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WMUF/WLZK News                                                               

From News Director Tim Alsobrooks         

Weekend News Director Nicki Marr


HCMC to Team With Foundation Bank for Loans for Patients

Board of trustees look at a new policy to work with Foundation Bank to offer loans for patients to help pay off bills. (Tim Alsobrooks photos)

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Medical Center Board of Trustees met on Thursday night and decided to start the process of working with Foundation Bank to work with patients who have outstanding medical bills they can’t pay in full within one year.

Lisa Casteel, Chief Financial officer for the Medical Center, explained that after talking with all the local banks and some national corporations about a program, Foundation Bank was the only institution interested in setting up this retail type program to work with patients who have had tests and/or procedures done, to give them another option to pay their medical bills.

Casteel said the hospital would continue to work with those patients who wanted to and could financially pay down their balances in one year on procedures or tests they have done and they would do it in payments that are interest free. But if the balances are larger, or the patient expresses they can’t pay the balance in 12 months, Foundation Bank and the Hospital would work to get the patient a loan, which would have interest. She said this program will allow patients another option and help the hospital not add to their charity care and bad debt expenses because several patients do want to pay their bills, just can’t afford to at all one time.

Foundation Bank would pay the hospital the full amount for the procedure and the patient would make loan payments to the bank. Basically, the hospital becomes like a co-signer of the loan and if the patient does default on the loan, the hospital would pay what ever the remaining balance is back to Foundation Bank.

Casteel said this is a service that is very patient friendly and would be a good thing for the hospital’s bottom line in the long run. Patients do not have to go with the loan, but it will be an option to help pay down their medical bills if they can’t pay the balance in full in one year. Implementation of the program will take some time and Casteel said she would keep the board up to date as to when the process could officially be launched.

Trustees Send Two Names to County Comm. to Add to Board

Paris, Tenn.- The board approved a recommendation from Board Chairman Phil Wichlan on two new board members. Several months ago the board wanted to better represent the community and change their bylaws to increase the number of board members from 5 to 7. The board will send the names of Peggy Veazy and Sabra Fuller to the county commission for approval to become the next two members of the hospital board of trustees. Veazy will serve a three year term and then be up for renewal for four year terms, and Fuller will serve a two year term and be up for renewal for four year terms after that.

Board Hears About Charity Care Process

Betty Tenley discusses the charity care process at Thursday HCMC board of trustees meeting.

Board members did hear a short presentation from Betty Tenley on charity care the hospital does each year for patients who do not pay their medical bills. Tenley went over the steps to see if a case qualifies for charity care or not. First the patient must be from the hospital's main coverage area, meaning they must be a resident of Henry, Benton, Carroll, Weakley, or Stewart Counties. The account must be over $1K; cosmetic surgeries and some elective proceedures will not be counted under charity care, and all avenues of payment must have been looked into. CFO Lisa Casteel said the hospital has recenlty changed its proceedures in regards to qualifying a case as charity care. She said if the patient has gone thru a collection agency it can be qualified because that avenue has already been looked it. She said the hospital runs 1-2% charity care per year.

HCMC To Monitor New Reimbursement Methods for AR Impact

The Henry County Medical Center Board of Trustees met on Thursday night and CEO and Hospital Administrator Tom Gee informed the board the implementation of the ICD -10, relating to reimbursement, is set to go into effect on October 1.

Gee and Chief Financial Officer Lisa Casteel said the implementation will impact operations and the ability to bill and collect on accounts. Casteel said survey data suggests this could increase Accounts receivable days by an average of 8 to 18. She said with that, increases in denials for payments from insurance and other issues could impact the cash flow.

The medical center still hasn't received the payment for funds due under the cost report settlement on the previous year census drop. Gee said they are in contact with the proper people and hope to have the funds soon.

Physician Recruitment Continues to Go Well

Gee reported that physician recruitment is going well and Dr. Nelson Smith began as a hospitality in the past month and they have received many good comments on him. Dr. Locus will begin seeing patients at East Wood clinic in the next month for OB/GYN.

Dr. Lindsey Faust has signed her contract and will begin her practice after her maternity leave in December. She is a podiatrist and will work out of the Henry County Orthopedic Clinic. Gee also reported they had dinner with Dr. Drew Blackstock, a primary care physician who has been providing of our hospitalist and pediatric areas while he is working on his residency in Jackson. He has shown interest in possibly coming to Paris in some capacity once he completes his residency next summer.

The board learned the Recovery Room construction part of the OR7 project is complete and looks great. Once the letter of occupancy is received from the state they will begin seeing patients there. The entire project should be completed later this fall. Gee said they do plan to begin the Lake Haven expansion onto 3 West after Labor Day and this project should last 4-6 months.

Vanderbilt Life Flight Opens Base at HC Airport

Vanderbilt’s Airbus Helicopter H-135 can fly at speeds faster than 150 mph. it is the only aircraft in the Henry County area that provides 360-degree access to the patient and has the ability to fly under instrument flight rules (IFR). The aircraft is also equipped with air conditioning, state-of-the-art navigation, a communications and avionics package that includes night vision goggles, and a terrain avoidance warning system. (Lifeflight photo)

Nashville- Vanderbilt LifeFlight has expanded its footprint into West Tennessee by adding an emergency helicopter base at the Henry County Airport.

