Henry County, and urged them as well as other surrounding counties to come visit and give them a try.

Busy morning for Smoke & Sizzle in Atwood (Cheryl Allen photo)

Smoke & Sizzle specializes in all your bbq needs, from bbq sandwiches, bbq plates, shoulders, bbq nachos, as well as pork rinds with dine in or takeout available. Smoke & Sizzle is a great family oriented place to take the entire family. With the warm and cozy atmosphere, they make you feel like family as soon as you walk in the door.

Jonathan and Lauren would like to invite everyone to come and visit them for all your bbq desires.

Hours of operation are Tuesday through Thursday 11-8, Friday and Saturday 11-9, Sunday 11-6 and they are closed on Monday.  For more information, call 731-662-PORK.

8th Annual Save A Heart Day Held At Grove Thursday

R.N. Lori Laser leads Grove's students in CPR certification. (Barron Robinson photos)

Paris, Tenn.- Grove’s 8th annual Save A Heart day was held on Thursday at E.W. Grove. Students were taken around to different heart-healthy stations consisting of everything from choices with drugs and alcohol to CPR certification.

During the CPR certification approximately 20 volunteers ranging from certified CPR instructors to licenced RN’s, showed students a full course on how to assess a situation and being able to start the CPR process. Students were also taught how to use an AED for life saving purposes. By the end of the school year those who passed the CPR certification will receive their CPR certificate. Lori Laser a RN stated, “This is a great program that is rewarding and great for the kids that we look forward to each year as volunteers.”

Students were taken through heart healthy exercises on staying active and how to strengthen their heart.  The young Patriots were even able to practice karate with Master Dinh, as he showed them easy ways to stay active even while at home.

UT Martin students led the tobacco abstinence station. The instructors taught the youth not just tobacco and what it can do to your body but also extreme dangers of the fad of e-cigs, which are made with Acetaldehyde and Formaldehyde. The e-cigs are unregulated by the FDA and can pump a lot more nicotine into your body than the average tobacco product has which can be very deadly.

Jackson-based speaker Tony Black talking to students

Another station which included Tony Black, who has been a fixture at Save A Heart Day; sharing his own and others stories on how to make the right choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol. He teaches the kids the negative and life altering effects that can come with these things, while also helping them with ways to handle peer pressure.

Students exploring Air Evac chopper

Others stations students rotated through included Lucas Herd talking about abstinence and teen pregnancy, Air Evac and a local HCMC ambulance taught kids the dangers of distracted driving and what all can come from that.  

Students find out what an E.R. on wheels looks like

Grove Assistant Principal Dr Michelle Webb stated, “Our 8th annual Save A Heart Day was a huge success, we’re very thankful to Air Evac and all of our volunteers and instructors who make this possible to students.”

Vehicle Break-ins Being Investigated

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Sheriff’s Office is investigating vehicle break-ins along Old McKenzie Hwy. In one report Dep Frankie Scott responded to a call involving 3 vehicles broken into. The doors were open on all the vehicles with noticeable items scattered about but nothing seemed to be missing. There are no suspects at this time.

 In another report Dep Chad Lowery responded to a call on Old McKenzie Hwy where a vehicle was broken into; a purse was stolen out of it and a BB pistol was left in the seat which was taken into the Sheriff’s Department for further investigation. Also at that address another vehicle was broken into where $5.00 in change and a pack of gum was taken from the vehicle. The victim notified police that the purse was found empty on the side of the road on Old McKenzie Hwy.

Chief Elizondo Warns of IRS Scams

Paris, Tenn.- Paris Police Chief Chuck Elizondo issued a press release Thursday morning reminding citizens with the tax season upon us, thieves and scammers are busy trying to steal your money. The 911 center has had numerous complaints from citizens of attempted phone scams.

Chief Elizondo said an IRS imposter scam can be an intimidating and sophisticated phone scam as callers claim to be IRS employees, and say you owe taxes. The callers may: threaten to arrest or deport you if you don’t pay; know all or part of your Social Security Number; rig caller ID to make it look like the call is from the IRS; or tell you to put money on a prepaid debit card and tell them the card number.

Citizens should be aware that the IRS does not call to demand immediate payment about taxes owed without first sending you a notification by mail, the IRS does NOT ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone nor do they threaten to bring in local police or other law enforcement to arrest you for non-payment. If you have any questions call the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040.