The base began 24/7 operations on Aug. 27. Lee McMurray, BSN, RN, CEN, CFRN, CCRN, NR/CC-Paramedic/FP-C, has been named chief flight nurse for the base.

Henry County Medical Center (HCMC) CEO Thomas Gee said he and his team at HCMC were very excited to have Vanderbilt LifeFlight in the county.

“We are excited to welcome Vanderbilt Lifeflight to Paris,” Gee said. “Lifeflight has a long history of service to Henry County Medical Center and our community, and having them located within the county will only enhance the ability of our citizens to access timely and quality health care services.”

The helicopter has a four minute flight from the Henry County Airport to HCMC.

Henry County Mayor Brent Greer said the new base would strengthen the delivery of health care services in the area.

“On behalf of the Henry County Commission and the citizens of Henry County, I would like to express my appreciation and welcome to Vanderbilt Lifeflight on their decision to open a new base at the Henry County Airport,” he said. “This decision will greatly enhance the delivery of emergency medical ambulance service to our entire medical community. Henry County Medical Center is an important regional medical center for Northwest Tennessee and Southwest Kentucky and their decision to be a part of our medical community will only serve to strengthen our commitment to delivery of health care services.”

Stephan Russ, M.D., associate professor of Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) and associate chief of staff for Vanderbilt University Hospital, praised the support received from Henry County officials in establishing the new base.

"We appreciate the help and guidance received from Henry County Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Thomas Gee, Henry County Medical Center Board of Trust, Henry County Mayor Brent Greer, Henry County Airport Manager Don Davenport, Henry County Medical Center EMS Director Twilla Rose, as well as numerous other community leaders,” Russ said. “The groundswell of support has been very encouraging as Vanderbilt LifeFlight makes its first expansion into West Tennessee.”

“We look forward to continuing Vanderbilt LifeFlight’s commitment to excellence in education, patient care and patient safety with our hospital, EMS and 911 colleagues throughout West Tennessee,” Russ added. “For more than 31 years Vanderbilt LifeFlight has been delivering industry-leading medical care as a community asset, and we trust that our expansion into West Tennessee will strengthen the access, reach and viability of the program for many more years to come.”

The aircraft is a twin engine Airbus Helicopter H-135 that can fly at speeds faster than 150 mph and has about a 35 minute flight time to Nashville area hospitals from Henry County. Additionally it is the only aircraft in the Henry County area that provides 360-degree access to the patient and has the ability to fly under instrument flight rules (IFR). The aircraft is also equipped with air conditioning, state-of-the-art navigation, a communications and avionics package that includes night vision goggles, and a terrain avoidance warning system.

LifeFlight is also the only air medical service in Middle and West Tennessee that carries lifesaving blood products on every flight, and more than 10 percent of trauma patients flown receive blood while in flight.

For $49 a year (family coverage) Air Methods offers a membership called OmniAdvantage.  OmniAdvantage members incur no out-of-pocket expense if flown by any Air Methods program (including Vanderbilt LifeFlight) for medically necessary emergent conditions. For information on that program call 855-877-2518 or visit http://www.airmethods.com/omniadvantage .

Vanderbilt LifeFlight also provides hospital-based emergency air medical transport services throughout Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, with remote helicopter bases in Lebanon, Tullahoma, Clarksville, Murfreesboro and Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. LifeFlight also operates an airplane base at Nashville International Airport and has four ground ambulances as well as an event medicine division.

Since 1984 Vanderbilt LifeFlight has flown more than 35,000 patients and it is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Trauma Systems (CAMTS). LifeFlight transports to any medically appropriate hospital and has immediate access to the region's only Level I Trauma Center, Burn Center and Children's Hospital, all at VUMC.

Air Methods provides aviation, fuel, maintenance, aircraft, dispatch, billing and EMS licensure while VUMC provides all medical staffing, patient care and clinical services for Vanderbilt LifeFlight.

Air Methods Corporation (www.airmethods.com) is the global leader in air medical transportation. The Air Medical Services Division is the largest provider of air medical transport services in the United States. The United Rotorcraft Division specializes in the design and manufacture of aeromedical and aerospace technology. The Tourism Division is comprised of Sundance Helicopters, Inc. and Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, which provides helicopter tours and charter flights in the Las Vegas/Grand Canyon region and Hawaii, respectively. Air Methods’ fleet of owned, leased or maintained aircraft features over 450 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.


LF 6 – West Tennessee (Henry County)
Approximate Response Times to Area Hospitals
Includes aircraft dispatch and startup times

Henry County Airport to Henry County Medical Center – 12 minutes (8 minute startup/dispatch, 4 minute flight)

Henry County Airport to Houston Co. Hospital - 25 minutes (8 minute startup, 17 minute flight)

Henry County Airport to McKenzie Regional Hospital - 17 minutes (8 minute startup, 9 minute flight)

Henry County Airport to Baptist Huntingdon - 19 minutes (8 minute startup, 11 minute flight)

Henry County Airport to Camden General Hospital - 19 minutes (8 minute startup, 11 minute flight)

Henry County Airport to Murray Calloway Hospital - 20 minutes (8 minute startup, 12 minute flight)

Henry County Airport to Baptist Three Rivers Hospital – 24 minutes (8 minute startup, 16 minute flight)

Henry County Airport to Henderson Community Hospital - 29 minutes (8 minute startup, 21 minute flight)

Henry County Airport to Jackson Hospital – 33 Minutes (8 minute startup, 25 minute flight)

LF 6 – West Tennessee (Henry County)
Flight Times to Nashville
Includes aircraft dispatch and startup times

Henry County Medical Center to Nashville- 42 minutes (8 minute startup/dispatch, 34 minute flight)

Houston Co. Hospital to Nashville- 28 minutes (8 minute startup, 20 minute flight)

McKenzie Regional Hospital to Nashville- 47 minutes (8 minute startup, 39 minute flight)

Baptist Huntingdon to Nashville- 45 minutes (8 minute startup, 37 minute flight)

Camden General Hospital to Nashville- 37 minutes (8 minute startup, 29 minute flight)

Murray Calloway Hospital, Ky. To Nashville- 45 minutes (8 minute startup, 37 minute flight)

Baptist Three Rivers Hospital to Nashville- 30 minutes (8 minute startup, 22 minute flight)

Henderson Community Hospital to Nashville- 47 minutes (8 minute startup, 39 minute flight)

Jackson Hospital to Nashville- 57 minutes (8 minute startup, 49 minute flight)

MCU Arrests 5 on Drug Charges After Serving Search Warrant

Paris, Tenn.-The Metro Crime Unit arrested five on drug charges at 400 Kirks Trading Post Road Wednesday. Officers working the incident were Lt. Ricky Watson, Sgt. Jamie Myrick, and Chief David Andrews and they had obtained a search warrant for that address. Arrested was Christina Powell, age 26, for possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession of a weapon; Mystie D. Wallace, age 38, for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of legend drug, and possession with intent to sell; Anita Renea Greenhill, age 49, possession of legend drug, Steven Baker, 30, for possession of schedule two and Megan Flood, age 25, of 1034 Manley St. for possession of schedule 6 drug.

Other arrests from recent days include Crystal M. Lacy, age 34, of 3563 Old McKenzie Hwy, for aggravated assault. She was placed on $5K bond.

TN Economy Grows For 15th Consecutive Quarter

Nashville- Tennessee’s economy continues on an upward trajectory as the Great Recession keeps getting smaller in the rearview mirror. The Volunteer State recorded 8,317 new entity filings during the second quarter of 2015, which is a 9.9% increase compared to the same quarter last year.

Data from a new economic report released Tuesday shows the positive year-over-year growth for 15 consecutive quarters, despite the second quarter of 2015 lagging slightly behind the first.

The Tennessee Quarterly Business and Economic Indicators report is created to provide a periodical snapshot of the state’s economy based on a variety of information, including new business data from the Division of Business Services.

It’s published through a partnership with Secretary of State Tre Hargett and the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Center for Business and Economic Research. “Tennessee continues to be a hotbed for new businesses,” Secretary Hargett said. “These indicators tell us this momentum will continue well into the future.”

Davidson County led the way with 1,471 new filings. Shelby County was a close second with 1,096 filings. Despite the overall growth, there were 4,398 dissolutions filed in the second quarter of 2015, which is more than double the same time last year. The yearly total is expected to rise since most entities file dissolutions during the third quarter. The national economy got back on track after a sluggish start to the year.

In 2015Q2, U.S. personal income increased by 4.2% over last year. Tennessee’s unemployment rate fell to 5.7% in June, a 0.1% drop compared to May and a 0.9% drop compared to June 2014. That is still above the national unemployment rate of 5.3%.

PHCPUD Wins Safety Award for 6th Straight Year

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Henry County Public Utility District board of commissioners met last week and learned the district has won yet another award for safety. The American Public Gas Association awarded the district with the Safety Award for 2014-15. General Manager Tae Eaton told the board this was the 6th year in a row the district won the safety award. This comes after announcing the district won the SOAR award for excellence last month.

Eaton reported that July financials showed a loss of $136K and year to date the district is in the red $238K. He said that is just a little over where they stood at the same time last year. Eaton reminded the board that being in the red during the summer months is very common and they are still in good shape overall financially.

The board learned that the first draft of the 2014-15 audit is in and there were no findings. The final draft should be done in the next couple of weeks. The board also found out the TOSHA inspection was set for last week and the Tennessee Regulatory Authority will be at the office from September 28th thru October 1st. Eaton said the TRA will do a very comprehensive inspection including going over the documentation that the district has to file with the federal government.

Eaton reported that they are catching up on service lines as only 6 are on hold per customer request and ten are on backlog for now. Eaton also reported the price of Natural Gas is hovering around $3 and he is watching it closely. If it drops below $3 they will purchase in bulk for the winter.

Christine Reynolds Oil Painting to Be Unveiled at HC Historical Society Meeting Thurs.

Paris, Tenn.- The Henry County Historical Society will meet Thursday at 6pm at the Paris Henry County Heritage Center. At the meeting, an oil portrait of Christine Reynolds will be unveiled. Suzanne Richter will speak about the life and career of Reynolds and refreshments will be served. After the unveiling, the portrait will be permanently hung in the Henry County Courthouse. Reynolds was the first woman to hold a state cabinet position as she was appointed by Governor Frank Clement to serve as the Commissioner of Public Welfare. She served in the position from 1953 to 1959.

Winders Kids Win 1st Place at Calloway County Race

Dinah Winders crosses in 1st place.

Murray, Ky.- The Henry County Middle School Cross Country team competed in the Calloway County 2K Opener on Tuesday and in the girls 2K race Dinah Winders came in 1st overall with a time of 8:15. The race had 30 competitors and other young ladies finishing for Henry County included Brooklyn McClain in 11th at 9:28 and Kaitlyn Napier in 13th at 9:32. Kylie Guynn also finished the race.