PHCPUD Awaits ANR Case Filing Litigation

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Henry County Public Utility District Board of commissioners met last week and General Manager Tae Eaton went over the ANR Rate case filing again.

ANR Pipeline has filed a Rate Case grievance with municipalities and big companies proposing a 75-120% increase in tariffs to supply areas with Natural Gas. Eaton said the PHCPUD had banded with other utilities affected in the area and filed a suit against the Rate Case. Eaton said they have asked for the moon and now our federal lawyers will fight it and likely settle somewhere in the middle with reasoning.

Eaton said if ANR got everything they wanted, which again is highly unlikely, it would impact the district around $40-60K per year. He said where the settlement comes in with ANR, it will cost the district more money.

The board approved payments to CG Underground in the amount of $21,451 for main extension projects and approved payments to  James Plus & Associates for engineering services in the amount of $392.

Eaton told commissioners that State Representative Tim Wirgau won the 2016 Tennessee Gas Association Friend of Flame Award. He said it’s a statewide award for a representative who helps the gas industry with passing legislation.

Local employee Jeff Hill also is one of 7 people in the state to win outstanding locater service award with 811 in 2015. Hill will be invited to a conference or if he can’t go, they will honor him at the office.

The main extension project continues to aid the district in adding new service lines. Eaton said they finished 22 in January and wet weather in February has put them with 25 on backlog. Of those 25, 11 are backlogged from Mansfield Road. Eaton said they ran into some issues with the railroad in that area and it took 6 weeks to get permit approval which cost the district about $2100 more than it used to.

In the financial reports, Eaton said January was a better month than November and December as far as sales of Natural Gas, but the district remains behind the pace. The district saw a net profit of $105K in January but last year they realized $245K in profit in January. Year to date currently they are $562K in the red, and last year at this time they were only $303K in the red. Eaton said they have a lot of ground to make up with only February and March to truly rely on for colder weather.

50K Tree Day at TN State Parks This Sat.

Nashville- Tennessee State Parks is participating in the Tennessee Environmental Council’s second annual 50K Tree Day on Saturday, Feb. 27. Participants will plant 50,000 native trees in one day across the state. Several state parks and community partners are hosting tree planting events where they are inviting locals to come out and volunteer. Visit the Tennessee Environmental Council’s website for times, locations and registration at www.tectn.org/50ktreeday.

“This is a great opportunity for Tennessee State Parks to partner with an organization that shares our vision of a cleaner, healthier Tennessee and to invite the public into our beautiful state parks as first-time or returning visitors,” said Tennessee State Parks Friends & Volunteer Program Assistant Laura Williams.

Tennessee State Parks will have 33 tree distribution locations on Friday, Feb. 26 from 1-6 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 27 from 8-10 a.m. local time. People can register to pick up free bundles of bare-root seedlings, which can then be planted anywhere across the state. The trees will come in bundles of five and will include each of the following: Dogwood, Redbud, Shumard (Red) Oak, Virginia Pine, and Yellow (Tulip) Poplar – Tennessee’s state tree. Registration is open while supplies last.

"People in Tennessee love planting trees, and it's a top priority for our organization as a way to improve our environment, communities and public health," said John McFadden, CEO of Tennessee Environmental Council.

The Tennessee Environmental Council has donated over 4,000 seedlings to Tennessee State Parks for participating in this event. To help enhance our public lands, visit http://tnstateparks.com/blog/plant-a-tree-for-the-future-at-50k-tree-day to see which Parks are hosting planting events on Saturday, Feb. 27. This is your chance to plant a tree in a state park that visitors will enjoy for generations to come!

BPU Board Approves Volunteer Drive Water Tank Rehab

BPU board members discuss the Water Tank Rehab at Wednesday's meeting. (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- The board of directors for the Paris Board of Public Utilities met Wednesday morning and approved a bid to rehab the Volunteer Drive Water tank. Director of Water and Wastewater Terry Wimberley reminded board members this was in the BPU's plan of action on rehabbing projects in the Water Department. Wimberley said $350K was in the budget for this project.

The low bid from TankPro, Inc. out of Northport, Alabama In the amount of $419K was accepted from the board. Three other bids were received from differnt companies coming in at $543K, $557K, and $750K respectively. Wimberley said this came in higher than expected but was still manageable with the budget.

Wimberley also told BPU board members that Verizon Wireless would soon begin pouring concrete and adding a cell tower on the water tank. BPU leases the space to Verizon for $1500 per month or $18K a year. Wimberley said the revenue generated would allow BPU to pay for future rehab on Water Tanks.

The board approved demolition of the old Electric warehouse and meter shop at 200 S. Caldwell St. This is the first piece of the plan that will lead to the eventual construction of a new Water Treatment plant in that location. Wimberley said there were very good competition with bids. The board approved the low bid from Norwood Construction of Henry in the amount of $199, 495. A Dresden company also submitted a bid in the amount of $221K.

A change in the loan with Eurotranciatura was approved by the board on Wednesday. Etheridge said its a move from 3 to 2% interest on the loan. The board also approved the purchase of a new Bucket Cab Truck. The low bid of $76,931 from Tri-State International in Murray was accepted.

Etheridge went over the financials with the board saying cash position in the Electric Department is flat and the income statement shows it is in good shape despite losing over $300K because of not selling as much electricity year to date. He said we should finish the year in good shape.

Cash is down around $58K in the water department due to capital projects that have occurred. Net income has increased year to date due to last July’s rate increase to help finance debt incurred by BPU as they continue with projects.

Wastewater financials were in good shape as well according to Etheridge. Revenues are down slightly but expenses are also down, putting Wastewater in the black. Some of the positive funds are from Farm Service contracts.

BPU Board member Terry Fuller told the board that some citizens had brought up street lights that weren't working at Tuesday night's Preserve Paris Public Input meeting. Etheridge said that any citizen that has a street light that is either gone out or flickering in their neighborhood should contact the BPU office.

Local Man Charged With DUI 2nd Offense

Paris, Tenn.- According to a report at the Paris Police Department, while on patrol Cpl. Eric Long observed a wreck, the driver at fault had pulled into the parking lot of Mineral Wells Ave. at McDonalds Tuesday. After investigation Long found a strong odour of alcohol, the driver Paul N Abbott age 34 of Paris had slurred speech and glassy eyes. After a poor performance of the sobriety test and blood drawn, Abbott was charged DUI 2nd offense.

A report at the Paris Police Department stated Ptl Steven McClure of the Paris Police Department observed a black 1997 Chevy Blazer traveling on W. Wood St. The vehicle had a brake light that was not functioning, the driver Brian S. Stutzman of Paris when pulled over was driving on a suspended licence, Stutzman was arrested and placed on a $500 bond.

Most Successful Lions Club Day To Date

Paris, Tenn.- The Lions Club Chili Day on Tuesday was a huge success, with an estimated 1100 bowls of chili served. Believed to be the best year as of so far they ran out of chili after serving over a thousand people, it was only the 2nd time they ran out of chili. Kevin Buie, of the Paris Lions Club stated “I’m very proud of every one; it was a lot of work but a lot of fun.” Money raised goes to help the Paris Lions Club programs.

(photo courtesy Paris Lions Club Facebook page)

Darkhorse To Hold Start-up Fundraiser

Paris, Tenn.- A Fundraiser for the Darkhorse Lodge, a non-profit combat veterans retreat in Henry County will be held on Saturday, March 5th 11am to 3pm at the First Methodist Church in Paris. Vince Dodd will provide entertainment, a $5 lunch; bake sale; silent auction and you can register to win door prizes.

Paris Residents Pack City Hall for Preserve Paris Input Meeting

City Manager Kim Foster leads discussion in front of a packed city hall on Tuesday night. (Tim Alsobrooks photos)

Paris, Tenn.-  It was standing room only at a jam packed Paris City Hall Tuesday evening for the Preserve Paris public meeting, as citizens voiced ideas of where money could be used to revitalize portions of the city.

City Manager Kim Foster said she was thrilled to see a large crowd at city hall as we begin the process of this pilot program. She told those in attendance the purpose of the meeting was to gage interest in pursuing the program and with the room over capacity it was easy to see several citizens were interested.

Foster said there is no specific plan at this time and this meeting will help us generate ideas and see where to go from here.

City Hall was packed with citizens interested in the pilot project.