For the boys, Silas Winders came in 1st out of 63 runners with a time of 6:55. Hayden Bostick was 8th at 7:50, and Eric Wallett was 15th at 8:09. Also finishing the race was Dakota Brown, Benton Lampkin, and Collin Smith.

Benton Lampkin heads towards the finish line.

Pats Beat Rossview in Golf Action

Adam Rogers removes flag to put on the green

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County's Men's Golf team defeated Rossview in district action on Tuesday at Paris Landing State Park. Henry County shot a 179 and Rossview a 204. Individually for the Pats Hunter Bethune shot a 42, Eli Ridgeway a 44, Brady Mustain a 46, and Jacob Watkins a 47. The Lady Patriots did not play an official match because Rossview girls didn't participate. (Coach Welp photos)

Jacob Watkins sizes up his shot.

Man Charged With Domestic Assault After Being Stabbed By Wife in Self Defense

Paris, Tenn.- A report at the Paris Police Department stated Paris Police were dispatched to a stabbing call at 309 Peachtree Street  just after midnight on Tuesday and the caller said she had stabbed her husband in the back with a steak knife and he was lying in the floor. Cpl. Eric Long was the first to arrive on scene and identified the couple as Meggen and Jason Crockarell.

Jason was found lying on the kitchen floor on his back in a puddle of blood. He was holding the left side of his back. Cpl. Long noticed a strong odor of alcohol about Jason’s person and he noticed several beer cans on the counter tops in the kitchen. The knife was found lying in the kitchen sink with blood on it.

EMS arrived and was attending to Jason and Paris Police spoke to Meggen, who appeared to be very upset. She showed Ptl. Derreck Colley her head and hair that her husband had pulled out during their altercation.

The report stated Meggen said the two had been arguing all day and he had left angry. She closed the garage door and placed a chair in front of the kitchen door because she was afraid when he had left. She said he returned a few minutes later and forced open the automatic garage door destroying the sensors and then he came into the kitchen and they got into another altercation and she finally got the steak knife and stabbed him.

Jason was taken to the medical center and treated and released then taken into custody by Paris Police and charged with domestic assault after police determined him to be the primary aggressor in the altercations.

Tourism Revenues up 4.8% In Henry County

Nashville- Governor Bill Haslam and Commissioner Kevin Triplett, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, today announced during a special event at the Ryman Auditorium that tourism’s direct domestic and international travel expenditures reached $17.7 billion in 2014, up 6.3 percent, and an all-time high for the state.

Tourism-generated jobs for Tennesseans reached 152,900, an increase of 2.8 percent. State and local sales tax revenue for the industry topped $1.5 billion, up 7 percent over 2013, and the ninth consecutive year tourism topped $1 billion, according to the latest statistics from the 2014 Economic Impact of Travel on Tennessee as reported by U.S. Travel Association.

For the first time in history, travel to Tennessee topped 100 million, achieving 101.3 million person stays, a 5.1 percent increase over 2013. International travel increased 8.4 percent, reaching $576.5 million in economic impact. All 95 counties in Tennessee had more than $1 million in direct travel expenditures, 19 counties saw more than $100 million, and three counties, Davidson, Shelby and Sevier, had more than $1 billion in economic impact. Knox and Hamilton Counties round out the Top 5. Tennessee is ranked in the Top 10 destinations in the U.S. for total travel.

Tourists spent a total of $55.51 million in Henry County in 2014, an increase of 4.8% compared to 2013, generating a total of $3.10 million in state and $7.04 million in local tax revenues, increases of 5.6% and 5.0%, respectively. A total of306HenryCountians are employed in tourism-related fields.

“Utilizing the Tennessee River Resort Act funds through the Henry County Tourism Authority has given us an opportunity to maximize the tourism dollars spent in Henry County through events such as BASS Fest, fishing tournaments, community festivals and infrastructure,” according to David Hamilton, CEO of the Henry County Alliance.

Henry County Extension Director Michele Atkins, who serves as Vice President of Tourism Development for the Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce, added “Tourism is our number three economic driver, following agriculture and healthcare. We have been blessed with natural resources to promote, which adds to the strength of our local job market.”

“This increase in tourism across the board is a result of the strategic work of Tourist Development, the Tourism Committee, and the entire tourism and hospitality industry,” Haslam said. “We want Tennessee to be a place people from all over the world want to visit. The data shows that’s happening, and more jobs and $1.5 billion in sales tax revenue is good news for every Tennessean.”

Tennessee’s customer satisfaction landed at an impressive 8.5 out of 10. The satisfaction scores are greater than those of the average U.S. destination.

“Tourists are drawn to Tennessee for our world-renown music, outstanding attractions, stunning scenic beauty,” Triplett said. “But, at the end of the day, people keep coming to Tennessee for our authenticity and exceptional, Southern hospitality. That is the ‘made in Tennessee’ brand delivered to our visitors every day by our communities and partners.”

The Tennessee Tourism Committee, appointed in 2011 by Gov. Bill Haslam, is made up of tourism leaders in both the public and private sectors. TTC is chaired by Colin Reed, Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc., and co-chaired by Jack Soden, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. and Sande Weiss, president of Music Road Resort.