Citizens were very interactive as the strengths and weaknesses of various neighborhoods in Paris were discussed. Strengths were plentiful and weaknesses expressed by citizens included blighted property, lack of enforcement of codes, and lack of understanding of zoning among other things.

Foster asked citizens to mention ideas for opportunities to do some projects like Clean Up days among other things, which some citizens agreed would be nice to clean up neighborhoods. Foster said we have to have buy in and cooperation from neighborhoods is vital to truly getting neighborhoods cleaned up.

Other ideas such as more trash receptacles in neighborhoods, community gardens, and preserving historic buildings and adding more historical signage and markers were brought up as well.

Foster then asked citizens what challenges the city must overcome to help with some of these ideas. The lack of trained preservation craftsman and drainage issues were on the top of the list.

Foster said we have to have a focus point and then other projects in other parts of the city can be added. City Commissioner Terry Fuller told everyone in attendance we “are going to ask you to belly up to the bar and volunteer in this process.” He added that is "very imperative for this program to work, is thru volunteering from our citizens and you all buying in and be willing to do what is necessary to make it work.”

Citizens filled out on notepads their information, areas of interest to help move this program forward, and their willingness to work and volunteer to make it work.

Representatives with USDA spoke on the process encouraging citizens to help their neighborhoods and move this forward. In the next few weeks and months, USDA and the city will determine some focal points and begin the process of revitalizing, cleaning up, and preserving history for the city of Paris. Other agencies that will work with the city during this process include Economic Development, Tennesse Housing Agency, HUD, and more.

City Commissioner Terry Fuller urged citizens to volunteer during this process.

Over 2900 Vote During Early Voting Period

Paris, Tenn.- Tuesday wrapped up the Early Voting Period for the March 1 Primary and 531 people cast their ballots on Tuesday. The total number of registered voters who voted during the Early Voting Period was 2904. The breakdown of which political party they voted was 2282 Republican and 622 Democrat.

Lady Pats Named to All District, Tourney Team

Paris, Tenn.- At the conclusion of Monday night’s District Tournament Championship game some Lady Patriot basketball players were recognized. Celie Hudson, Ashley Martin, and Gracie Osbron were named to the All District Regular Season Team. Named to the Girls District 10-AAA All District Tournament Team were Gracie Osbron, Celie Hudson, and Natiya Jumper.

Wanted Big Sandy Man Apprehended

Paris, Tenn.- A Big Sandy man that has been avoiding police for a few months was finally apprehended according to the arrest sheet at the Henry County Sheriffs office. Christopher B. Cutting age 27 of Big Sandy was charged with Evading arrest; Reckless Endangerment; Vandalism; Driving on Revoked; and Violation of Probation. The charges stem from an incident in July 2015 that involved Trooper Adam Prince. He was placed on $25k bond.

Patrolman Jeff Smith of the Paris Police Department took a report of burglary from 3 Pepsi trucks on Monday. Upon arrival it was noticed multiple items were stolen from the Pepsi vehicles on Culley Dr. Items include 3 Dex cables, 15 empty money bags, 4 security cards for businesses, 1 door key, 1 Pepsi shoulder bag, and 2 Pepsi jackets. There are no suspects at this time.

Another report at the Paris Police Department, Patrolman Steven McClure observed Levi Taylor age 25 of Paris driving a ’02 Blue Ford F150 on Harrison St. vehicle had expired registration; when pulled over upon visual contact there was a noticeable bag protruding from Taylors pocket. Taylor was cited to court for simple possession of schedule 6 drug, registration violation, and violation of financial responsibility.

Lady Pats Fall in District Championship

Clarksville, Tenn.- The Henry County Lady Patriots lost the District 10-AAA Tournament championship game against Rossview with a score of 66-47. Lady Patriots finished second in the District and will host Mt. Juliet Friday night in the Region 5-AAA Tournament. Tip off is set for 7pm and our broadcast will start at 6:30pm on WLZK 94.1 FM and streaming on our website at wmufradio.com.

Preserve Paris Meeting To Be Held Tues. Night at 5:30pm

Paris, Tenn.- The City of Paris will conduct a public input meeting at 5:30pm Tuesday February 23rd at City Hall. The purpose of the meeting is to seek input from citizens on Preserve Paris, a neighborhood revitalization, preservation, and clean up project scheduled to begin this year.

The City of Paris was approached by USDA to serve as one of three pilot communities for this project, which will combine various funding and municipal resources as well as community involvement to address neighborhood needs.

Earlier this month at the February Paris City Commission meeting, City Manager Kim Foster said “we are excited to be one of the first communities to participate in the pilot program, but it means we need to select a neighborhood and gather some data on what citizens view as priorities.

Tuesday’s meeting is open to the public and everyone is invited. It starts at 5:30pm at Paris City Hall courtroom. For more information contact Jennifer Morris at 641-1410.

Lions Club Chili Day Set for Tuesday

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Lions Club’s Annual Chili Day will be held Tuesday from 11am to 7pm at First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. It’s all you can eat Lion’s Club Chili, pie, and drink for only $10. You can eat in or carry out and delivery is available for large orders. Money raised during Chili Day helps Sight Conservation in our area and other Lion’s Club’s programs.

475 Cast Their Vote on Monday

Paris, Tenn.- 475 people cast their ballot at the Henry County Election Commission Office on Monday during Early Voting. Early Voting concludes on Tuesday as the Election Commission Office is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The primary will be held on Tuesday, March 1st.

Commission Approves Courtroom Meeting Procedures

County Mayor Brent Greer discusses the procedures of holding meetings in the courthouse (Barron Robinson photo)

Paris, Tenn.-The Henry County Commission met in regular session on Monday evening and approved the resolution to establish the use of courtrooms and meeting rooms located inside the courthouse and annex buildings.

Prior to approving the resolution a couple of concerned citizens spoke out against the resolutions feeling as if their rights were being violated.  One of those who spoke against the resolution was David Alsup of the group Court Watch!, who also spoke out back at Decembers Commission meeting.  Court Watch! Is a non-profit group that allows individuals to get an education and practise to address a courtroom setting, and defend themselves if they can’t afford a lawyer.

Alsup argued this resolution went against the Constitution and Freedom of Speech, stating this restricted the people from being able to hold meetings where taxpayer dollars are used. “A once used space for 193 years by the people, is now being used as a common place for county workers to hold celebrations,” according to Alsup.

When asked for his opinion County Attorney, Rob Whitfield, declined much comment because Alsup had threatened litigation.  Whitfield did say however “The judges that helped put this policy together better understands the legalities of it than I do.”

County Mayor Brent Greer told Commissioners on Monday night the policy had passed the Security Committee and the Court House Committee and was awaiting their full approval.  The Commission approved the resolution establishing the procedures by a 12-3 vote with commissioners, Connie McSwain, Paul Neal, and Monte Starks voting no.

County Attorney Rob Whitfield addresses the Commission Monday Night (Barron Robinson photo)

Local Boyscouts lead Commission in Pledge

Boyscouts John Wayne and Cam McCord lead the pledge at Monday nights Commission Meeting (Tim Alsobrooks photo)

Paris, Tenn.- Prior to the meeting two local Boy Scouts, John Wayne, and Cam McCord led the Commission in The Pledge of Allegiance.

In other business Monday night Commissioners approved budget transfers as recommended by the Budget Committee earlier this month, as well as a resolution approving the Statutory Bond of Dr. Brian Norton, Henry County Director of Schools.

Four Arrested for Drug Charges At Chickasaw Residence


Steven Loines                              Brooke Miller

Paris, Tenn.- Four people were arrested and four juveniles were cited on drug charges after officers from the Metro Crime Unit, Henry County Sheriff’s Office SRT Team, Sheriff’s Deputies, Paris Police, Puryear Police, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol executed a search warrant at 1011 Chickasaw Road on Sunday.

Metro Crime Unit Officers had received information on the home of possible “drug activity” and they had been conducting surveillance on the home which had “heavy traffic” at times.

Ptl. Jamie James and K9 Herrum were deployed and a large amount of drug paraphernalia was located throughout several areas in the home. Marijuana bags, pipes, grinders, digital scales, meth pipes, and loose marijuana was found at the home.

Two occupants of the home, Korey Rick, age 22 and Madison Trull, age 23, were both arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia along with four juveniles. Trull was also charged with possession of a schedule 6 substance with intent after Metro Officers found him to be in possession of marijuana packaged for resale and a bundle of plastic baggies. Trull’s bond was set for $5000, Rick’s bond was set at $2500.