For more information contact Cindy Dupree, director of public relations for the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, at 615-418-5752 or by email at Cindy.Dupree@tn.gov.

ESN 122 Fees to Be Mailed out Next Week

Paris, Tenn.- The city of Paris has issued a press release stating the annual Fire Protection Subscription billing assessed by the city to property owners located in the ESN 122 area will be mailed on Monday August 31st. Payment on these fees will be due by September 30th.

ESN 122 is the area just outside the city limits which the Paris Fire Department is assigned to protect. The city uses data from the State of Tennessee Division of property assessments as well as the office of Henry County property assessor and determine the amount each property will be assessed for fire service.

Any citizen owning property in the ESN 122 area that does not get a letter from the city, or if you receive a letter and no longer own property in the ESN 122 contact the City of Paris business office at 641-1402 or stop by the office at 100 N. Caldwell St.

Update: Cell Phone Dialing 911 Issued Resolved

Paris, Tenn.- The problem with Verizon and AT & T Cell phones not properly connecting and dialing 911 has been resolved. Henry County 911 Director Mark Archer said all cell phones can now call 911 as before with no issue. Several counties in our area reported having problems Tuesday afternoon with cell phone users not being able to connect and dial 911.

Henry County 911 Experiencing Problems With Cell Phones

Paris, Tenn.- Henry County 911 director Mark Archer said Henry County is currently experiencing problems where Verizon and AT &T cell phones can't dial and connect to 911. Carroll County and other counties have also reported similar problems. Until the technical issue is resolved, if you have an emergency in Henry County and you are using a cell phone, call 642-2424 instead of 911 because it will not go thru.

Henry Meeting For Tues. Cancelled

Henry, Tenn.- City Recorder Sonya Clayton said they are not going to have a quorum for Tuesday night's City of Henry Mayor and Board of Alderman meeting. The meeting was scheduled after the board didn't finish the business at the regularly scheduled meeting earlier in the month. There is no date set for a make up meeting at this time and the board could possibly just wait to meet at their regular meeting in September.

BPU Board Approves Purchase of New Sewer Rodder

Paris, Tenn.- The board of directors for the Paris Board of Public Utilities met Tuesday and approved the purchase of a trailer mounted high pressure sewer cleaner from Sewer Equipment of America in the amount of $53, 336.82.

General Manager John Etheridge said they are trading in the current sewer rodder and getting $9K for it and they have had it for 13 years.

During the financial reports, Etheridge said the Electric Department cash position is good even though there was a loss for the month of July. He said for the first month of this new fiscal year there was no issues and they would like make up the loss in August.

In the water department, there was a positive net income and sales were good for July. The numbers reflect the first step of the three part rate increase showing an increase of about $29K.

Wastewater department numbers show a negative net income of $30K as some unforeseen circumstances like issues with the sewer cleaner and other things at the water treatment plant.

Etheridge reported there are over 300 customers on the BPU prepay program. He said that represents about 2% of the total customer base. So far all feedback has been good with prepay.

Terry Wimberley, director of water and wastewater, said the board was formally approved for the loan on the water plant a couple weeks ago. He said they will be able to be reimbursed for some of the engineering fees they have paid and they are ready to get started with the first phase of the project.

Jeff Thompson, director of metering and engineering, told the board that having an agreement on the Electric poles with companies like AT&T, TEC, and Charter, requires an inventory study done. He said the companies split the cost of the study and the BPU's share is $12K. Thompson said the inventory study is going to increase revenue for the BPU in a significant amount. The companies pay about a $12 per pole per year to rent space on the pole. It appears that around $50K in additional revenue from the poles will be generated from this study.

Etheridge discussed a 60-90 day project in which water pressure issues will be improved at the new facility for McCartney and other areas at the Industrial Park. It is a economic development project that the Industrial Development Board is undertaking. BPU will facilitate the project and because McCartney wants to get in their new building before the end of the year, Etheridge asked for a special called meeting on September 10th to go over the engineering contracts for the project. The board agreed to the meeting to move the process along more quickly.

Thefts Being Investigated

Paris, Tenn.- A couple of reports of thefts in the county were investigated by Deputy Blake Jenkins of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. One was at Alman Cemetery Road were three bags of clay, a flex light, and generator were stolen from a construction site area. Another report of theft came from Elkhorn Nobles Road where the victim said someone entered the home and stole $1800 to $1900 in cash from his wallet. He did give Dpty. Jenkins a possible suspect.

Lady Patriots Golf Beats Stewart County

Sydney Williams prepares her shot.

Buchanan, Tenn.- The Lady Patriots Golf team defeated Stewart County on Monday after shooting an 86, which bested Stewart County's 101. Individually Leah Bell shot a 43 as did Sydney Williams.

The Patriots lost the match to Stewart County who shot a 158. The Pats shot a 178 and individually Jacob Watkins had a 37, Cole Culpepper a 46, Eli Ridgeway a 47, and Hunter Bethune a 48.

Madison Dillard about to hit on the green.

Henry To Resume Board Meeting Tuesday Night

Henry, Tenn.- The city of Henry Mayor and Board of Alderman will conclude the remainder of their board meeting from earlier in the month at 7pm tonight. The board met back on August 11th but due to a board member having to leave quickly, they only hired the city attorney and closed the meeting before taking care of the rest of the business. The meeting is open to the public.