Also arrested were Steven Loines, age 42 and Brooke Miller age 26, both charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, felony child neglect/abuse and promotion of meth manufacture. This came after officers searched the bedroom the two shared along with a small infant. During the search, MCU officers located several “meth pipes” laying with the infants diaper bags and baby clothes. Officers also located viles that contained meth residue in the bedroom.

Upon further search of the home, officers located meth manufacturing materials such as Coleman Fuel, drain cleaner, salt, tubing, coffee filters, and funnels, all commonly used to manufacture meth.

Loines’s bond was set at $5K and Miller’s bond was set at $2500. Further charges are pending on the occupants of the home and the incident is still under investigation.


Korey Rick                                 Madison Trull

Winders Brothers Compete at UK Invitational

Lexington, Ky.- Team Mansfield competed in the UK High School Invitational Indoor Track Meet at the University of Kentucky in Lexington this Saturday. In the two mile run Javan Winders came in 9th overall with a time of 9:36 and brother Titus came in 14th overall with a time of 9:51.

Lady Pats Play for District Championship Mon. Night

Clarksville, Tenn.- The Henry County Lady Patriots will play for the District 10-AAA Championship at Clarksville High School Monday evening at 7:30pm. The Lady Patriots will take on the #1 seed Rossview. Our broadcast will begin at 7pm on WLZK 94.1FM and streaming online at wmufradio.com. You can also listen via your phone by calling 415-325-0723. Win or lose the Lady Pats will host the first round of the Region Tournament Friday night at Gamlin Gym with tip off set for 7pm.

Local Man Arrested For Driving On Suspended

Paris, Tenn. - According to a report at the Henry County Sheriff's Office, Cpl. Terry Williams made a routine traffic stop for speeding on Highway 79 N.

The report stated that the black, small pickup pulled out of Hwy 119 and was traveling 55 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Upon making contact with the driver, identified as Justin Fields, of 325 Hutson Lane, dispatch advised that Fields driver's license was suspended for Failure to Appear.

Fields was taken into custody and charged with driving on suspended. Fields was placed on $250 bond.

Several DUI Arrests Made Over The Weekend

Paris, Tenn. - According to a report at the Henry County Sheriff's Office, Trooper Josh Wade arrested and charged Thomas R. Varneke, of 1450 North Market Street with DUI and violation of implied consent.

Varneke's was transported to the Henry County Jail without incident and placed on $1500 bond.

Paris, Tenn. - Another report at the Henry County Sheriff's Office stated that Penny M. Stricklan, of 2227 India Road was charged with DUI and placed on $2000 bond.

Severe Weather Awareness Week Is February 28th - March 5th

State of Tenn. - In preparation for the spring severe storm season, the week of February 28-March 5 has been declared Mid-South Severe Weather Awareness Week. Monday through Friday of the week, your NWS Office in Memphis will post graphics, information, and statements discussing the weather hazards we face.

The dates and topics are listed below:
Monday Feb. 29 – Severe Thunderstorms
Tuesday Mar. 1 – Floods
Wednesday Mar. 2 – Tornadoes
Thursday Mar. 3 – Lightning
Friday Mar. 4 – Warning Reception

Severe Weather Awareness Week is an excellent time to ensure that you and your family are ready for severe weather season. It’s an opportunity to practice your severe weather plan at home, school, and work. It’s a chance to ensure you can receive critical severe weather information in time to take action to protect yourself.

NOAA Weather Radio is one of the best ways to receive watch and warning information. NOAA Weather Radio is a 24-hour continuous broadcast of weather information directly from NWS offices. Weather radio receivers have alarms that activate when a watch or warning is issued for your county. Weather radios may be purchased at some department and home improvement stores, and online. Make sure that your weather radio has a battery backup, and the SAME (county-specific) capability.

NWS Offices are now posting weather information on Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is used mainly for outlooks, summaries, and general weather information. Twitter is used mainly for fast-breaking information such as warnings and storm updates.

The addresses are:
http://www.facebook.com/NWSMemphis , and
http://www.twitter.com/NWSMemphis , and the Twitter handle is @NWSMemphis .
All of our watch and warning information is posted on the website, http://www.weather.gov/memphis . The website also features radar and satellite images, climate data, safety and preparedness information.

Phlebotomy Tech Certification Program Offered At UT Martin

Martin, Tenn. - Community members interested in careers as phlebotomy technicians are encouraged to enroll in a 90-hour phlebotomy technician training course. The class will be offered from 6-9:30 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays, March 8-May 24, and from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., April 9 and May 7, on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Martin.

This program prepares students to collect blood specimens from clients for the purpose of laboratory analysis. Students will also develop comprehensive skills to perform venipunctures completely and safely. Classroom and lab work includes terminology, anatomy and physiology, blood collection procedures, specimen hands-on practice, and training in skills and techniques to perform puncture methods.

Student tuition for this course is $1,799, which includes textbooks and supplies. The National Healthcare Association certification exam is given at the end of the course and costs an additional $105. The instructor will arrange for the registration and payment of the exam. There is no outside externship rotation included with this program.

For more information or to register, contact the UT Martin Office of Extended Campus and Online Studies at 731-881-7082 or visit the course website at http://www.utm.edu/departments/ecos/nondegree.php.

Lady Patriots Victorious Saturday Night Over Springfield

Clarksville, Tenn. - The Henry County Lady Patriots took on Springfield on Saturday night and after a win, with a score of 56-31, will advance and take on Rossview on Monday night.

The game will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will be played at Clarksville High School.

County Clerk And Mayor Members Of 2016 Leadership Class

Martin, Tenn. - Henry County Clerk Donna Craig and Paris City Mayor, Carlton Gerrell, are members of the University of Tennessee at Martin WestStar Leadership Program 2016 class.

Donna Craig serves on the Paris-Henry County Chamber Board of Directors, as the Vice President of Membership Development and Training for the Chamber Executive Committee. She is also a member of the County Official’s Association of Tennessee Board of Directors.

Carlton Gerrell is Executive Pastor of Tennessee Valley Community Church. He is currently serving as a member of the Paris City Commission and the Paris Regional Planning Commission. The Paris City Mayor is also Chairman of the Paris-Henry County Food Bank Board. He was also the Paris-Henry County Person of the Year in 2014.

The program, created in 1989, is the state’s oldest and largest regional leadership program.

For more information on the WestStar Leadership Program, please contact Virginia Grimes, Program Coordinator at 731-881-7298 or by email at vgrimes@utm.edu.

Last Day For Early Voting Is Tuesday

Paris, Tenn. - Early voting continued Friday and Saturday, with 221 voters on Friday and Saturday brought 131 voters.

Tuesday, February 23rd is the last day for early voting. You may vote until 4:30 p.m. on that day.

Seats Still Available For Trip To National Civil Rights Museum

Paris, Tenn. - The Henry County Office on Aging is scheduled to take part in Going to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN on Friday, February 26th. 16 seats are still available.

To take part in the trip, please contact Reginald Caldwell, Director at 731-642-2919 or Barbara Pearson, Senior Center Coordinator at 731-644-3193.

The cost will be $25.00-Seniors citizen. The national Civil Museum classified a senior as 55 years and older. Adults will be $26.00 if you are not a senior citizen. The last day for sign-up for the trip will be Tuesday, February 23rd. The trip will leave from Central Community Building, 55 Jones Bend Rd Ext, at 7:30a.m. The trip will stop for Breakfast in Brownsville, TN. Once finished eating breakfast, it will proceed to Memphis, TN to the museum.

Once the tour is over with, a stop will be made in Memphis, TN to eat and then head back home that evening.

Henry County Patriots End Season With Loss To Kenwood

Clarksville, Tenn. - The Henry County Patriots took to the road on Friday night to take on Kenwood.

Henry County suffered a season ending loss, with a score of 50-42.

The Patriots ended the season with 6 wins and 19 losses.

HC Youth Baseball Sign-ups To Be Held February 20th & 27th

Paris, Tenn. - Henry County Youth Baseball Sign-ups will be held today and again on February 27th, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Paris Civic Center.

The cost is $60 and open to all youth between the ages of 4 and 16, as of May 1st, 2016.

Uniforms are provided including shirt, pants and a cap and all games, T-Ball – Major League (and most Babe Ruth) will be held at McNeil Park.