Reminder: DPA Sponsors August Cruise In Tuesday On The Court Square

Paris, Tenn. - The Downtown Paris Association will sponsor the August Downtown Cruise In on Tuesday from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Poplar Street on the East side of the Court Square will be closed at 5 p.m. for the classic cars only.

Bring your classic car, lawn chair, and enjoy music by Cash Caldwell. Also bring your appetite, since Perry’s BBQ will be available, as well as Cajun Snowball.

Car owners may register to win prizes from the Downtown Paris Association.

For more information, contact the DPA at 731-653-7274.

TN Receives Accreditation from NAIC

Nashville- The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) is proud to announce that Tennessee has again received accreditation from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

As part of the NAIC’s accreditation program, state insurance departments must undergo comprehensive, independent review every five years to ensure they meet financial solvency oversight standards.

NAIC is the U.S. standard-setting and regulatory support organization created and governed by the chief insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories. Through the NAIC, state insurance regulators establish standards and best practices, conduct peer review, and coordinate their regulatory oversight.

The NAIC’s accreditation program establishes and maintains sound solvency regulation standards. It provides for the effective regulation of multi-state insurance companies with emphasis on each state’s:

• Financial solvency laws and regulations;
• Financial analysis and examination capabilities;
• Organizational and personnel practices; and
• Insurer organizational review, licensing and change of control of domestic insurers.

The accreditation program is a key tool in promoting and maintaining state-based regulation of the insurance industry. The creation of the accreditation program was prompted by a congressional report that highlighted weaknesses in state-based regulation. Since then, the program has aided states in correcting these deficiencies. States that maintain their accredited status demonstrate that the current means of regulatory monitoring is intact and continues to work effectively. As of August 2015, there are a total of 52 jurisdictions that are accredited, including all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

“Accreditation gives Tennesseans confidence that this department is meeting NAIC’s rigorous standards,” said TDCI Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak. “I congratulate our team on the hard work needed to meet the accreditation standards.”

Tennessee’s accreditation was finalized after a recent vote by NAIC’s Financial Regulation Standards and Accreditation Committee. The committee also voted to accredit New Jersey and New Mexico.

MCU Gets $20K Worth of Ice Off the Streets

Some of the ice retrieved in the bust on Sunday night. (Tim Alsobrooks photos)

Paris, Tenn.- About $20K worth of Methamphetamine Ice, the purest form of meth, is now off the streets of Henry County thanks to efforts of the Metro Crime Unit, Henry County Sheriff’s Office, and Paris Police Department.

A press conference was held Monday afternoon at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office describing the details of a drug bust that occurred on Sunday night. The Metro Crime Unit made one of the largest if not the largest bust of Ice in Henry County history, according to Sheriff Monte Belew.

Chief David Andrews, of the MCU, made a traffic stop shortly after midnight on a 2007 Ford Fusion for a window tint violation. The driver, John Hamlin Wallace, admitted to being on state probation for drug offenses and gave consent to search the car.

From L to R: Ptl. Jamie James and K9 Herrum, Lt. Ricky Watson, Chief David Andrews, and Sheriff Monte Belew

Ptl Jamie James of the Paris Police Department and K9 Herrum searched the vehicle and Herrum did alert on the vehicle. One of the passengers, Tammy Medlock, who was in the rear passenger seat, was found to have a 1 ounce rock of meth ice on her person.

As a citation was being written for her arrest, she was moving around in the back of the patrol car and Lt. Ricky Watson pulled her out of the vehicle to find her attempting to stuff 6.7 ounces of ice in between the seats.

Another suspect, Sasha Bradley, was found to be in possession of 2 grams of methamphetamine. Officers also found a homemade device that has magnets on it that is used to stick up underneath the vehicle to store meth and other drugs.

Chief David Andrews said the case is ongoing and they are going to be serving search warrants on the vehicle this afternoon. More charges will be forthcoming after the investigation concludes.

Lt. Watson said with tools like Herrum and other K9s and great officers that we have, we hope to continue to get these drugs off the street.

Charged in the incident were John Hamlin Wallace, 30, 910 Chickasaw Rd., unlawful drug paraphernalia. Wallace bonded out of jail Monday morning.

Tammy R. Medlock, 53, of 3089 County Home Road, was charged with possession controlled substance, and unlawful drug paraphernalia, and placed on $100K bond and Sasha D. Bradley, 32, 1750 Old Paris Murray Road, charged with possession of controlled substance, unlawful drug paraphernalia, a placed on $75K bond.

Sheriff Belew shows the device that is used to store drugs and stick under vehicles using magnets.

More of the ice rocks collected from the bust.

Early Morning Fire Damages McFadden St. Home

Paris, Tenn.- The Paris Fire Department is still looking into the cause of a house fire that heavily damaged a home at 1404 McFadden Street in the early morning hours on Monday.

The call came shortly before 3:45am on Monday morning and heavy fire was visible when the first unit arrived on the scene. The Paris Fire Department responded with 5 units and 10 fire fighters. The home was owned by Mike Joyner of Camden and was being rented currently. There were no injuries in the blaze. Estimated damages are at $37,500. (Tim Alsobroks photos)

Paris Police Charge Camden Man with Marijuana Possession

Paris, Tenn.- A report at the Paris Police Department stated that city units were dispatched to Super 8 in reference to an individual smoking pot. Sgt. Michael Ramos arrived on scene and was notified by housekeeping that they smelled pot in the room and there were kids in the room and the adults were passed out. Sgt. Ramos made contact with Brian J. Swearingen, 35, of Camden at the room in question. Swearingen gave consent to search after saying there was nothing illegal in the room.