For more information, please send an email to youthbaseballinhc@yahoo.com

February 20th Is Last Saturday To Vote Early

Paris, Tenn. - The Division of Elections would like to remind Tennesseans planning to vote early March 1st primary that today, February 20th is the last weekend opportunity to cast an early ballot.

According to Administrator of Elections DeLaina Green, the total number of voters for Thursday was 242, with 58 being Democratic and 184 Republican.

Three Oaks Restaurant To Hold Benefit For P.D. Clendenin

Big Sandy, Tenn. - Three Oaks Restaurant will hold a benefit for Paul “P.D.” Clendenin, on Sunday, February 1st beginning at 1 p.m.

BBQ plates with all the fixings will be available, a bake sale and auction, including raffles for an adult beverage basket, 50/50 drawing and raffle for a double barrel shotgun.

The live auction will begin at 2 p.m.

For more information, please call Three Oaks at 731-593-1000 or Cindy Buie at 731-227-1250.

WG Rhea Library Set to Help with Read to Be Ready Program

Pictured are L to R: Rhea Public Library Regional Director Dr. Norma Gerrell, First Lady Crissy Haslam, Rhea Public Library Director Connie McSwain, and Rhead Library Youth Librarian Kayla Nation

Nashville, Tenn.- Earlier this week Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam launched the state’s program aimed at raising Tennessee’s stalled reading scores by having 75% of 3rd graders proficient by the year 2025. The program, called Read to be Ready, will pump $9M into improving reading among young age children in the Volunteer State. The Dollar General Corporation, home based in Tennessee, also gave $1M to go towards Summer Reading programs, according to an article this week in the Tennessean.

Recent studies show that only 43% of students who leave third grade in Tennessee are proficient in reading. To combat that, the state has compiled a report offering four recommendations on improving reading skills at earlier ages. They include stronger literacy instruction, ensuring districts and schools have resources to teach reading, improving outreach for students who are struggling, and increased reading and training in reading initiatives in districts.

The W.G. Rhea Public Library has several ideas to involve the entire community in the endeavor as we try to improve reading scores. Stop by the Library or call 642-1702 to see how you can get involved and help. For more information on the Read to be Ready program visit www.tn.gov/readtobeready.

WG Rhea Library to Host Class on How to Use Publisher

Paris, Tenn.- The W.G. Rhea Public Library will host a computer class on how to use “Publisher”. The class will be held on Wednesday February 24th from 5 to 7pm in the Library’s Computer Lab. Registration is required by coming to the Library or calling 642-1702. The class is free.

E.W. Grove Save a Heart Day Set for Feb. 25th

Paris, Tenn.- E.W. Grove will hold their 8th annual Save a Heart Day on Thursday February 25th as students will rotate thru several heart healthy stations throughout the day.

Students will be able to receive their CPR Certification cards as 20 volunteer, CPR Certified Instructors will train students on how to do CPR. The students who pass the certification will receive their cards by the end of the school year.

The University of Tennessee Martin will send students to the event for sessions on tobacco. Students will learn about the negative effects on the heart of using tobacco products including smoking, smokeless tobacco, and e-cigarettes.

Air Evac will head up a station on heart related emergencies and distracted driving. Students will learn about the heart attack symptoms and how the 911 system and supporting systems will work in the event of an emergency. Weather permitting, students will be able to view up close an Air Evac chopper and HCMC Ambulance.

Nationally known speaker Lucas Hurd will lead the teen pregnancy, STD’s, and abstinence station. Hurd will talk to students about real issues in a fun way. Henry County currently has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the state.

Other stations students will rotate thru include exercise and its importance led by Master Dinh, and choices with drugs and alcohol, led by Jackson based speaker Tony Black.

The event is always a favorite for students and staff at Grove.

Reminder: VITA Site Open to Help with Tax Preparations

Paris, Tenn.- Remember the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site, or VITA remains opens on Tuesdays thru February and March to help assistance citizens with taxes. Appointments can be made between the hours of 9am and 4:30pm by calling Carole Walsh at 642-4178, but no calls on Tuesdays. E-filing and Earned Income Credit can be done thru VITA’s tax preparers.

Be prepared to take along proof of identification, birth, W-2 forms, and all vital tax information.


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