Sgt. Ramos found a cigarette pack and inside of the pack was marijuana blunt and a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. After checking with dispatch, Swearingen was found to have warrants out of Benton County for theft. He was arrested and charged with simple possession of schedule 6.

Other arrests over the weekend include: Russell Lee Noles, age 33, 1365 Mays Bridge Rd, for DUI 1st offense, violation of implied consent, and possession of drug paraphernalia; Sasha D. Bradley, age 32, of 1750 Old Paris Murray Road for possession of schedule two with intent, possession of drug paraphernalia; and Tammy R. Medlock, age 53, for possession of schedule two with intent and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Paris Tri Club Competes in Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro, Tenn.- The Paris Tri Club compted in the 7th Annual Murfreesboro Kids Tri this past weekend and were part of 250 competitors. Participants had to swim 100 yards, bike 2.5 miles, and run .5 miles in the 7-10 age group and swim 200 yards, bike 5 miles, and run 1 mile in the 11-14 year old age group.

Pictured are Front Row - Olivia Hart 7yr girls 3rd , Audrey Hill 8yr girls 1st, Charlotte Coulson 10 yr girls 5th, Briley Medlin 9 yr girls 6th, Kylee Miller 8yr girls 3rd, Ella Mathis 8yr girls 4th.

Second Row- Turner McSwain 7yr boys 1st, Carter Thompson 9yr boys beginner 2nd, Fisher Lawrence 10yr boys 7th , Hunter Miller 11yr boys 2nd, Garrett Cagle 9yr boys 9th, Amelia Hart 11yr girls 4th, Sara Mathis 10yr girls 6th.

Back row- Hunter Lawrence 12 yr boys 1st, Cole Davis(Southeast Tri club) 13-14 boys 1st and first overall, Tony Lawrence (coach) Emma Hill 13-14 girls 3rd, Gunner Jones 11yr boys 3rd.

UT Martin to Offer Digital Photograhy Class to Community

Martin, Tenn.- The University of Tennessee at Martin will offer a digital photography course on basic digital camera operation from 6:30-9 p.m., Tuesdays, Sept. 1, 8 and 15, on the main UT Martin campus.

Photographers of all skill levels are encouraged to apply, either for a first introduction or a refresher of the basics. Participants will learn to use the camera’s various features and functions as well as a few key strategies for successful photos.Attendees must bring a digital camera and the associated owner’s manual to class for reference.

Dr. Tom Gallien, photography instructor, will direct the course. To view examples of Gallien’s photography work, visit his website at www.molliebiscuit.com.

Pre-registration is required. The course fee is $99 per person. For more information or to register, contact the UT Martin Office of Extended Campus and Online Studies at 731-881-7082 or visit www.utm.edu/departments/ecos/nondegree.php.

Deputies And K-9 Cisco Track Three Subjects In Stolen Vehicle/Drug Case

Tia Phalen (HCSO Booking photo)

Tara Woodward (HCSO Booking photo)

Springville, Tenn. - According to a press release issued by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, Benton County Sheriff’s Office called advising they were in pursuit of a stolen grey, Nissan Altima on Copper Springs Road.

Benton County advised that one of the subjects, Alan Jastrzembski, in the car had felony warrants. While Henry County deputies were en route to assist, Benton County relayed that they had turned down Blackberry Lane. Benton County located the car in a bean field at the end of Blackberry Lane, and the subjects had fled on foot.

Deputy Fuqua and his K-9 partner Cisco were called to track the subjects. K-9 Cisco was deployed and tracked from the stolen car into the back yard at 303 Blackberry Lane and up to the residence.

While there, a marijuana plant was discovered growing on the back porch and contact was made with Tia Phelan, age 34, with an address listed of that residence. Phelan was asked if she had seen Jastrzembski and about the marijuana plant. Phelan advised that she had not seen the male, but he was supposed to be bringing her a phone. Phelan was placed under arrest for manufacturing of a controlled substance, transported to the Henry County Jail and placed on $10,000 bond.

While still in the area, Deputy Krezenski was flagged down and told about a male and female walking in the woods at the intersection of Blackberry Lane and Copper Springs Road. Deputy Bostwick and Deputy Fuqua were shown the area where the subjects were last seen walking.

K-9 Cisco was brought to the area and deployed. Cisco worked a short distance up the gravel lane and located a female subject lying down in the weeds behind a tree. The female was identified as Tara Woodward, age 28, of 303 Blackberry Lane. Woodward was placed under arrest for manufacturing of a controlled substance and transported to the Henry County Jail.

After Woodward was taken into custody, K-9 Cisco was cast in the area to locate the male subject. Cisco took trail and after a short distance the male subject was located in the woods not far from the Blackberry Lane address.

Jastrzembski and the stolen vehicle were taken to Benton County.

UT Martin Reed Center Offers Small Business Boot Camp

Martin, Tenn. - A four-week small business boot camp for aspiring entrepreneurs and new small business owners will be offered from 6-8 p.m., Tuesdays in September, at the University of Tennessee at Martin Regional Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Center. Course participation is $25 per person. There will be no class Sept. 8.

Participants will be introduced to a variety of topics, including how to write a business plan, business financing, how to pitch an idea to a lender and small business marketing strategies. Class members will also have the opportunity to speak with current small business owners about their personal experiences and receive legal and accounting information from licensed professionals.

“The small business boot camp was a very informative and enjoyable four-week experience,” said Paula Boucher, camp attendee. “It has given me even more motivation to begin my adventure into owning my own business.”

Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis up until the first session. For more information or to register, contact the UT Martin REED Center at 731-587-7333 or register online at www.tsbdc.org/training. 

HC Middle Schoo/Inman Compete In Dresden Middle School Jamboree

Dresden, Tenn. - The Dresden Middle School Cross Country Jamboree was held on Thursday. There were six races in total, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade, boys and girls, in which Inman and Henry County Middle School competed.

The 7th grade boys that placed in the top 15 were Hunter Lawrence, who placed 2nd, with a time of 6:16. Tucker Jones placed 3rd, with a time of 6:21.

Emma Hill placed 2nd for the 7th grade girls, with a time of 6:52. Annie Kate Veazey placed 5th, with a time of 7:33.

6th graders competing as individuals that placed in the Top 15 for the girls were Abby Taylor, who placed 2nd, with a time of 6:41. Mary Raye Smith placed 4th, with a  time of 7:09.

For the boys, Austin Dunagan placed 10th, with a time of 6:51 and Hunter Miller placed 14th, with a time of 7:00.

For Henry County Middle School, in the 6th girls, Dinah Winders placed 1st, out of 51 runners, with a time of 6:10.

In the 6th grade boys, Hayden Bostwick placed 1st, out of 66 runners total, with a time of 6:22.

For 7th grade girls, Booklyn McClain took 3rd place, out of 27 runners, with a time of 6:55.

Out of 48 runners in the 8th grade boys, Silas Winders took 1st place, with a time of 5:28.

Tucker Jones, left, and Hunter Lawrence run for Inman in the 7th grade boys meet. (Inman photo)

Alyannia Diggs, left, and Emma Hill run for Inman in the 7th grade girls meet. (Inman photo)

Kaitlyn Napier at the finish line. (Larry Evans photo)

Dept. Of Labor Announces TN Unemployment Rate Unchanged

Paris, Tenn. - Tennessee Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Burns Phillips announced Wednesday that the Tennessee preliminary unemployment rate for July was 5.7%, unchanged from the June revised date.

The U.S. preliminary rate for July was 5.3%, also unchanged from the prior month.

Over the past year, Tennessee’s unemployment rate decreased from 6.6% to 5.7%, while the national rate declined from 6.2% to 5.3%.

Family Resource Center P.A.L. Program Seeking Volunteers

Paris, Tenn. - Make a difference in the lives of children in Henry County, as a volunteer with the P.A.L. Program through the Family Resource Center.

Volunteers are needed for ½ hour, 1 day a week at Henry, Harrelson and Lakewood, either during the school day or during the after-school programs to mentor and/or tutor one-on-one or as a classroom helper.

For more information, call 731-642-2938.

Henry County Highlights From Friday Night Against Crusaders

#47 Tanner Beasley and teammate bring down Liberty Tech QB. (Tim Pharr photo)

#55 Matthew Counce tackles Liberty runner during Friday nights game. (Tim Pharr photo)

#71 Jordan Harrod blocks for #7 Caleb McCutcheon.(Tim Pharr photo)

HC Patriots Take First Loss Of The Season Against Liberty Tech

Paris, Tenn. - The weather was perfect for the first game of the season, as the Henry County Patriots took on Liberty Tech Crusaders on Friday night. This is the second year in a row that Liberty Tech has taken the victory over the Patriots.

Henry County had 43 passing yards, 156 rushing yards and 199 total yards.

The first score of the evening was a 60 yard touchdown pass, and Liberty Tech took the lead 7 - 0. Half time score remained the same and Henry County scored a field goal, in the second half to put the score at 7 - 3. Liberty Tech answered back with a touchdown and set the score at 14 - 3. The game ended the Crusaders 20 - Patriots 3.

Henry County is at home again next Friday night, as they take on the Houston Mustangs, at 7 p.m.

Mineral Wells Animal Clinic Raises Over $2K For HC K-9 Units

Paris, Tenn. - Mineral Wells Animal Clinic held an auction over the last week to help raise money to supply the Henry County K-9 units with First Aid Kits. A total of $2, 011 was raised from the auctions. But, the clinic advised that those coming to pick their items up were also giving additional $5 and $10 donations. So, that number continued to increase.

Mineral Wells Animal Clinic would like to thank all those who donated and especially all those who bid on the items, and a special thanks to Sears for donating appliances to keep the items refrigerated.

Sheriff Monte Belew said, “We are so thankful for all who donated and bid. The idea originated when a K-9 accidentally picked up and ingested pills. Mineral Wells Animal Clinic administered treatment. These kits will be on hand in case this ever happens again, where a K-9 is injured or accidentally ingests pills. Again, we are so thankful and appreciate all the support.”

Police Continue To Investigate Vandalism Around Area

Paris, Tenn. - According to a report at the Paris Police Department, Patrolman Amanda Forrest responded to a call of vandalism at 431 Lankford Road.

The resident reported that three of the tires were slashed on her vehicle. The report stated that the tires did have visible cut marks. The estimated cost to repair the tires was listed at $150.

Another vehicle at the complex also had tires sliced, but no value of those damages were listed.

No arrests have been made at this time.


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